How Far Have We Actually Gone From What God Wants?

This is a hard subject to talk about, and if I can accomplish writing about this in a good way and publish it too, it will be amazing. Most Christians understand that God disapproves of , adultery, homosexuality, and abortion. If we read the ten commandments, Romans chapter one, the sermon on mount in Matthew 5, 6, & 7, Genesis 19, etc., there should be no doubt what God thinks about these kinds of things. However, there is something I had never thought about until my daughter brought it up. She said to me that she had been reading something written by the Catholic church, and it made a lot of sense to her. It was against using birth control pills.

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Many women today have used birth control pills, including my daughter and myself. However, whatever it was that my daughter read had her completely convinced that birth control pills were wrong. I had to stop taking mine because they made me sick, but I still thought when I was married that I should do something to control how many kids I had, so we used other methods. My daughter pointed out to me that all the widespread immorality of sleeping around with people you weren’t married to began when people started to be able to do it when they didn’t have to worry about the woman getting pregnant anymore. She is convinced that the immorality has taken place because people no longer fear unwanted pregnancies, and if they have an unwanted pregnancy, they just get an abortion. I thought she kind of had a point, but I still wasn’t sure God would tell us not to use birth control methods.

Tamar took her widow’s clothing off, dressed as a prostitute, and wore a veil so Judah wouldn’t recognize her. She is mentioned in the lineage of Christ in Matthew 1 also. God used her sin to bring Christ into the world. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today, I was reading from Genesis 38. There are verses there that we always kind of skip over and don’t worry about. Many people know the story of Tamar and how she dressed herself up like a prostitute and tricked Judah into sleeping with her so she could have a baby. Both Judah and Tamar were sinning, and there is no doubt about that. He wanted to burn her alive when he figured out she was pregnant because she was guilty of prostitution, but he shouldn’t have been doing it either because she was able to blackmail him into saving her life. What both of them did was wrong. However, things would never have gone that far had Onan done what he was supposed to. Onan is a forgotten name in the Bible because he appears, and then he dies and is never mentioned again.

Onan wanted the experience without the responsibility, and God killed him for it. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

You see, Tamar was Judah’s daughter in law. She married Judah’s son, Er. The Bible says he was such a wicked man that God couldn’t put up with him, so he killed him. It sounds like someone who drunk himself to death or got in so many fights that someone ended up killing him or something like that. In the Jewish custom, when the brother dies, his unmarried brother takes his place and marries the widow. When the children are born, they are considered the children of the dead brother. After that, Judah sent Onan to Tamar thinking that Er could have children through Onan. It was just fine to Onan to sleep with Tamar, but he didn’t want her to get pregnant because the babies wouldn’t be considered his. He worked a way of birth control so she wouldn’t get pregnant. God was so disgusted with what he did, he also killed him. Genesis 38:10 says, “What he did was so wicked in the Lord’s sight; so he put him to death also.” He just wanted to sleep with her, to enjoy the experience, but not to have kids. God thought it was wicked enough to kill him for it.

We need to take God seriously because when he tells us something, it isn’t just there to skip over. It is written there for a reason. Sin begat sin. Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

I was shocked because I have read it before, but never thought about it much and in the past, just kept reading. No one ever teaches this, probably because it is a hard teaching and a hard subject to talk about. There was a time in the past that I know churches thought that a man should only sleep with his wife when they wanted children. In fact, I visited a town that died in the early part of America because the people had gotten so conservative thinking that the men lived in one part of the town and the women in the other, and they never slept together. Their religion had gotten out of hand, and they all died without producing any kids to carry the town on. However, is there a possibility that we have gone too far the other way and become too free thinking? Television tells us that we have to sleep with someone everyday to be normal. Remember that God killed Onan for using birth control, If Onan had done the right thing, Judah and Tamar would not have sinned. I know that when the modern birth control methods came into being that immorality became more widespread. My daughter is right about that. Could it be that we should only sleep with someone with the full knowledge that they could get pregnant and that we shouldn’t be using birth control pills, condomns, and all these other things that have been made to stop women from getting pregnant? All of this is a lot to think about.

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