Something Off Kilter in N. Korea

The news agencies are saying that Kim Jong Un made an appearance yesterday, but some think the photos may have been doctored. Who knows? However, the biggest thing that we need to keep an eye on is what happened today.

N. Korea shot at S. Korea, and S. Korea shot back. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

All along the S. Korean and N. Korean border, there are guard posts. If you look back to the very first blog I did here, there is a picture of one of those guard posts. N. Korean guards decided to shoot at S. Korean guards in one of those guard posts today with apparently no motivation. The S. Korean guards shot back, and none of them were hurt. I just hope this doesn’t mean another big escalation in the tensions between the North and the South. I would say, probably not, and I know what it means.

At that time, I saw a video on S. Korean news of people being evacuated from the island and smoke from bombs on the island behind them. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You see, when I was living in S. Korea, just a few months ago, for fourteen years, it seemed that every time the S. Korean army and the American army did their yearly exercises, North Korea would threaten to send out a big bomb or once, they actually bombed a small S. Korean island. I figured out they were doing it out of insecurity. When Kim Jong Un came to power, everyone in the South thought he was too young. He decided to show them, and he put on a big show for them to show he was just as powerful as his father. They did a video of him standing at the beach giving orders to ships with guns and tanks trying to make him look very tough, and very much the leader. They sent the video to S. Korean news stations, and I saw it on the news. He also killed one of his uncles because people were speculating that Kim Jong Un wasn’t actually in charge, but his uncle was, and they thought his uncle was pulling the strings. After he had his uncle executed, everyone knew it wasn’t his uncle in charge.

Every year the S. Korean military and the American military have joint military drills close to the N. Korean border, and it scares N. Korea to death when it happens. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

All I can say now is that something is upsetting N. Korea. They are feeling vulnerable again. It could be all the speculation about whether Kim Jong Un is actually alive or dead. I hope he is alive because if he is dead, it means that someone else has to take power. There has been speculation that his sister Kim Yo Jong would take power, but then his uncle who has been living in Europe recently came back. The speculation is that there is a struggle between two factions, one wanting the sister, and one wanting the uncle. People think that is why if Kim Jong Un is dead, they don’t want even the N. Koreans knowing because it could cause even internal problems in N. Korea.

Something is out of kilter in N. Korea. Photo by Дмитрий Агеев on Pexels.com

I don’t know if that picture was doctored or real. However, I do know that the shots were fired, and it means something is happening that has made N. Korea feel vulnerable. I have discussed this with others who have spent a lot of time in S. Korea who speak Korean very well, and they agree. Something is out of kilter in N. Korea. They needed to show power because they feel vulnerable. Pray that things don’t get any worse.

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