Korean Lesson 86, What do use when we eat?

When you go a restaurant in Korea, these will be good things to know. At most restaurants in Korea, there are no silverware placed by a placemat on a napkin where you eat. At most restaurants, you will need to look inside a box on the table or a drawer in the table to find spoons and chopsticks. If you want water, there will be a water machine and small metal cups. You can get your own water. First you get your cup from the sterilizer. It has glass doors, and the metal cups are inside. After you drink the water, there is a place to deposit your cups close to the sterilizer. Water is free. The side dishes are also free. They will bring you several small dishes with kimchee and all kinds of other interesting things besides what you ordered, and you don’t have to pay for the side dishes. If you go to a seongyeopsul restaurant where you cook meat on the grill or on a big pan in the middle of your table, there will also be scissors to cut the meat. And, remember, there are no tips in Korea.

Vocabulary and Grammar: 먹을때 (mokulddeh) = when (pronoun) eat// 젓가각 (jeotkarahk) = chopsticks// 순가락 (soonkahrahk) = spoon// 모두 (modoo) = all// 사양해요 (sahyahng heyo) = use, uses// 스텐인레스 수틸 (sutehnrehsu sooteel) = stainless steel//로 (roh) = using. with// 나무 (nahmoo) = wood// 플라스틱 (pullahsuteek) = plastic// 반잔 (bahnchan) = side dishes// 무료 (mooryo) = free of charge///김치 (kimchee) = usually cabbage, but can be cucumbers or another vegetable that are completely loaded with chili spice and garlic// 은제픔 (unjehpum)= silverware// 서랍 (seorahb) = drawer// 상자 (sahngjah) = box// 칠리 항시교 (cheellee hahngshee gyeo) = chili spice// 금석 (gumseok) = metal// 겁 (keob or geob) = cup//물 (mool) = water// 마셔요 (mahshyoyo) = drink/ drinks//

한국에서는 먹을때 젓가락 과 순가락을 모두 사양해요. (hangook ehseo nun meokulddeh jeotkarahk kwa soonkarahk ul modoo sahyahng heyo)

한국 젓가락은 스텐인레스 스틸로 만들어졌어요.   (hangook jeotkahrak un sute-eenrehsu suteel ro manduleojyeosseoyo)
일번에 젓가락은 나무 또는 플라스틱 로 만들어젔어요. (eelbeon eh jeotkarak un nahmoo ddohnun pullahsteek ro manduleojeosseoyo)

한국의 레스토랑에서 많은 반찬 있어요. (hangook oo-ee rehsutohrahng ehseo manun bahnchahn eesseoyo)

반잔은 무료 이예요. (bahnchahn un mooryo eeyeyo)

항상 김치 있어요. (hangsang kimchee eesseoyo)

한국인 은 많은 칠리 항시교 을 사양해요. (hangook een un manun cheellee hangsheegyo ul sayang heyo)

은 제품이 서랍에  있을 수 있어요.  (unjehpoom ee seorahb eh eettul soo eesseoyo)

은제픔이 상자애 있을 수 있어요.  (unjehpoom ee sahngjah eh eesseoyo)

한국 레스토랑에 금속 겁이 있어요. (hangook resutohrahng eh gumsok keop eesseoyo.)

금속 겁에서 물을 마셔요. (gumsok keop esseo mool ul mahshyoyo)

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