Ivory Palaces (Palacios de Marfil)

Buenos Dias, Como estas? (How are you?) Espero que estas bien hoy. (I hope you are fine today.) Hoy e domingo, y voy a la iglesia cada domingo. (Today is Sunday, and I go to church everyday Sunday.) Últimamente, la iglesia pone todos las conciones en una pantalla en frente para que todo el mundo lo vea, y se han llevado los libros de canciones debido al coronavirus. (Lately, the church puts all the songs on the screen in front for everyone to see, and they have taken away the song books because of the coronavirus.) Sin embargo, esta mañana, no pudieron hacer que la pantalla funcionara, así que el líder de la canción decidió cantar viejas canciones con nosotros esperando que todos las conocieran. (However, this morning, they couldn’t get the screen working, so the song leader decided to sing old songs with us hoping everyone would know them.) Los conocía a todos, pero una señora que se sentó junto a mí y mi hija me dijo que no conocía esta canción. (I knew them all, but a lady who sat next to me and my daughter both told me they didn’t know this song.) Es una canción muy antigua, y una canción muy hermosa, así que decidí compartirla contigo porque tal vez otros tampoco la han escuchado. (It is a really old song, and a very beautiful song, so I decided to share it with you because maybe others haven’t heard it either.)

Ivory Palaces

Palacios de Marfil

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My Lord has garments so wondrous fine,

Mi Senor tiene prendas que son maravillosamente finas,

El arco está hecho de pelo de caballo.

The bow, the thing they run across the strings to play the instrument, is made of horse’s hair. The Use myrrh to make the bow soft. (El arco, lo que corren a través de las cuerdas para tocar el instrumento, está hecho de pelo de caballo. La mirra Use para hacer el arco suave. )Photo by u015eahin Sezer Dinu00e7er on

and myrrh their texture fills;

y la mirra llena su textura:

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its fragrance reached to this heart of mine,

Su fragancia llegó a este corazón mío,

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with joy my being thrills.

llena mi existencia de alegría


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Out of the ivory palaces

De los palacios de marfil

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into a world of woe,

En un mundo de aflicción

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only his great eternal love

sólo su gran amor eterno

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made my Savior go.

hizo que mi salvador ir

Verse 2:

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His life had also its sorrows sore,

Su vida tuvo’ muchas penas,

They put aloe on his body. (Ellos ponieron aloe encina de su cuerpa.) The American Indians cut this plant and put it on cuts and burns, and they heal quicker. ( Los indios americanos cortan esta planta y la ponen en cortes y quemaduras, y se curan más rápido. ) Photo by Juanjo Menta on

for aloes had a part;

para aloes tenía una parte

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and when I think of the cross he bore,

y cuando pienso en la cruz que llevaba

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my eyes with teardrops start.

Mis ojos con lágrimas comienzan.

Verse 3:

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His garments, too, were in cassia dipped,

Sus prendas también estaban en cassia sumergido

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with healing in a touch;

con la curación en un toque:

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each time my feet in some sin have slipped,

cada vez que mis pies en algún pecado se han deslizado

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he took me from its clutch.

El ee tomó de su embrague.

Verse 4:

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In garments glorious he will come,

Vendrá en ropas gloriosas

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to open wide the door;

para abrir de par en par la puerta

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and I shall enter my heavenly home,

y entraré en mi hogar celestial

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to dwell forevermore.

para vivir para siempre más.


Fourth of July Celebration With Much More Than Fireworks

For those of you who are not American, yesterday was America’s independence day. If you say “the fourth of July” of an America, they know exactly what you mean. For a lot of years, I have been in other countries, and have not been able to celebrate the fourth of July with other Americans. This year, it was different. I almost didn’t get to, though, because of the coronavirus. Some girls I knew in college called me up and asked me to go to see the fireworks with them in Edmond, Oklahoma. From what I understand, Edmond, Oklahoma is supposed to have one of the best firework displays in America every fourth of July, However, a few hours before we were supposed to leave, I got a phone call saying that the firework display in Edmond wasn’t happening this year because of the coronavirus. That had prompted my friend to look around for another one, and she found one over in Midwest City, Oklahoma, so we went there. It ended up being one of the best fourth of July celebrations I have ever seen, and it was much more than just fireworks.

There were people sitting everywhere in their lawn chairs.

They said we should arrive shortly after 7:00, and it wasn’t dark yet. We parked our car and got our lawn chairs out of the trunk and headed for where we saw all the other people. They had stands selling snow cones, but we had already stopped and gotten ourselves a drink along the way. If we hadn’t, I probably would have gotten a snow cone. They also had a food truck that had the 23rd Psalm from the Bible written on the side and stand that sold fourth of July t-shirts. We kept walking until we found a good place on the grass to sit where we could see the fireworks well.

