A Little Logic From Someone Who Has Seen How Many Countries Work

A friend of mine put a post on Facebook about Yale University. He showed a picture of the founder of Yale University and his slave was standing next to him with a brass collar. Everyone was calling for a name change for Yale University. Changing the name is fine if that is what they want to do. However, what the people were missing was that Elihu Yale was dressed like someone from the 1700’s because that is how long ago he lived. This is 2020. We have made a lot of progress since them, and there is no reason to relive what happened them and blame one another for it. None of us had anything to do with it. We have made progress. Bad people are going to exist no matter what happens, and destroying our cities and our government will not change that. We just have to find a way to deal with people.

The Civil War has been fought. The slaves were freed. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Civil war was fought once upon a time for a reason. The Civil Rights Movement has taken place. The Civil rights laws are in place. There are still bad people in the world, and destroying America won’t get rid of the bad people, but give them resolve to treat people bad. It is like being overly strict with kids. When you spank too much or step on kids too hard, you are asking for rebellion. You are just asking for trouble when you become too strict. Our system may not be perfect, but tearing America up trying to punish people because you think the blacks have been treated badly only makes things worse. If we want people to treat people better, they need to learn to understand one another better, not refight the civil war. If you want to help an alcoholic stop drinking, you get him away from the people who enable him.

In Nigeria, to teach the tribes to get along, they separated the young people from their tribes and put them in high schools where they were forced to become friends with students from other tribes. they stopped so much fighting between the tribes. Photo by Mwabonje on Pexels.com

In Nigeria, they wanted the tribes to learn to get along with one another, so they didn’t let any high school students go to the local high school, but all the high schools became boarding high schools, and they all had to go to high school away from home so they would mix and get to know people of other tribes. They stopped the tribal prejudice, but they couldn’t stop the Muslims. The Muslims even to this day cause violence in Nigeria. Whatever we do, someone is going to cause trouble.

It would be great to just convert the whole country to Christianity because Christianity teaches love and self discipline, but they don’t understand that because they have been taught that Christianity is bad by their parents. . Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It would be great if we could just treat them all to act like Christians and love one another but you can’t change someone in a group. Everyone knows that personal work converts more people than preaching. Everyone is busy trying to control everyone else, but that doesn’t work either because the only person we can control is ourselves. Self control is another Christian virtue. In Nigeria, when the Muslims attack the Christian villages, the Christians don’t take revenge. They have self control and let the government handle it.

The great ancient cultures of the past fell because they were rotten to the core. Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

The best thing we can do is to try to put a system of teaching people how to control themselves and love one another. In Romania, they were just coming out of Communism when I was there, and they asked a History professor to come and talk to them about freedom and Democracy. I went to his lectures, and he made really good points. He traced freedom and Democracy throughout history. He talked about the Grecian and Roman empires, He talked about the ten commandments and the code of Hammurabi. All the laws in the world have been based on these two laws or codes. He pointed out why the Grecian empire waned and why the Roman empire fell. His conclusion was that for freedom to work, the people have to be good. They have to control themselves and treat others well without being asked to. If not, the country will eventually fall. He pointed out everything that happened in the history of the world to prove his point, and he was right.

Hippies and their children misunderstand what freedom is. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

When the hippies came along in America, they were trying to preach peace and love and breaking all the rules that had made America great calling it freedom. The problem we have today is that too many adults were raised by hippies. It has become their culture. Hippies didn’t encourage goodness, but self indulgence. When I was in junior high, we went camping in California, The people in the next campsite over were hippies. When I talked to their kids, they had no idea who their father was because everyone in the group of hippies were sleeping with a different person every night. They thought self indulgence equaled freedom, but when people step over the line and exercise lack of self control, they hurt themselves and other people. If you step over that line too far, your rights are taken away from you. History has proven it, and those kids had no idea what a happy normal family was because they had never seen one. Many young people today were raised with hippie values. That is exactly what is happening in America. It is their culture. They all want to sing “I’m bad” and think that they can have freedom. If Americans don’t hurry up and figure out the difference between right and wrong, our freedom will be taken away from us.

The U. S. S. R was a strict totalitarian state. It was deep Communism. However, it didn’t last because it was too strict and because the economies of al its satellite nations were broken because of Communism. The people needed freedom to live and to eat. Calling for abolishing the government and Communism at the same tine is a contradiction. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When Antifa calls for Communism and abolishing the government at the same time, they don’t understand that those two things are a contradiction. Communists are dictators. They take freedom away. When Antifa calls for letting all the prisoners out of jail, all that does is put everyone in danger. Those people are not there because they are political prisoners. They are there because they have robbed, killed, raped, etc. They have hurt other people. They are there for our protection. When Antifa calls for abolishing the police force, they are taking away our protection again. All cops are not perfect because all people aren’t perfect. The truck drivers were right when they said if there was no police force in a city, they would not deliver food there. They are out on the road by themselves away from their families, and that is dangerous enough without disbanding the police force. The truck drivers need the police force.

Reinstituting he draft is one way to take America back. Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

I talked to a black guy at church today. He and I were both raised with our dads in the military. We were raised in other countries, and when we came back to America, we really didn’t understand the culture very well. In the military, all the men work together regardless of color. They are just Americans. All the kids go to school together. I went to an embassy school with kids from every country. He felt like this “police brutality against blacks” that people have been screaming is from a foreign country that he doesn’t understand, and that is how I have felt too. In the military, people are separated from people who enable them back home. It is like separating the alcoholic from the people who encourage him to drink. A segment of our population, the kids with career military dads, have been raised in a way that doesn’t understand what these people are screaming about and causing so much trouble about. It is like the Nigerians sending high school students from different tribes to boarding high schools. However, they still have the Muslims causing trouble, and we still have the people who have been raised to be completely self indulgent in America. The good thing about the military too is that it teaches self discipline. You are in big trouble in the military if you don’t learn self discipline. You end up in the brig until you can figure it out. Perhaps we need to institute the draft again. They won’t feel prejudice, and they will learn self discipline. Perhaps the American military is one way to solve the lack of self control that we are seeing in America that is leading us down such a dark road. Draft those young men and women and get them away from the people who enable them so they can be taught self discipline. Let’s take our culture back before it is too late. Military sergeants are tough, and they teach self discipline. I was raised by one.

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