More Birthday Celebrating

Before we went to the Olive Garden for lunch, my daughter brought me a package and put it in my lap. When I opened it up, it was three very pretty blue plates. At one Christmas, she had bought me blue willow china because she knows I like it and I really like blue, so she decided to give me a lot of blue things today since it is my birthday.

My daughter gave me some beautiful blue plates.

After we went out to eat, she wanted to take me shopping. She bought me blue knit pants with a pink and blue t-shirt to go with it. She was hoping that I could try it on, but there was no way because of the coronavirus. I hated to see her wanting to spend money and possibly getting it home and it not fitting, but the closes fit me.

My daughter bought me a new outfit for my birthday.

Before we got home, she also stopped about bought a birthday cake. I stayed in the car. It was a little funny because when she got out of the car she said, “Lock the door!” I was surprised. I said, “Lock the door?” She said, “Yes, this is America, and people are crazy!” She has spent most of her life outside of the United States feeling safe, but now that we are back in America, people have been so crazy that she doesn’t feel safe anymore. I am sad that America is like that. These people who are staging all of these demonstrations, looting, rioting, destroying, and even killing people are really getting to my daughter. They are driving me crazy too, but I am really sad for her because she is even more of a foreigner to America than I am. She wasn’t even born in America, and the place scares her. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, the land of civilization, but they are not showing that to my daughter at all.

My birthday cake

When we got home, my daughter wanted to have birthday cake right away. She had bought a white cake with white icing, a kind that we couldn’t get overseas. She made sure there was blue icing on the cake because she knows I like blue. She lit the candles and sang happy birthday to me asking me to blow out the candles. We had a piece of birthday cake while she turned on a Korean Drama on TV for us to watch. She is happily laughing her way through it now because it is funny. The name of the Korean Drama is “Cinderella’s Four Knights.” I am going to watch, and I am tired, so I might take a nap while I watch.

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