The weather was hot, so I put my hair up in a pony tail. The lady in the front is Linda, and she organized everything and took all the pictures. The lady on the right is Debbie, one of the girls who was in Japan with me. We are all graduates of Oklahoma Christian University.

There was music playing, and we figured out that there was a live band playing. They were playing rock music with guitars and singing. We found a spot on where the people around told us was good because we would be able to see the fireworks well from there. There were people everywhere sitting on lawn chairs and blankets that had been spread on the grass. Lovers were walking along the paths holding hands. Mothers were pushing baby strollers. They had a good representation of Oklahoma there racially because there seemed to be whites, blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics, and everyone was in harmony. What had been happening in the rest of the nation wasn’t effecting these people at all.

This is the jazz band playing.

It was still light, so we knew it would be a while before the fireworks began, so we just set up our lawn chairs and sat to talk. After a bit, the mayor of Midwest City got up and gave a speech and thanked all kinds of people for things they did, and there was lots of clapping. He apologized to the high school seniors who were unable to walk through graduation because of the coronavirus, and then he asked them to stand up, and everyone cheered for them. After that, they played the national anthem, and everyone in the park stood and saluted the American flag. Next, we continued by saying the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Everyone was standing during the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance with their hands on their hearts. I haven’t seen people do that for a long, long time!

Here we have the mayor giving a speech.

After we sat down, a jazz band began to play. One of my friends said when they announced the names of the people in the jazz band that he was the music professor at Oklahoma Christian University. We all just sat and talking listening to the jazz band. After a bit, the band stopped, and they began blasting lots of patriotic music over the loud speakers. I had left my purse n the car, so I had nothing to write with or I would have written down the names of the songs. They were playing all kinds of patriotic songs I had never heard before and neither had my friends. We didn’t realize that there were that many patriotic songs we had never heard.

Another shot of the many people who were there.

It began getting dark, and about 9:00 or a little there after, they began the fireworks. When they began the fireworks, they played the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” again, and everyone stood up again and put their hands on their hearts. We all sat down to watch the fireworks, and then they played “I’m Proud to be an American,” and when they came to the lyrics, “I’ll proudly stand up next you,” everyone stood up and put their hand on their heart again. I really have never been to a forth of July celebration like this, ever. After the song, we all sat down and just enjoyed listening to the music and watching the fireworks until the grand finale at the end. Before I finish the blog, I will give you a mini fireworks display of some of the fireworks from last night.

It was a wonderful celebration! I hope you enjoy the mini fireworks display I put here. I had been to fourth of July celebrations before, but they were always just the big fireworks. I had never sat in the park listening to patriotic songs, sung the national anthem, or said the pledge of allegiance of the American Flag before at a fourth of July celebration. I thought all the patriotism was wonderful! It was a lovely evening, and everyone there seemed to have a really good time.


My Country ‘Tis of Thee (나의 나라는 자유의)

안녕핫[요 (Hello.) 잘니내요? (How are you?) 오늘은 미국의 독립기념일 이예요. (Today is America’s independence day.) 한국은 양국이 자유를 원하는 만큼 미국과 비슷합니다. (Korea is like America in as much as both countries want freedom.) S. 한국은 미국인이 자유로워지도록 도왔기 때문에 자유로워졌습니다. (S. Korea became free because American helped them to be free.) 한국은 여전히 한국의 자유를 빼앗고 싶지만, 한국군과 미군 덕분에 국경의 편에 서있다. (N. Korea would still like to take S. Korea’s freedom away, but thanks to both the Korean military and the American military, they stay on their side of the border.)

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

나의 나리를 하나님의

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My country ’tis of thee sweet land of liberty,

나의 나라는 자유의 달콤한 땅 이예요.

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Of thee I sing; Land where my father’s died,

자유예대하여 노래 해요; 나의 아보지는 이 나라에 죽었어요.

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Land of the pilgrims’ pride, from every mountain side,

순례자의 자부심 의 나라, 매우 산에서,

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Let freedom ring.

자유 반지하자.

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My native country thee, land of the noble free,

나의 나라, 미국, 고귀한 자유의 땅

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Thy name I love, I love thy rocks and rills,

미국의 이름을 사랑 해요, 미국의 바위와 언덕을 사랑 해요.

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Thy woods and templed hills, my heart with rapture thrills,

교회가 있는 숲과 언덕, 제 마음은 행복으로 가득합니다.

