Korean Lesson 113, In the Department Store (백와점에서)

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Before they built Lotte Mall close to our house, we used to go to Hyundai Department Store in Mok dong, Seoul, S. Korea. (우리 집 근처에 롯데 몰을 짓기 전에 우리는 현대 백와점,목 동, 수얼, 한국에 갔어요.) This department store was like a big mall. (이 백와점은 큰쇼핑 몰 캈았어요.)

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It had lots of clothing stores and furniture stores. (많은 옷 가께 와 가구 점 있었어요.) It had jewelry shops. (보석 가께 있었어요.)

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There was more than one food court. (푸드 코트가 둘 이상 있었어요.)

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There was a huge grocery store, a bakery, and lots of small shops to buy Japanese, Korean, and American deserts and candy. (한식, 알식, 미국식 과자와 사탕을 살 수 있는 거대한 식료픔 점, 제과 점, 작은 사점이 많았어요.)

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We used to go to the move theater there. (우리는 거기 영화관에 갔었어요.)There is a great book store there. (거기에 거대한 서점이 있어요.)

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The subway took us right to the building. (지하절은 우리를 바로 건물로 데려갔어요.)

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When I got a car, we went to their parking garage. (내가 차를 받었을때 우리는 주차정에 갔어요.) The parking garage was several stories underground. (주차정은 지하 몿 층 이었어요.)

There was a special pink floor with flowers and statues where women were supposed to park. ( 여성들아 주차해 할 꽃 과 동상이 있는 특별한 분홍색 바닥이 있었어요.)

Vocabulary and Grammar; (단어 과 문법): 근처 (kuncheo) = close (preposition)// 롯데 몰 (lotay mol) = Lotte Mall// 짓기 전에 (jeetghee jeon eh) = before building// 짓다 (jeetdah)= build (verb, form used on the page at the end of the sentence and in the dictionaries)// 짓기 (jeetghee) = to build, building/// 전에 (jeon eh) = before (preposition of time)// 현대 백와점 (hyeondeh bekwajeom) = Hyundai Department Store// 백와점 (bekwajeom) = department store// 목동 (mok dong) = a specific area of Seoul. Seoul is divided up into several “dongs.” The name of this one is “Mok dong.” Many people have heard of Gangnam because of the famous song “Gangnam Style.” Gangnam Dong is another area of Seoul.) 서을 = Seoul// 한국 (hangook) = S. Korea// 큰 (kun) = big// 쇼핑 몰 (shopeeng mol) = shopping mall// 갔어요 (kattah-yo) = it is like (adjective style verb)// 갔았어요 (kattahsseoyo) = it was like (past tense adjective style verb)//

엇 가게 (ohs kahghe) = clothing store/// 가구 점 (gah goo jeom) = furniture store/// 보석 가게 (bohseok kage) = jewlery store/// 푸드 코트 (poodu kotu) = food court//한식 (hansheek) = Korean food// 일식 (eelsheek) = Japanese food// 미국식 (meegook shee) = American food//사탕 (sahtahng) = candy// 살 수 있는 (sal soo eettnun) = able to buy (an adjective)// 거대한 (geodehan) = great// 식료품 점 (sheekryopum jeom) = grocery store//저과 점 (jehkwa jeom) = confectionary shop//작은 (jakun) = small// 작은 사점 (jakun sahjeom) = small shop// 많았어요 (manasseoyo) = There were many (a verb)// 거기 (geoghee) = there// 영화관 (yeongwakwan) = movie theater//서점 (seojeom) = book store//

치하질 (cheehajeol) = subway//바로 (bahroh) = immediately, right//로 (roh) = to, toward, using//건불 (keonmool) = bulding (noun)///데려갔어요 (dehryeo gasseoyo) = took a person///차 (chah) = car// 받을때 (bahdulddeh) = when I got a car//주차정 (joochajeong) = parking lot, parking garage//지하 (jeeha) = basement// 몇 (meot) = some, several// 층 (chung) = floor (only used for levels, not for the actual floor you stand on) 여성들 (yeoseongdul) = women, ladies// 여성들아주차해 홀 (yeoseongdul ahjoochahe hol) = ladies’ parking hall///꽃 (ggot) = flower, flowers///등상 (dungsahng) = statue, states//있는 (eetnun) = is, am, are (verb style adjective used in the middle of the sentence)//특별한 (tukbyeolhahn) = special (adjecti form of an adjective style verb)// 바닥 (bahdahk) = floor (something you walk on, not the different levels)//있었어요 (eesseosseoyo) = was, were//

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