A Little Fun!

Have you ever been elephant riding?  The first time I ever went elephants riding was many years ago when I was in the university in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  There are always many fun things to do and see at the zoo.  This year, there is no elephant riding at the zoo because of covid-19.  In fact, the zoo opened up late, but it is finally open.  In the spring, when they open, they always give free tickets for the first wo weeks.  They have been giving free tickets this year for the past couple of weeks, and a friend of mine got tickets for us to go.  You have to make an appointment and only go at certain times, but covid-19 isn’t destroying everything, and people are going to the zoo again.  We went to the zoo a couple of days ago.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 01There were four of us, but one loves to take pictures, so she took this picture at the entrance, and all the way through the zoo. You didn’t have to wear a mask as long as you stayed outside, but they expected masks if you went into a building.  The time we were allowed in was limited too, probably because they don’t want overcrowding because of covid-19.2020 08 05 okc Zoo 23

This statue of a baboon was close to the place where we made our initial choice of which was to go.  My friend told me they usually have kids climbing all over it, but not now because of covid-19.

We had a choice from the beginning to see Oklahoma animals or animals from other countries, and I wanted to see both, but our time was limited, and my daughter really wanted to see the animals from other countries, so we went that way.

It seemed at first that many of the animals were hiding from the sun, and it made it hard to find them, but we found some good ones.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 03

We had to look hard to find the lions.  This female lion had found some shade next to the big rock.  We saw the mane of the male lion hiding behind a rock like he didn’t want to be seen.  Can you imagine what it would be like to live your life in a cage with people coming by looking at you all day?

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 05There were lots of places to walk, and the walk was long. Our friend decided she wanted a shot of us in front of the water we went past.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 06This majestic guy was hiding among the bamboo up on a pedestal.  I think he belongs on a pedestal. Many people don’t realize that tigers are a symbol of Korea.  Tigers were all over the Korean Peninsula in times gone by, but they have been hunted to extinction now.  They were a real threat to the Koreans.  Most of all the old Korean stories are tales about tigers.  The Koreans hunted them for self preservation, and when the Japanese occupied Japan, the Japanese decided that hunting tigers was a fun sport and helped the Koreans hunt them to extinction on the peninsula.2020 08 05 okc Zoo 04This is a bobcat.  It looks just like a huge kitty cat, but it is dangerous.  In S. E. Oklahoma, there was a bobcat in the woods when we lived in the woods in S. E. Oklahoma.  The bobcat was killing livestock.  Children would go out to feed their cows, horses, or pigs in the morning, and they were completely torn up and half eaten.  The cowboys out there decided it just wouldn’t do, and they all went bobcat hunting and finally found and killed the bobcat.  They were worried that a bobcat would find a child and do what they had done to the livestock, but no children were hurt thanks to the cowboys.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 20Of course, the big quadrupeds were around too. This rhino seems to be enjoying his grass.2020 08 05 okc Zoo 19

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 18When people say dragons have never existed, they don’t think about the kimodo dragon. They are strange enough that I can’t figure out how to spell their name, and neither can the computer.  The kimodo dragons were extremely still, but one finally moved its head around slowly to look at us, so we knew they were alive.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 21

Not far from the kimodo dragaons, there were red pandas. I didn’t even know red pandas existed. I thought all pandas were black and white.  the red pandas are much smaller than the black and white ones from China.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 15Close to the kimodo dragons, there were fountains where the children were playing.  My kids used to play at fountains like his in a park in Japan many years ago.  We went into the building behind here and drank icies.  It was really hot out, and it wasn’t just the children who needed relief.  We all needed refreshment.

2020 08 05 okc Zoo 08

My friend got several pictures of the baboons, and I am going to show more than one picture of them to you because I really liked them!!2020 08 05 okc Zoo 07The baboons were trying to get away so no one could see them, but the people were delighted with them.  They were huge with long arms and made me think of my dad. My dad was a big broad, strong man with long arms.  These baboons were so powerful that one of them who was trying to hid from the people got so frustrated at being unable to hide we hear a big, “Boom!”  The baboon had hid the glass where we were looking through!  They really wished we would go away!2020 08 05 okc Zoo 09The chimpanzees were next to the baboons, and they seemed to have a better humor about people wanting to see them.  One kept running around with a rope like he was going to swing, but he never swung. He just held on to the rope as he ran around with it in his hand.2020 08 05 okc Zoo 12There was a lot of walking to get to where the elephants were.  When we got there, it was worth it.  2020 08 05 okc Zoo 10If you look close, you can see they were throwing the dried grass on their backs.  I assumed that it was because the sun was hot, and they were trying to stay cooler and keep the sun off their backs with the dried grass.  As we continued, I saw a sign that said that was exactly what they were doing. It is their way of having sunscreen or air conditioning. They are not dumb animals at all.2020 08 05 okc Zoo 112020 08 05 okc Zoo 14Here is a picture of one of them where you can actually see the dried grass on its back well.  This one also had red if you look on the top of its trunk. I saw some dust flying when they three the grass, so I wondered if it had been throwing the Oklahoma red soil to make it cooler, but I couldn’t tell if it was a natural color of the elephant or if it was from the elephant throwing red dirt on itself.  This elephant was labeled “the matriarch.”2020 08 05 okc Zoo 13Here is another shot of the Matriarch with her red on her nose and grass on her back.  We had walked past several elephant cages and up a hill.  We were in a place that was outside, but had a roof and air conditioning blowing on the guest of the zoo.  They probably put the air conditioning there because it was quite a walk up there and the weather was also quite hot.

By the time we got up the hill to see the elephants, our time had run out.  As I said, we had to go in by appointment and could only stay a limited amount of time.  We walked back down the hill and to the entrance, then we went out for hamburgers! 🙂  It was fun.



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