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Like that above.

위의 천국처럼.

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Let music swell the breeze and ring form all the trees

음악이 모든 나무에서 바람과 반지를 팽창하자

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Sweet freedom’s song; let mortal tongues awake,

달콤한 자유의 노래; 필멸의 혀가 깨어 있게 하십시오.

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Let all that breathe partake, let rocks their silence break,

호흡하는 모든 것이 참여하도록 하십시오., 그들의 침묵을 흔들자

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The sound prolong.

소리가 길게

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Our father’s God to thee, author of liberty,

우리 아버지는 하나님 이예요. 하나님이 자유의 저자입니다

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To thee we sing; Long may our land be bright

우리는 하나님에게 노개 해요; 우리의 땅이 몇 년 동안 밝아지게 하십시오.

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With freedom’s holy light; Protect us by thy might,

자유의 거룩한 빛으로 밝게; 당신의 힘으로 우리를 보호

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Great God our king.

위대한 하나님 우리 왕


The Star Spangled Banner (La Estrella Lentejuelas Bandera)

Hello. (Buenos Dias.) How are you? (Como estas?) Today is a very important holiday in America. (Hoy es un dea de fiestas muy importante en Los Estados Unidos.) It is our day of independence. (Es nuestra dia de independencia.) America isn’t perfect, but it is our home. (Los Estados Unidos no es perfect, dar es nuestra hogar.) We love our home and want to protect it. (Nos encanta nuestro hogar y queremos protegerlo.) Lately, some really bad things have been happening in America, and it makes many of us very sad. (Ultimamente, algunas cosas muy mal han estando sucidiendo en Lost Estados Unidos, y ellos hacen muchos de nosotros muy triste.)

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However, America is America, and we want freedom and peace everywhere. (Sin embargo, Los Estados Unidos es Los Estados Unidos, y queremos libertate y paz en cada lugar.) We believe that every nation should be free. (Creemos que cada pais necesita ser libre.) However, many of the young people in America don’t understand that to have freedom, each one of us must control ourselves. (Sin embargo, mucha gente jovena en Los Estatos Unidos no intienien say si tenemos libertate, cada uno de nostros necesitamos controlar a nosotros mismos.) I believe in God and in America, and I am sure that the problems will be worked out. (Creo en Dios y en Los Estados Unidos, y estoy Seguro que problemas se resolveran.)

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In my opinion, all these people who don’t know how to control themselves, as so have cause a lot of trouble all need to be in jail. (En mi opinion, toda la gente quen no se como a controlarse pe ellos mismos, necesitan a estar en la carcel.) I also believe we need to reinstitute the draft and teach the young people some self discipline. (Y creo que Tenemos que restablecer el borrador y enseñar a los jóvenes un poco de autodisciplina.) My dad was a soldier for twently years, and he would never have torn satues down or taken a town over by force. (Mi padre fue soldado durante años, y nunca habría desgarrado los satues o tomado un pueblo por la fuerza.)He was the first to stand for the flag and the national anthem and would be protecting those statues and standing against anyone who wanted to take America over. (Fue el primero en defender la bandera y el himno nacional y estaría protegiendo esas estatuas y de pie contra cualquiera que quisiera tomar el control de Estados Unidos.)

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He said to me once that we need to be thankful that we live in America because once every four years, we have a chance for a bloodless coup if we wanted because we have elections. (Una vez me dijo que necesitamos estar agradecidos de vivir en Estados Unidos porque una vez cada cuatro años, tenemos la oportunidad de un golpe de estado sin sangre si quisiéramos porque tenemos elecciones.) He said there was never a need again for any fighting in America, and I believe him. (Dijo que nunca más había necesidad de ninguna pelea en Estados Unidos, y yo le creo.) If people will let it work, Democracy is a gift from God. (Si la gente lo deja funcionar, la democracia es un don de Dios.) We are back to self conrol. (Volvemos al autocontrol.) There is no need of riots and fighting. (No hay necesita para distrubios y luchas.)

The Star Spangled Banner

La Estrella Lentejuelas Bandera

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Oh say can you see by the dawn’ early light

Oh, puedes ver de a luz temprana del amanecer

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What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming;

Que nosotros tan saludamos con orgullo cuando el sol se puso;

Photo by Sawyer Sutton on

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,

Cuyas franjas anchas y estrellas brillantes, a través de la lucha peligrosa,

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming.

