This Question Came to My Inbox: “Is it true that not a lot of Koreans listen to K-pop?”

Some Koreans listen to K-pop, but not as many any you would think. K-pop is an invention of the S. Korean government to bring more attention to S. Korea to help Korean businesses do more international business. The S. Korean government really wants people to know who they are and wants to be put on the map. They make K-pop as something to export. However, there are middle school kids and some high school kids in S. Korea who also enjoy K-pop.

Indy Rock music is very popular with the young adults in S. Korea. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com

The college age and other young adults usually don’t go for K-pop, They go for a thing called “Indy” groups. Indy is a kind of rock music, and loud rock bands are really popular in s. Korea. K-pop is more of a cookie cutter type performance. A producer hires young people who look good, can sing, and can dance, and they put together routines and write songs for the K-pop groups to learn. If one member of the K-pop group drops out, they have auditions and replace them. However, the “Indy” groups are different. They are more artistic. They write their own songs. They play musical instruments. They don’t have the cookie cutter look of the K-pop singers and dancers. The average young adult in Korea appreciates the “Indy” groups much more than the K-pop groups.

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