This Question Came to My Inbox: “Would you be more scared of a hippo or an alligator?”

I have never been around alligators, but I have read about them and watched them move on TV. However, I have been around hippos. From what I understand, alligators seem to be sitting there and be slow, but they can actually run very, very fast! From what I can understand their teeth are terrible. Alligators can be predators easily, but hippos are not particularly predators.

I have never been around alligators or crocodiles, but I know they are fierce types of animals, and they can actually run really fast. I have walked on a boardwalk down on the Texas/Louisiana cost with my brother, and it was elevated with a swamp below it. He told us if we got there early enough, sometimes, you could see small alligators running through the swamp, but we didn’t see any. Photo by Henning Roettger on Pexels.com

There was a wild animal part in Nigeria we used to visit quite often. In part of the part, there were hippos in a pond. There was no fence around it, and the hippos stayed in the pond most of the time. You could sit at the edge of the pond, and the hippo would come up to the edge of the pond. If you wanted to feed them, there was food you could buy to feed them. The hippos opened their mouths, and you fed them with your hands. They were tame. I can’t say that every hippo you ever encounter will be like that, but these hippos were.

The hippos I was acquainted with are not as dangerous as you would think. You can put your hand inside their mouths and touch their teeth, and they still don’t bite. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I saw a video a few days ago of a man brushing a hippo’s teeth. The hippo had come to the edge of the water just like those hippos in the animal park in Jos, Nigeria did. The hippo just opened his mouth and let the man brush his teeth.

Elephants are smart and not ferocious. The ones I have been acquainted with are only dangerous because of their size. I have ridden an elephant twice and always wanted to do it more. . Photo by Aenic on Pexels.com

When I saw the video, it reminded me of the hippos in the animal park in Nigeria. There were cages when they considered the animals dangerous. However, many of the animals didn’t have cages, but just roamed around free. There was a really funny elephant we became acquainted with. The elephants weren’t in a cage, but there was a huge, deep ditch between the people and the elephants. It would have been hard for the elephants to cross the gorge. My husband used to put his hand out, and the elephant put his trunk out and help my husband’s hand with his trunk. Once, the same funny elephant saw a friend of ours behind us with a camera, and evidently, he didn’t like what he was doing because the elephant picked up a tree branch and hit our friend with it knocking the camera out of his hand. There was another animals park we heard about up further north where the elephants roamed free, but the people had to stay inside of a van to protect themselves. A friend of outs went there, and an elephant chased their van. You can have fun with animals like elephants and hippos, but I would never do those kinds of things with an alligator.

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