N. Korea Bombs the Factory of Peace

In the last times, N. Korea has been ignored because of what has been happening in America. America is one of the reasons that N. Korea has not invaded S. Korea. The other reason is because if they bomb S. Korea, they will be destroying what they want. It is not that they care about the S. Korean people. It is that S. Korea has better land than N. Korea. You can grow a lot in S. Korea. S. Korea has a really nice climate with four regular season and lots of green grass, but you can’t in N. Korea because the climate is so cold and he country is so mountainous.

S. Korea has a great climate, and everything grows there. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I saw a question a few days ago that said, “Why does Kim Jong Un’s sister want war with S. Korea?” I thought, “As long as there is no war, it will be okay.” However, they are now seeing America at its weakest, and they want to take advantage of it. They have wanted to take over S. Korea a long time. They haven’t liked the America military bases in S. Korea. However, the American military is one of the things that has kept N. Korea out of S. Korea.

The American military has been one of the major reasons N. Korea hasn’t made war on S. Korea. Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

N. Korea officially signed a treaty to end the war between N. and S. Korea, but they don’t want to uphold it. Trump negotiated that treaty, and now they think he is weak, and they don’t have to do it because they think America isn’t behind President Trump. N. Korea knows that Trump has been wanting to pull the American troops out of S. Korea. S. Korea has it’s own military, and Trump has been thinking S. Korea is strong enough to take care of themselves. N. Korea may be ready to test whether or not S. Korea is strong or not, but the American troops are still there. America needs to become more united or N. Korea will cause a war.

The bombing of the factory is like burning the peace treaty between N. and S. Korea. Photo by Eugene Shelestov on Pexels.com

One of the symbols of peace between the N. and S. Korea people has been a factory built on the border between the two countries. It has workers that are both N. Korean and S. Korean. It was built as a joint venture between the two countries to promote peace. That factory was bombed last night. It could just be that N. Korea is unhappy because the focus of the world has been taken off of them, and they want attention. That may be all they do because they just want to heighten tensions again so the world will look at them. They may have plans of starting a war. However, for sure, they are not wanting to honor any peace agreement that was signed between N. and S. Korea.

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