Easy Japanese, Lesson 15, Shopping (かいもの)

みせの ひと:いらしやいませ。 (Shop person: welcome.)

まりこ: それを みせて ください。 (Mariko: Please show me that one.)

みせの ひと:はい、どうぞ。(Shop person: Yes, here you go.)

まりこ:ありがと。これは いくらですか。 (Mariko: Thanks. How much is this one?)

みせの ひと:さん せん えん です。(Shop person: It is three thousand yen.)

まりこ:それは いくらですか。(Mariko: How much is that one?)

みせの ひと:これも さん せん えん です。(Shop person: That one is also three thousand yen.)

まりこ:それを かいたい。(Mariko: I want to buy that one.)

みせの ひと:はい、ありがと ごじます。(Shop person: Yes, thank you.)

Vocabulary: (たんご)

かいもの (kaimono) = shopping///かう(kau) = to buy./// かいます(kaimasu) = buy, buys, will buy///かいたい (kaitai) = I want to buy./// みせ (mise) = shop/// ひと (hito) = person///みせる (miseru) = to show, to display///みせります(miserimasu) = show, shows, will show, display, displays, will display///みせて ください (misete kudasai) = please show, please display///はい (hai) = yes///どうぞ (douzo) = please, used when you give something to someone asking them to take it, so it is like a polite: here you go.///ありがと(arigato) = thanks///これ. (kore) = this//は(wa) = the post position particle used after the subject///いくら ですか (ikuradesuka) = how much does it cost?///さん (san) = three///せん (sen) = thousand///えん (en) = yen///です(desu) = is, are///これも(koremo) = that too///これ (kore) = that///も (mo) = a post postion particle that means “also.”///それ (sore) = that// を(wo, or o) = the post position particle that comes after the direct object.///ありがと ございます (arigato gozaimasu) = thank you (the “gozaimasu” makes it more polite than just “arigato.” ///ども ありがと ございます (domo arigato gozaimasu) = thank you very much.

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