Beginning to Speak Romanian, Part 5

I began going through the Reading books with you yesterday, and today, I will continue. I almost finished the first book, but the blog seemed to be getting long, and I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone, so I cut it short and didn’t finish the book. Today, I will finish the book. This is the end of the first book and the beginning of the next book. The next book has exercises, so let’s see how much you can remember.

Vocabulary: aceasta = this, un= “a,” masculine, copac = tree, sunt = am, are, în = in, Mingele = the balls, cutie= box, the box, copacul = the tree,

Aceasta este un copac. = This is a tree. (pronunciation: ahche-ahstah yesteh un cohpahc, “aceasta” is a feminine form of “this.” “Un copac” is a masculine noun and article.)

Aceasta este o minge. = This is a ball.

Aceasta este o cutie. = This is a box. (pronuncation of “cutie”: kootee-ay)

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Mingele sunt în cutie. = The balls are in the box.

Petru este în copac. = Peter is in the tree.

Aici este Petru în copacul. = Here is Peter in the tree. (pronuncation of aici: ah-eech)

Exercises from the next book:

Directions: Fill in the blanks.

(The answers are at the bottom.)

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  1. Aici este Petru. Îmi __________ Petru.
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2. ____________este Iuanna. Îmi place Iuanna.

3. Aici este câinele. Îmi place _____________.

4. Aici este magazinul. Îmi place __________________.

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5. Aici este o minge. Îmi place ________________.

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6. Aici este un copac. Îmi place __________________.

7. Aici este o jucărie. Îmi place _______________.

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8. Magazinul este ____________.

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9. Copacul este _____________.

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10. ________________este aici.



  1. place
  2. aici
  3. câinele
  4. magazinul
  5. mingea
  6. copacul
  7. jucăria
  8. aici
  9. aici
  10. câinele

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