This Question Came to My Inbox: “How Can I learn to Speak Korean Rapidly?”

With every language, there are about 800 basic words you need to know before you can begin to basically speak. After that, you can usually learn vocabulary from listening and conversation much easier like a child learns language. This may sound strange, but I have used this method, and it completely works. I have a set of books that comes from England called the Lady Bird Reading Series. They were not made to teach a foreign language, but to teach children to read. They function on a theory that if the kids learn the most used words first, they will speed to reading fluency faster, and I have seen it work because I used these books to teach my own kids to read. These books also work if you learn what the word are in a foreign language that are equivalent to those words in English. I used them when I went to Romania, and in six months, after added basic verb conjugations, I was basically speaking Romanian. Those books have the words we use the most to communicate.  There is more.pexels-photo-3887454

Books made for children have a smaller vocabulary, and the right books that use the most used words first have the words you need to learn.

In Korea, I actually did several things because the Korean conjugations were driving me crazy. You see, there are several levels of speech in Korean, and there are patterns and keys to changing verbs into adjectives, etc. Their grammar is so different from ours that it took me longer than six months to learn to basically speak Korean than when I was studying Romanian. However, it happened, and I can’t stress how important those very basic vocabulary words are. pexels-photo-942419

My university students really enjoyed the game and learned quickly when they used it. I learned too.


Another thing that helped me learn Korean was I invented a verb game that taught my Korean students to conjugate English verbs, and in order to play it, I had to figure out what the equivalent verbs were in Korean. Initially, one of the students whose English was better than the others helped me find those verbs, I played the verb game with the students. I learned Korean verbs as they were learning English verbs We began with the easiest conjugations and then just went up level by level until on the last level, we were making whole complicated sentences. If you are interested in this game, I still have it, and you could order a copy from me, and I would have to figure out how to get someone to make a copy to send to you. My email is eversonronda@hotmail.com. I am not in business to sell the game, but it was copy written in Korea, and the company who made sure I got a copy write sold a few copies. They play it in India too because a business owner heard about it and came and bought some for his employees to use to teach English. I am newly in Oklahoma, so I have never looked around to see about making copies, but if you email me and want me to make a copy, I will look into it and then get back to you and tell you how much it costs. Anyway, this game made all the difference for my students in English and for me in Korean. When I retired, the other English teachers insisted they had to keep copies of the game so the university could continue using it.

Koreans have made several series of books to teach Korean. I bought several of these series, and each one has its own merit. Each one emphasizes something different. I used them to practice, learn grammar, and increase my vocabulary. However, the thing that really put me across was learning the basic words and learning the verbs and how to make sentences which is what my game teaches. I have looked around here in Oklahoma City, and there are books to study Korean in bookstores here. However, you have to find the right bookstore because every bookstore doesn’t carry them. pexels-photo-4144222

There are many classes online now a days, and I have everything I need to teach a class if anyone wants a class in Korean, Romanian, Spanish, English, or Japanese.

If you decide to buy my game and need more help, I guess I could always tutor you through the internet.  I have begun teaching a Bible class in Spanish online, and I could always teach a Korean class online if people want me to.  Just use my email and contact me, and I will set things up.

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