Understanding Socialism

Someone said to me, “There is a difference between Communism and modern day Socialism.” The main difference is just the name. They both advocate the state over the private individual. They both want everyone to share the wealth evenly. However, the problem is that it doesn’t happen.

The people from the first American colony spent their time sleeping or fighting. Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

We can even go back to the beginning of the United States, when England first began colonizing American to understand. Have you ever heard of “the lost colony?” It was the very first colony in the U. S. They were businessmen who had come to America to get rich. They set up a store room where everyone could go there to get whatever they needed. They fought with the Indians. Many died from Indian attacks and pneumonia. Did they work? No. They didn’t need to work. They could get whatever they wanted from the store room. It was a kind of Communism. No one planted a garden. No one hunted. They didn’t have to. The British government had supplied them with everything they needed. They didn’t even go out and mine gold. They slept or fought with the Indians, that is all. Why bother working? They were going to have all their needs supplied. All they had to do was go to the storage building.

The people from the first colony died. Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

The food ran out. Lots of people had died from fighting with the Indians and from pneumonia. They sent a ship back to England hoping to bring more supplies, but when the ship came back, there was no more colony. No one to this day has ever figured out what happened to them. It was the world’s first case of Socialism or Communism, a government mandated sharing of the wealth. No one worked because they didn’t have to.

The apartments were supposed to be their symbol of being modern, but people were carrying water up the stairs from pumps that were in front of the buildings.Photo by Alexander Zvir on Pexels.com

When I got to Romania after the revolution, they were suffering from the effects of Communism. They had just had a revolution that only last nine days. The devastation I saw was not from the fighting. It was because of the effects of Communism. They killed their leaders to get rid of Communism. I actually only saw one building that had been shot at. However, the country was completely falling apart. Can you imagine riding on a bus and having the insides of the bus falling off around you being afraid some piece of metal would come off and hit your head? I did it. Can you imagine not getting hot water if you get heat in your house, and not getting heat if you get hot water? Some people couldn’t even get water in their apartments. There were pumps in front of apartment buildings, and the people had buckets pumping water to take to wash dishes and take baths. The elevators in the apartment buildings were necessary, but when the electricity went out, that elevator would stop with me in it between floors. I had to pry the doors open and climb up to the next floor. After that, I had to go the rest of the way up to the ninth floor on the stairs, in the dark, pregnant, and holding a two year old’s hand. At times, I had to take al ne flights of stairs that way.

One man described it as being in jail in his own country. Photo by Craig Lloyd on Pexels.com

When we first got there, there was nothing in the stores, and it didn’t happen because of the revolution. It was that way before the revolution too. We were lucky because we were able to leave the country to buy food and bring it back, but the Romanians, under Communism, couldn’t leave the country without going to jail or being shot at. They couldn’t even travel within their own country without having special papers that gave them permission. One man said his wife was a doctor, and he was a teacher. She was sent to one part of the Romania, and he was sent to another. He had to get special permission to go see his wife.

They saved their whole lives just to buy an old broken down car. This is a Trabant. They came from East Germany to Romania. In Romania, they made the Dacia. We bought a knew Dacia for $4,000, and when we got it home and it began to rain, we turned the windshield wipers on, and the car filled with smoke. It was a brand new car!Photo by Alexander Naglestad on Pexels.com

We sat in gas lines all day long to get gas in our car, but before the revolution, they had been sitting in those gas lines for a week just to get a little gas. Most of them didn’t own cars, so there were no traffic jams. If someone rode in the car with us, they very often got car sick because they were not used to cars. If a family got a car, they saved their whole lives to buy a car and could only buy a very broken down car by the time they were fifty years old, just in time for old age.

If you were pregnant or old, you appeared weak to the big wig Communists, and they thought they could push you around and make you do anything they wanted. Many Romanian women had abortions because they said they couldn’t feed their children. Almost every woman I knew had had at least one abortion.
Photo by Pari love on Pexels.com

You didn’t want to be old in this society because you were considered no longer important. If you were older than 60 years old, and someone called an ambulance for you, under Communism, the ambulance didn’t come. It was too expensive, and old people were considered dispensable. I had a friend who was working her brains out to get out of the country because she had called them to pick her dad up when he was sick, and they decided not to come get him because of his age, and her dad died in her arms. They died in the lines too. I used to wake up early, early in the morning to go to the dairy to get milk. If I didn’t get there early enough, I would be in the back of the line and probably wouldn’t get any milk. After I got the milk, I had to take it home and process it myself. There was snow and ice on the ground, and it was downright cold! One man told me his father was standing in on of those lines waiting for milk and had a heart attack and died.

With a ‘share the wealth’ philosophy, your house is no longer your house. You might get to live in one room, and the other rooms will be filled with other people. Photo by Nicolette Attree on Pexels.com

When Communism came to Romania, they had to share everything. One family was living in one room of what used to be their family home. You see, when Communism, Socialism, or “sharing the wealth” comes in, they take your house. They give you just one room of your house to live in and move a bunch of strangers into the other rooms. One family got one room when they may have lived in a nice big house before. After the revolution these families were going to court trying to force the government to give them their houses back. I was offered Romanian citizenship, and this is one of the reasons I didn’t take it. I couldn’t imagine having my house taken away from me, but it was taken away from me anyway.

