Korean Lesson 78, Seasons

We had a fun Korean lesson on Zoom today. My Korean son in law is here, and he and I played the verb game with my student. My student did extremely well. One thing you are getting here, though, that he is still having a bit of problems with is reading in Korean. When it was his turn, I showed him his card, and he slowly pronounced it out, but here, often they only way for you to know what is going on is by reading it in Korean. He has the advantage of being able to hear me speak and repeat what I say, and he knows if he is saying it right or not, but you guys just have to try to follow the letters and hope you get it right. If you want to have Korean lessons on Zoom, just leave me a message, and we can set up a time. Now, let’s get started with the lesson.

Vocabulary and Grammar: 봄 (bom) = spring time//올때 (ohl ddeh) = when—-comes///원피스 (wonpees) = dress// 밖에 (bahkkeh) = outside// 여름 (yorum) = summer// 수영복 (sooyeiongbok) = swimming suit// 수영 해요 (sooyong heyo) = swim, swims//가을 (kah-ul) = autumn, fall//일어나요 (eeleonahyo) = get up, wake up, happen///나믓잎 (nahmuteep) = leaf, leaves// 나무 (nahmoo) =tree// 에서 (ehseo) = from//떨어져요 (ddeoleojeoyo) = fall, falls// 겨을 (kyeo-ul) = winter// 이랑 (eerahng) = and, between items on a list// 눈 (noon) = snow, eye// 눈이 와요 (noon ee wayo) = it snows, snow comes//

봄 이예요. (bom eesyeyo)

봄이 올때 무엇을 입어요? (bom ee ohl ddeh moo-eos ul eebeoyo)

소녀가 봄은 올때 원피스를 입어요. (sonyeo gah bom un ohlddeh wonpeesu lul eebeoyo)

봄이 올때 뭐 해요? (bom ee ohlddeh moh heyo)

봄 이 올때 밖에 가요. (bom ee ohlddeh bahkkeh kah-yo)

여름 이예요. (yorum eeyeyo)

여름이 올때 무 엇을 입어요? (yorum ee ohlddeh moo-eos ul eebeoyo)

여름이 올때 수영복을 입어요. (yorum ee ohlddeh sooyeongbok ul eebeoyo)

여름이 울때 뭐 해요? (yorum ee ohlddeh moh heyo)

여름 이 올때 수영해요. (yorum ee ohlddeh sooyeong heyo)

가을 이예요 (kah-ul eeyeyo)

가을이 올때 무엇을 입어요? (kah-ul ee ohlddeh moo-eos ul eebeoyo)

가을 이 올때 재킺을 입어요. (kah-ul ee ohlddeh jehkeet ul eebeoyo)

가을 이 올때 무슨 것을 일어나요? (kah-ul ee ohlddeh moosun geot ul eeleonayo)

가을 이 올때 나믓잎이 나무에서 떨어져요. (kah-ul ee ohlddeh nah-muteep ee nahmoo ehseo ddeoleojyeoyo)

겨울 이예요. (kyeo-ul eeyeyo)

결울이 올때 무엇을 입어요? (kyeo-ul ee ohlddeh moo-eos ul eebeoyo)

결울이 올때 커트 이랑 모자 이랑 부추 이랑 장갑을 입어요. (kyeo-ul ee ohlddeh keotu eerahng mohjah eerahng boochoo eerahng jagngahb ul eebeoyo)

결울 이 올때 무슨 것을 일어나요? (kyeo-ul ee ohlddeh moo-sun geot ul eeleonahyo)

결울 이 올때 눈이 와요. (kyeo-ul ohlddeh noon ee wayo)

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