Another Answer to An Important Question: “What Do You Believe the Bible Says About the Sanctify of Life in Regard to the Issue of Abortion?”

This is another question that was on the list of questions that was handed to me, and here is the answer:

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God gave us the Ten Commandments to help us understand what sin is. In Exodus 20:13, it says, “You shall not commit murder.” Pure and simple, killing another human being is murder. From the first time I heard this concept when I was in high school until now, I have never changed my mind. That baby inside of the woman is a baby. It is alive. It moves separately of the woman. I know it moves separately from the mother because I have carried four children to term. To kill it on purpose is murder. I am shocked that people even consider it.

That big tummy is not the woman. It is the baby she is carrying. The baby is separate from the mother and being care for by the mother. People put their hands on her stomach to feel the baby’s kicks. That baby is another life inside of her.

I understand that everyone says, but what if there are extenuating circumstances? What if the mother needs to go to school or make a living? What if the mother was raped? –You can say whatever you want, but to kill another human being is murder, and the mother who allows it is extremely selfish. You say, but the woman should have the right to do to her body what she wants, but that baby is not her body. It is a separate human being that she has been entrusted with to care for. They try to pretend it isn’t a baby and call it a fetus, but a rose by any other name smells as sweet, a spade is a spade. A baby is a baby no matter what you call it. If the mother doesn’t want the baby, she should carry it to term and let someone who wants the baby have it to care for it and nurture it.

Some women who had abortions become alcoholics trying to forget what they did. I have dealt with drunk women crying their eyes out because they had an abortion and calling it murder. They know what they did.

I have worked with women who have had abortions, and they are so guilt ridden that some of them had turned into alcoholics, drinking just trying to forget what a terrible thing they had done. Just because people try to make it seem right, it doesn’t feel right to mothers. Mothers know that the baby is a separate human being inside of them. When they have an abortion, they know they are killing a separate human being. These women become so guilt ridden that it can destroy their whole lives and what they did never leaves them. They can’t forgive themselves. People around them will never forget what they did, and they don’t ever really forgive them either. I knew women who were thrown out of churches because they had an abortion, but later realized that God is a forgiving God and they wanted him in their lives, but when they tried, their husbands would remind them that they had an abortion. The husbands acted like since the woman had an abortion, she would never have a chance of going to Heaven. However, God forgives sin. If that woman is truly repentant and truly will never do anything like that again, she can be forgiven. God has mercy even if mankind doesn’t.

Jesus died on the cross for a reason. We truly needed him to.

Abortion, pure and simple, is murder, a sin. Like any other sin, it can be forgiven, but it is a sin, a terrible sin.

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