In His Time (かれのじかんに)

こんにちは(Hello). お元気ですか?(How are you?) 私は最近、世界で起こっている出来事が本当に狂っているように見えることを理解しています。(I understand that events that have taken place in the world lately look really crazy.) しかし、私たちを愛する神が天に残っています。(However, there is still a God in Heaven who loves us.) 時間が経つにつれて、すべてが過ぎ去ります。(With time, everything passes.)数ヶ月前、人々は雪について話していました。(A few months ago, people were talking about snow.)しかし、今、彼らはエアコンについて話しています。(However, now they are talking about air conditioners.)私たちが検疫に入ってからそれほど長くはありません. (It hasn’t been that long since we went into quarantine.) しかし、多くの場所で、今、人々は再び自由に歩き回っています。(However, in many places, now people are walking around freely again.) 人々は抗議し、あちこちでトラブルを引き起こしてきましたが、それも通過します。(People have been protesting and causing trouble all over the place, but it will pass too.) 人々は自分の時間を取り入れるために何かをしなければならない、そして今度は、彼らはトラブルを引き起こすために間違って選んだ。(People have to have something to do to occupy their time, and this time, they chose wrongly to cause trouble.) これも通り過ぎ、次の大きなイベントはシーンに出ます。(This will pass too, and then the next big event will be on the scenes.) 神は私たちに時間の贈り物を与えてくださいます。(God gives us the gift of time.) 人々が振り向いて彼に従おうとすると、時間内にすべてが良くなります. (If people turn around and try to follow him, in time, everything gets better.)心配するなら、神が常に人々の心の中で働いていて、何人かが屈することを覚えておいてください。(If we are worried, just remember God is working in people’s hearts all the time, and some will give in.) 物事は良くなります。(Things will get better.)時間が経過する. (Time passes.)

In His Time


Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

In his time, in his time; He makes all things beautiful in his time, in his time.

かれのじかんに, かれのじかんに; かれはすべてのことをかれのじかんいつります。

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

Lord please show me everyday as you’re teaching me your way,


Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

That you do just what you say in your time.


Photo by abdullah . on Pexels.com

In your time, in your time; You make all things beautiful in your time.


Photo by Patrick Case on Pexels.com

Lord, my life to you I bring; May each song I have to sing


Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

Be to you a lovely thing in Your time.


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