This Question Came to My Inbox: “Is it Worthwhile to Study Computers in S. Korea?”

Yes, adamantly, yes it is worthwhile to study computers in S. Korea. However, you will have to learn to speak Korean first. Korean computers are in Korean, and Koreans have a lot of their own websites in Korean. They also have special e-mail programs that are Korean programs. Anything they can do on the computer, they will. Korea loves the computer, and they have a lot of good education for people who study computers.

There are PC bangs on almost every street. PC bangs are places you can rent a computer by the hour. Kids usually go there to play computer games. When I first got there, before I could get internet hooked up, I rented them to send e-mails to America. Photo by Alexander Kovalev on Pexels.com

I can’t emphasize enough how important computers are in S. Korea. They have become a very computer centered culture. This includes their cell phones. Everyone uses computers and cell phones. Have you heard of Hanmail or Kakao talk? Those are communication programs only used in S. Korea. Hanmail is email and Kakao talk is a chat line. They also have their own emoticons that are not used in other countries. At my university, they had the teachers keeps all their records on computers, and someone had to come up with those programs. We had to figure our grades on the computer, report our grades on the computer, report on counseling sessions on the computer, give students assignments on the computer, etc. S. Koreans think everything begins and ends with computers. The also have some of the best internet in the world.

After Korean computer majors graduate, they aren’t finished. They can be certified in several fields of the computer by also attending the computer hogwans (private schools.)Photo by Vantha Thang on Pexels.com

There are several different kinds of computer degrees in S. Korea. After you get your computer degrees, they also have several private schools that even people with computer majors go to so they can be certified in other fields of the computer. You can become certified in several fields of the computer, not just in the field that you have a major in.

Their computer repair shops are a good place for people interested in computers to hang out to learn more. Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

There are computer repair shops everywhere. My daughter likes computers, and she is a computer major. Before she ever became a computer major, she used to go to the computer repair shops and just hang out watching the guys repairing computers and asking questions. She learned a lot. She can actually do a lot of things on the computer than other computer majors can’t because of her time spent watching those computer repair men in the computer repair shops.

Koreans design a lot of computer games. Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

How many people do you actually know that have a job designing computer games? In America, it seems like something that is off somewhere else and out of most of our social realms. However, a lot of companies in S. Korea design computer games, and I know a couple of guys who design computer games who used to be computer majors at the university where I taught. They are Korean, though, and the person who does it needs to be fluent in Korean and also speak English.

Korean computers will be written in Korean. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

S. Koreans major into electronics. They are the electronic hub of the world. there is a huge electronic market in Seoul that sells any kinds of electronics that you can or can’t find elsewhere. It is several many storied buildings. Of course studying computers in S. Korea is a good idea, if you speak Korean. If you don’t plan on studying Korean, it would just be too hard because of the computers being in Korean and all the Korean websites. I know you can change a computer’s language and the computer professors speak English because they have to be able to function on the world wide web. However, the primary language of instruction would be Korean.

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