Korean Lesson 94, Christian Words

I thought all day yesterday about sending this blog out, but I was so busy that I just couldn’t do it. People have really kept me busy lately, but I try to at least put out one blog a day. I thought that since it was Sunday and I know many of my readers are Christians that they may enjoy a blog with Christian words in Korean. Especially if you are in Korea and go to a Korean church, you want to know what is going on, and I thought this might help.

Vocabulary and Grammar (다너 와 문법): 예수님 (yesooneem) = Jesus/// 사랑 해요 (sahrahng heyo) = love///신약 (sheenyak)= New Testament//그약 (kuyak) = Old Testament// 예언 (ye-eon) = prophecies// 성경 (seonggyeong) = Bible// 하나님 (hahnahneem) = God// 세성 (sehseong) = the world// 만들었어요 (mahnduleoseoyo) = made/// 아들 (ahdul) = son// 우리 에게 (oo-ree ehghe)= to us// 그의 (ku oo-ee) = his// 보냈어요 (bonesseoyo) = sent// 십자가 (sheebjahgah) = cross// 죽었어요 (jookeosseoyo) = died// 울위하여 (oolweehayeo) = for/// 죄 (chay) = sin/// 영서 (yeongseo) = forgiveness/// 예루사렘 (yeropsalem) = Jerusalem// 예루사렘 외곽 (yeroosalem weekwak) = outside of Jerusalem/// 삼 (sahm) = three// 일 (eel) = day, days// 후 에 (hoo eh) = after/// 죽음 (jookum)= the dead// 일어났어요 (eeleonasseoyo)// 제자 (jehjah) = disciples// 믆은 것 (manun gheot) = many things// 가르쳤어요 (karuchyeosseoyo) = taught/// 모든 (modun) = all// 가세요 (kaseyo) = please go/// 라고 (rahgo) = There is no word translation for this word, but it is like quotation marks. It ends the part that the subject said.// 말했어요 (malhesseoyo) = said// 모든 사람들 (modun sahrahmdul) = all people// 믿 (meed) = belief. faith// 믿고 (meed go) = believe and/// 회개 (wheegheh) = repentance// 회개 하고 (wheegheh hago) = and repent// 침례 (cheemrye) = baptism// 새례 (sehrye) = baptism// 침례를 받아야해요 (cheemrye baheahyahyeyo) = must be baptized// 침레를 받아요 (cheemryebahdahyo) = to be baptized// 새례 받아요 (sereh bahdahyo) = to be baptized/// 기도교인 (keedohkyeo een) = a Christian person// 교회 (kyeohey) = church// 일요일 (eelyoeel) = Sunday// 매 일요일 (meh eelyoeel) = every Sunday// 예배 (yebeh) = worship (the noun)// 예배 해요 (yebeheyo) = worship, worships (the verb in “yo” form)예배 합니다 (yebehabneedah) = worship, worships (the verb in the most formal sense)// 노래 (nohreh) = song// 노래 해요 (noreh heyo) = sing, sings (verb)// 만찬 (mahnchan) = Commiunion, the Lord’s Supper// 다른 사람들 (dahlun saramdul) = other people//순수 한 (soonsoo han) = pure (adjective)// 삻 (salm) = life// 인생 (eesseng) = life// 사요 (sah-yo) = live, lives, and buy, buys///

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예수님이 우리를 사랑 해요. (yesooneem ee ooree lul sahrang heyo)

신약이 예수님의 인싱 있어요. (sheenyahk ee yesuneem oo-ee eenseng eesseoyo)

그약에 예수님 에대하여 많은 예언 있어요. (kuyahk eh yesooneem ehdehahyeo manun ye-eon eesseoyo)

성경이 신약 과 그약 있어요. (seonggeong ee sheen yahk kwa kuyahk eesseoyo)

하나님이 이 세성을 만들었어요. (hananeem ee ee sehseong ul manduleosseoyo)

하나님이 우리를 사랑 해요. (hananeem ee ooree lul sarang heyo)

하나님이 우리 에게 그의 아들을 보냈어요. (hananeem ee ooree ehghe ku oo-ee ahdul ul bonesseoyo)

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에수님이 우리 울위하여 십자가에 죽었어요. (yesooneem ee ooree ulweehayeo sheepjahgah eh jookeosseoyo)

그는 위리의 죄를 영서을위사여 죽었어요. (kunun ooree oo-ee chay lul yeongseo ulweehayeo jookeosseoyo)

십사가는 여르사렘 외곽에 있었어요. (sheepjahgah nun yerusalem weekwa eh eesseosseoyo)

삼 일 후에 예수님이 죽음 에서 일어났어요. (sahm eel hoo eh yesooneem ee jookum ehseo eeleonahsseoyo)

예수님이 그의 제자를 많는 것을 가르쳣어요 (yesooseem ee ku oo-ee jehjah ul manun goet ul karruchyeosseoyo)

예수님이 그의 제자에거 모들 세상에 가세요 라고 말했어요. (yesooneem ee ku-oo-ee jehjah ehghe modun sehsahng eh kaseyo rago malhesseoyo)

예수님이 모든 사람들은 믿고 회개하고 침례를 받아야해 라고 말했어요. (Yesooneem ee modun sahrahmdul un meet go whighe hago cheemryeo lul bahdahyahhe rago malhesseoyo)

기도교인은 매 일요일 은 교회에 가요. (keedokyeo een un me eelyoeel un kyeohey eh kayo)

기도교인은 하난님을 예배 해요. (keedokyeo een un hananeem ul yebeh heyo)

기도교인은 하닌미에게 노래 해요. (keedokyeo een un hananeem ehghe noreh heyo)

기도교인 은 하나님 에게 기도 해요. (keedokyeo een un hananeem ehghe keedoh heyo)

기도교인 은 만찬을 멋어요 (keedokyeo een un manchan ul meogeoyo)

기도교인 은 성경을 공부 해요 (keedokyo een un seonggyeong ul kongboo heyo)

기도교인 은 달은 사람들 을 사랑 해요. (keedokyo een un dalun saram dul ul sarahng heyo)

기도교인 은 순수한 삶을 사요 (keedokyo een un soonsoo han salmul sayo)

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