Sobre los muros defensivos, vimos la bandera ondeando galantemente

Photo by Designecologist on

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

y el resplandor rojo del cohete, las bombas estallando en el aire

Photo by Jack Gittoes on

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

dieron pruebas a través de la noche de que nuestra bandera todavía estaba allí

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Oh say, does that star spangled banner yet wave?

Oh, hace que la bandera estrella brillante todavía ondear?

Photo by Craig Adderley on

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

sobre la tierra de los libres y la casa de los Valientes!

Photo by Jayson Delos Santos on

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,

encima de plaja que no podemos ver bien a través de las nieblas de las profundidades

Photo by Life Matters on

Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,

Donde un gran grupo altivo de enemigos se quedan en silencio miedo,

Photo by Brett Sayles on

What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,

Que es que el viento, sobre la empinada imponente,

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

A medida que sopla en forma, la mitad oculta, la mitad revela?

Photo by on

Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,

Ahora atrapa el brillo del primer rayo de la mañana

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In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:

En plena gloria reflejada ahora brilla en la corriente:

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‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh, long may it wave

Es la bandera estrella, oh largo que ondee

Photo by Scott Platt on

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Sobre el pais de los libre y el hogar de los Valientes!

Photo by Life Matters on

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

Y donde esta ese grupo que tan aterrador juró

Photo by Aloïs Moubax on

That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion

Que los problemas de guerra y confusión de la batalla

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A home and a country should leave us no more?

Un hogar y un pais ellos que tomaría de nosotros?

(Black Lives Matter and Antifa have blood on their hands.) They belong in jail Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on

Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution!

Su sangre ha lavado la contaminación de sus pasos sucio

Photo by Anfisa Eremina on

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

Ningún refugio podría salvar al sirviente o esclavo

Atifa and Black Lives matter have even pulled up tombstones of heroes like these. We have enemies within. Photo by Pixabay on

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:

del terror de la lucha o la penumbra de la tumba;

Photo by Sawyer Sutton on

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

Y la estrella se estremecó las ondas de la bandera en el triunfo

Photo by Brett Sayles on

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Sobre la tierra de los libres y el hogar de los valiente

Photo by Craig Adderley on

Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

Que sea así dondequiera que estén los hombres libres

Photo by Eneida Nieves on

Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!

Entre sus hogar amado y la desolación de la guerra!

Photo by Pixabay on

Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land

Bendecido con la victoria y la paz, que el Cielo rescate tierra

Photo by Juhasz Imre on

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Elogiamos a el poder que nos ha hecho y preservado una nación!

Photo by Scott Platt on

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

Entonces conquista, debemos, cuando nuestra causa es justa

Photo by Sharefaith on

And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”:

Y este es nuestro lema: “En Dios confiamos” :

Photo by Sawyer Sutton on

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

Y la bandera estrella brillará en triunfo

Photo by Eneida Nieves on

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Sobre la tierra de los libres y el hogar de los valientes.


Romanian Lesson 42, We Can’t Control Others (Limbă Română, Lecție 42, Noi Nu Putem sa Controlează pe Cele Alți)

In Romanian lesson 41, we left Joseph in Egypt taking care of Potiphar’s house. (În limbă română, lecție 41, noi am lăsat pe Iosif având grijă de casa Potifar lui.) Everything had worked out well for him because of his good character. (Tot au mers bine pentru el din cauză ca natură lui era bun.) He loved God and his ways and did what God asked. (El a iubit pe Dumnezeu și cale Dumnezeu lui.) E a controlat pe sine însuși. (He controlled himself.) However, we can control ourselves, but we can’t control people around us. (Totuși, noi putem sa controlam pe noi însumi, dar nu putem sa controlam pe oameni în jurul de noi.) We can try to control them to stop them from causing trouble for themselves and for us, but it doesn’t really work because each of us has a free will. (Noi putem sa încercăm sa controlează pe ei sa le oprim pe ei sa nu facă probleme pentru ei însumi sau pentru noi, dar întru adevăr, asta nu merge pentru ca fiecare dintre noi avem voință liber.) We can only try to do the right thing ourselves, and they do what they want to do. (Noi doar putem sa încercăm sa facem cel pe care e corect la noi, și ei fac ce ei vor sa facă.) This is what happened with Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.(Asta e ce a întâmplat cu Iosif și soție Potifar lui.)

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on

As I said in the last lesson, Joseph was a young, handsome man. (Cum am zis în ultimat lecție, Iosif era un barat tânăr și arătos.)