If the whole country is going downtown for a cup of coffee and not going back to work all day, nothing gets done. Many high school or college students in America skip class until they figure out that skipping classes effects their grades, and they get in trouble for bad grades. It is the same principle. Except, no one called these guys on skipping out on work, and the economy crumbled. TPhoto by cottonbro on Pexels.com

You say, “But does every country who ‘shares the wealth’ end up like this?” Yes, it is inevitable. You see, if people are working hard and are well education, they expect to be rewarded for their education and hard work. However, under the ‘share the wealth’ philosophies, they don’t get any more than anymore else. They become discouraged and stop working. The people who weren’t working to start with are being given money for free. Why would they both begin working? One man told me that before the revolution, all the jobs were guaranteed and all the salaries were guaranteed, so he didn’t worry about his job at all. He showed up in the morning. He told the others he was going downtown for a cup of coffee. Once he got downtown, he stayed all day. He didn’t go back to his job until just before quitting time. He was going to have a job and a salary regardless because no one gets fired under ‘share the wealth,” so why bother working?

Let the coronavirus quarantine be a lesson for you of what happens when no one works. Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

In the beginning, when a country goes into a system like this, they may think, “The poor people need money, and we are being kind.” However, it doesn’t work like that. People work for rewards. If there are no rewards, they don’t work. If no one is working, everything goes into disrepair and falls apart, including the economy. Just look at what happened to the American economy with everyone in quarantine during the coronavirus. No one was working, and now if we don’t’ get to work, we are going to have another Great Depression on our hands. No one wants that. My parents were kids during the Great Depression, and I heard some terrible stories. One of my grandmothers used to cry all night because she had nothing to feed her children. Right now, many, many small businesses have gone out of business in America, and many, many people have lost their jobs. America is going to have to work hard to bring the economy back up. Take the coronavirus nonsense as a small lesson in what happens with Communism or Socialism.

When you don’t have what you need because people aren’t producing, people begin looking for substitutes, and you may not like the substitute.Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Someone said to me, “Don’t you want socialized medicine?” I know that America’s medical system needs a major overhaul, but we don’t want what happened in Romania. There was mold growing on the walls of the operating room at the hospital. One man went to the dentist, and he said they didn’t have any disinfectant to use in his mouth, so they used gasoline. Half way through is dental operation, his chair was so old it fell apart and he hit the floor. He got up with blood streaming out of this mouth to help put the chair back together. Once they got the chair back together, the dentist took his blood pressure, and it was extremely high! What happened to him was traumatic!

I spent fourteen years in S. Korea and about two years in total in Japan. I have never seen better medical systems than these two countries have. Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

If you want a better medical system, go to S. Korea or Japan. They both have great medical systems. Study their systems and figure out why they work. Don’t just make an automatic Socialized Medicine System. You don’t want what they had in Romania. The Romanians had a revolution for a reason.

If you want to slop pigs everyday and clean up pig manure everyday, just choose a ‘share the wealth’ system. You will be obliged. Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

You say, if there was no food in the stores, how did Romanians eat? They raised pigs in their back yards, even in town. Pigs are easy to feed. They fed them weeds and left overs. They went to the mountains to pick berries or mushrooms. There was a whole major at the university that was all about what you could find to eat in the mountains. They raised gardens. If people lived in the city, they found a way to raise a garden in the country and spent every weekend at their garden. They made homemade soap from the pig. They made lard to cook with from the pig. They did better than the N. Koreans are doing. The N. Koreans are eating leaves. There is a book put out by the N. Koreans government detailing what leaves can be eaten and how to fix them. I was trying to pen a can once in Romania, and was having a hard time. A Romanian said, “Give it to me! I will get it open! No one can stop a Romanian from eating!” It was said with just that much emphasis because they had put their hearts into trying to survive. You thought it was bad in America to be scared you would have no toilet paper. Well, they had no toilet paper. They were using corn cobs and corn shucks as toilet paper. Are you sure you want a ‘share the wealth’ economy?

If a ‘share the wealth’ system comes to America, you may not initially think that much is wrong, but your children will feel the effects. Under Communism, this little girl would not even have been allowed to wear that big flower or headband in her hair because everyone else doesn’t have one. If she wore it to school, she would be severely disciplined. Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

I could just continue. These people who have been pushing Socialism can cuss me because they have been doing so. You can tell me the damage I saw in Romanian was because of the revolution, but the revolution only lasted nine days, and things had improved when I got there. Do you want your kids doing their homework in coat, hat and gloves because no one will let you have heat? You may say, “Well, I would work regardless,” but you are only one, and really, if someone handled you a salary with you doing nothing, would you really work?

This is what America was built on. Let’s keep it that way. Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

Since I began by telling you about American’s first colony, I will now tell you about their second one. The second colony came over on the Mayflower looking for religious freedom. When they got off the ship, they met a friendly Indian named Squanto. They made friends with the Indians. The Indians taught them to raise gardens. This was a far sight better than fighting with the Indians. There was no store house provided by the British government. thee people had to go ahead and work if they wanted to live. The first winter, several of them died of pneumonia too. However, their numbers didn’t dwindle as much because the Indians were helping them. They were Christians rather than businessmen. They were not just out for gold, but for freedom to worship God in a way they thought was right. They practiced what is called “the fruits of the spirit”: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. If you have self control, you don’t stay in bed all day. If you have self control, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and goodness, you don’t fight with people. Those things payed off. In the fall, they had a big harvest, and overflowing food. Everyone knows this is the story of the first Thanksgiving. The people had a big feast and invited their new Indian friends. This is what America was built on, and this is why America has survived as long as it has. Don’t let anyone take it away from you! We were built on principles of hard work and self control, not on “share the wealth.”

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  1. These stories are so heartbreaking. Socialism has become so trendy. Academic types and SJW types want to push it to seem edgy. The trauma caused by socialism isn’t edgy. It is evil. People should not want to see this happen in America.

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