Today is Christmas (오늘은 크리스마스 이예요) (Hoy es Navidad) (Astăzi e Craciun) (今日はクリスマスです)(Aujourd’hui c’est Noel)

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves today. (오늘은 내소망이 모든 사람들이 줄거왔으면 좋갰어요.) (Espero que todos se esten divertiendo hoy.) (Sper că toate lumea se distrează astăzi.)(今日は楽しんてね。)(J’espere que tout le monde s’ amuse aujourd’hui.)

I am not going to write the whole blog in all the different languages. I just wanted to include as many people as possible. We woke up a bit late today because there are no kids at our house. All my kids grew up, and my daughter and Korean son in law live with me, and they haven’t had kids yet. However, we had presents under our tree. The present from my mother and sister was there. The presents from me to my daughter and son in law were there. The presents from my daughter and son in law to me were there. The presents to and from my daughter and son in law for the other were there. About 9:00 this morning, I had already eaten breakfast and was waiting for them to get up, and they finally did. When there are children in the house, you may be opening presents at 5:00 in the morning because they are so excited. So, we began with opening the gifts as is the custom around the world.

One of our Christmas boxes from my older kids is lost, but we have figured out where it is. I gave my daughter and Korean son in law fancy sheets, fancy towels, and a fancy bath set. They are young and beginning, and everything they buy is the cheapest they can buy. Last year, my daughter bought some sheets that were very cheap, and the are already beginning to rip, but now they have expensive sheets that won’t rip. For many years, we have had a lack of towels because I have been on a strict budget, and we have been using my towels and my sheets, but my sheets were made for Korean beds, not American beds. They needed nice towels and nice sheets.

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

My son in law brought my daughter an electric drill type screw driver because she always wants to work on the house. She has been thinking she wanted one, but hadn’t bought herself one. My daughter bought my son in law a Korean rice maker. I had two when we lived in Korean, but we couldn’t bring everything we own to America, and the rice makers used Korean outlets for the electricty, so we didn’t bring them. We have been making rice on top of the stove, but my Korean son in law can’t make it without a rice maker, so now he has one that can use American electrical outlets. My Bible is falling apart I have used it so much, but I don’t want to give it up. I have recovered it and taped a lot of pages back into it, but it is an extremely helpful Bible because it is a study Bible with lots of helps and I have references I have hand written all through it in my studies. They got me a new cover for my Bible. They also got me a ceramic eggs with a nice picture on it. The box from my mother and sister was amazing! It was just full of all kinds of goodies. It has chocolate candy, beef jerky, pickled peppers, cookies, homemade candy, honey mustard, etc. etc. There are so many things in the gift basket that I am not sure what all is in it. My daughter and son in law loved going through it and seeing just what was there. They were giggling and throwing glitter at one another. We don’t have little kids here, but we still have kids.

After we opened gifts, my daughter had planned a Christmas dinner and was planning on cooking it, so she began, and my son in law helped her. I logged onto the computer because I had a student to teach this morning, and I was also talking to my oldest son because we were trying to figure out where his Christmas box went. Him just spending time talking to me was enough of a gift for me. The dinner was ready quickly, and we turned a Christmas movie on to watch while we ate our Christmas dinner. No one at my house likes to eat at the table anymore. Perhaps they will when they start having kids. The movie was a Santa Clause movie with Kirk Cameron and Goldie Hawn. We watched the first one, and then the second one. We snacked on the Christmas cookies I had made and the pumpkin muffins I had made. We also snacked on some of the goodies from the Christmas basket that my mother and sister had sent.

After the movies, my daughter went out for a walk, my son in law got on his phone, and I decided to send you a Christmas greeting. In a little while, we are going to do another tradition developed by my Korean son in law in the few years he and my daughter has been married. He loves to go to super hero movies and take everyone with him, and we are going to go to a super hero movie this afternoon together. He and I discussed that he has two traditions that everyone would like, and one was his tendency to take everyone with him to super hero movies, and the other is that he eats lots and lots of candy. He bought so much candy this year that my daughter has begun keeping all the receipts for the candy he has been buying to try to see just how much money he is spending on all that candy. He ate candy all the way through the movies we were watching, and some of it was the candy canes I had put on the Christmas tree. We are having a good time here, and we hope you guys are all having a good time too.

Merry Christmas. (줄거은 크리수마스 보냈어요) (Feliz Navidad) (Crăciun Fericit) (クリスマスおめでとございます)(Joyeux Noel)

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