Where did the reports of Kim Jong Un’s death come from?

It seems that Kim Jong Un is not dead after all. It even seems that he didn’t even have a heart operation, but something has definitely been up in North Korea. In S. Korea, an unnamed politician had insisted that Kim Jong Un wasn’t dead and didn’t have an operation, and S. Korea would know before anyone else. Experts have gone over the video of Kim Jong Un at the factory that recently surfaced, and the film is not doctored. However, it was put out there for us to see because the date was clearly posted, and it was posted with the Gregorian calendar. N. Korea doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar. They use a special N. Korean calendar that began when Kim Jong Un’s grandfather took the country over. It is not 2020 in N. Korea. Their calendar only started in 1945, the year Kim Jong Un’s grandfather took over. The video was another Communist show.

If you have been reading my blogs, I have told you about the Orthodox in Romania using the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar. I have also told you about S. Korea using the Lunar calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar. N. Korea doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar like the rest of the world. It used s special N. Korean calendar. It is not 2020 in N. Korea. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

As people examined the video, they noticed things about Kim Jong Un that are significant. He was bloated which means he was not physically well. His personality usually brightens up a room, and he has a lot of self confidence. However, those things were missing in his personality in the video. There was also a red place on his hand that is not a place where an IV or something is usually put. People are suggesting that Kim Jong Un has been tortured, and that he is not actually in charge in N. Korea. There is speculation that it was done either by the Communist party in N. Korea or by China. Even if it was done by the N. Korean Communist party, it very well could have been prompted by China.

The WHO has been getting all its information from China. Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

I have been telling everyone all along that they need to be careful of China. The Chinese Communist Party works like the mafia. President Trump was showing the charts that the WHO (World Health Organization) gave him at the beginning of this pandemic, and it looked like we were in for something really dire. However, to make the number of coronavirus victims look worse, they have been pumping up the numbers. Hospitals are being paid to report deaths that occurred during this time as coronavirus deaths when they actually died from something else. The numbers are inflated. When I first heard they were reporting those deaths as coronavirus, but they weren’t, I tried to figure out why, and there are only two reasons something like that would happen. First, someone is changing the story because they want power, or they are changing it because they want money. Those are the two big motivations behind many, many things.

China limits how many children their people can have because they can’t feed them all. Poverty is widespread in China. Even if the coronavirus came from the market and not the lab, it means that people are eating bats to stay alive. That is poverty. Photo by namo deet on Pexels.com

When Communism came to China, it came because the people were poor, and they thought it was the solution to their problems. However, China is still very poor even though they try to send another picture to the world. When the Olympics were in China, the Chinese tried to spruce China up for us to see. They made everything look new and modern, but that was only on the surface. The TV cameras showed the nicely painted buildings. However, a S. Korean reporter went behind a nice looking apartment building and noticed that it was only painted nice on one side, but that other side showed it to be a slum. Behind that, there was a wall recently put up, and you couldn’t see behind. The S. Korea reporter went back there with his camera. He saw there was a huge neighborhood of slums and people starving. China was trying to hide the fact that they are still poor from the world. They were putting on a show for the rest of the world. I have been trying to tell everyone all along that you can’t trust the Chinese government. They are Communists. They are the last big holding of the Communists.

America is too big and strong to be taken over, but China has been working on weakening her. America needs to get stronger. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

China hasn’t been able to get a foothold in America because America is too big, too independent, and has too good of an economy. The false reporting of the statistics for the coronavirus has taken American off balance. The people are being either forced to stay in their homes or they are afraid to go out. Small businesses are closing. Only big businesses like Wal-Mart are staying in business. People are losing their jobs. They have been trying to break our economy because it is the only way to take us over.

The charts America received from the WHO were all wrong. The number of coronavirus cases is only a drop in the bucket compared to what has been predicted. Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

People really need to get back out there and begin working before there is no coming back from the mess that has been made. We need to begin going places. We need to support the small businesses. We need to begin working again. Our economy is going to go under if we don’t. This coronavirus thing has been a big hoax from China perpetrated through the WHO. The virus is real, but it is not killing as many people as they predicted. In fact, it is not killing as many people as have been reported to have been killed. They have been trying to break our economy by feeding us false information.

The Communist Party of China has been messing with the whole world. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

When I wrote the article about what the American military had received from the WHO that said someone in N. Korea had died of a heart attack, the WHO got that message from China. China has been the world’s watch dog on what is happening in N. Korea, but we can’t trust any information coming out of China. China is messing with the whole world. The virus is real, but it is also true that China has been feeding everyone false information. The statistics have been inflated. Be very careful of China. They have been putting a play on for the whole world to see, and there is motivation behind it. One of Communism’s main goals is to take over the world.

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