Photo by Jigar Maru on

Potiphar’s wife saw Joseph and wanted to sleep with him. (Soția Potifar lui a văzut pe Iosif, și a vrut sa culca cu el.) She was always coming on to him, and he was always pushing her away. (Ea întotdeauna a încercat sa convinge pe el sa culca cu ea, și el întotdeauna a zis ,,nu.”)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

One day, Joseph was in the house working alone. (întru zi, Iosif era în casa lucrând singur.) Potiphar’s wife approached him and asked him to sleep with her again. (Soția Potifar lui a venit la el și a cerut pe el sa culca cu ea din noua.) He said, “It would be crazy for me to sleep with you. I am the most trusted servant of your husband. I can have anything of his that I want except you. Why would I mess it all up?” (El a zis: ,,Ari fi nebun daca eu am culcat cu tine. Sunt cel mai încredințat servitor de soțul ta. Pot sa am tot ce vreau de ce el are în afară de tine. Dece eu fac meserie de viață mea?”) After that, he took off running out of the house to get away from her. (După aceea, el a pornit și a fugit afara de casa sa scapă pe ea.)

Photo by Abhishek Saini on

At that point, Potiphar’s wife grabbed his jacket and screamed. (Atunci, soție Potifar lui a apucat jachetă lui și a strigat.) When people came to see what was happening, she lied. (Când oameni au venit sa vadă ce a întâmplat, ea a mințit. ) She said that Joseph tried to sleep with her, and when she screamed, he ran out. (Ea a zis ca Iosif a încercat sa culca cu ea, și când ea a strigat, el a fugit afara.) She showed them his jacket as evidence. (Ea a arătat pe ei jachetă lui ca o proba.) She was out for revenge, and she thought she had won. (Ea a vrut răzbunarea, și a gândit ca ea a câștigat.) Joseph couldn’t control her. (Iosif nu a putut sa controlează pe ea.) She had tried to control Joseph without success, and she thought she was in control, but she wasn’t really. (Ea a a încercat sa contrează pe Iosif fără success, și ea a gândit ca ea era în control, dar întru adevăr, nu era.)

Photo by Jimmy Chan on

It looked like she had won, but really she hadn’t. (Ea a crezut ca ea a câștigat, dar întru adevăr ea nu a câștigat.) They put Joseph in jail. (Ei au pus pe Iosif în închisoarea.) It looked bad, but it was all part of God’s plan to bring Jacob’s family, the children of Israel, to Egypt. part of the plan to make them into a God fearing nation. (A arătat rău, dar tot au făcut parte de planul Dumnezeu lui sa se duce pe familia Iacov lui, copii Israel lui, în Egipt, a făcut parte de planul sa le facă sa fie o națiune Dumnezeu lui. .) Joseph didn’t stay in jail. In fact, he became very important in Egypt, but you have to read the next story to figure out exactly what happened to him. (Iosif nu a stat în închisoarea, de fapt, el a devenit foarte importante în Egipt, dar tu trebuie sa citești următoarea povestea sa știe exact ce a întâmplat cu el.)


Întrebare (Questions)

1. Dece Iosif a făcut atât de bine în casa Potifar lui?

2. Cine a plăcut pe Iosif?

3. Ce soția Potifar lui a vrut din Iosif?

4. Iosif a culcat cu ea?

5. Dece Iosif nu a culcat cu ea?

6. Ce ea a luat de el când el a fugit din casa din ea?

7. Ce ea a făcut sa facă oameni sa cred ca Iosif a încercat sa culca cu ea?

8. Unde ei au pus pe Iosif?

9. Ea întru adevăr a cucerit pe Iosif?

10. Dece Dumnezeu a vrut familia Iacov lui sa vine în Egipt?

Answers (Răspunsele)

1. Iosif a făcut atât de bine în casa Potifar pentru ca el a făcut ce Dumnezeu îl a spus sa facă.

2. Soția Potifar lui a plăcut pe Iosif.

3. Soția Potifar lui a vrut sa culca cu Iosif.

4. Nu Iosif nu a culcat cu ea.

5. El nu culcat cu ea ca ea nu era soția lui, dar soția Potifar lui. El a crezut sa culca cu ea va fi nebun și distruge viața lui.

6. Ea a luat jachetă lui.

7. Ea a strigat și le a arat jacheta Iosif lui.

8. Ei au pus pe Iosif în închisoarea.

9. Ea a crezut ca ea a cucerit pe Iosif, dar întru adevăr nu îl a cucerit.

10. Dumnezeu a avut un plan de începutul când oameni au plecat din gradina Eden lui sa aducă pe oameni în apoi la el. El a trebuie sa construiește o țara pe care au avut încredere în el pentru fiul lui sa fie născuta de ei.