This Question Came to My Inbox: “What do Koreans think of freckles?”

If a foreigner has freckles, they ignore them. If they have freckles, they may go so far as plastic surgery to get rid of her freckles. There are Koreans and Japanese in my extended family. A Japanese lady in my extended family had freckles, and she got plastic surgery to remove them. Japanese and Koreans don’t usually get freckles, but somewhere in this lady’s background, she had a German ancestor, and it caused her to get freckles, made her son very tall, and gave her son bigger eyes than other Japanese. Koreans and Japanese really prize very white, clear skin and they will both go as far as having plastic surgery to get rid of them. My Korean relatives and Japanese relatives both think the same on this subject. Both Koreans and Japanese want very white, flawless skin.

The plastic surgery capital of the world

There are plastic surgery places and special skin doctors everywhere in S. Korea. Seoul, S. Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. The last time I lived in Japan, I kept getting stuff in the mail about a product made to make your skin white like an astringent.

These men are covered up for two reasons: 1) it is probably cold out 2) They don’t want any sun to hit their skin.

My Korean son in law has a natural tan, and he hates it. In the history of Korea, only the peasants who worked outside had tans, and none of them want a tan. Completely white skin is a status symbol in Korea. They have special hats that not only have brims, but also have a scarf attached to the bottom so their necks won’t get tanned or freckled. Men and women both have hats like this. They also have special sleeves that are not attached to their clothing they wear if they are wearing a short sleeved shirt to protect their arms from the sun. If they go to the beach, they are very modest, and there won’t be any bikinis, and at many beaches, there aren’t even bathing suits, but everyone is wearing t-shirts and shorts. A lot of it is modesty, and a lot of it is also that they are all afraid of getting sun on their skin.

If a Korean or a Japanese had freckles like this, they would freak out. None of them have that many freckles. Red hair, now a days, is in style in Korea and Japan, unlike when I was young. They would like her hair, but she would still give them a strange feeling because she is so different from them. In Korea, they would also freak out about her nose ring. Koreans don’t even consider things like that, but lots of them dye their hair red or put a perm in their hair, even guys.

Koreans and Japanese both want completely flawless, white skin. The younger Japanese seem to not be bothered so much by the sun as the older ones. The attitudes are beginning to change in Japan, but in Korea, the young ones are still worried about making sure their skin is completely clear and white. However, as I said, if you are a foreigner and have freckles, they overlook the freckles. I have freckles, and it never seemed to bother anyone. They still thought I was pretty. I also have yellow/white skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, and I am sure that helped the way they looked at me. When I was a student in Japan, a Japanese girl told me that foreigners with red hair, blonde hair, or blue eyes freaked her out because she felt like she was talking to an alien from another planet, and she much preferred talking to me than other foreigners because of my coloring. However, the attitudes among the young people are changing. I had a Japanese student a few years ago who had a tan, and it didn’t seem to bother her. Both Korean and Japanese young people like to dye their hair red now a days. I was really shocked to learn that even Korean guys get perms to make their hair curly. The younger generation is a little different from the older generation.

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