There is a Good Possibility the “Glorious Leader” of N. Korea is Dead.

The World Health Organization received a very strange message from the Health Ministry in N. Korea. To begin with, in the 70 year history of N. Korea, most of the deaths have been of starvation related diseases like scurvy and rickets. After that, when Koreans speak or write Korean, they often leave information out, and the person who is reading or listening has to fill in the blanks for themselves to make it all make sense. This message is being passed around, and people don’t quite know what to make of it, so I decided to post it here and let you guys decide what you think. I thought I could copy and paste it, but there are locks on it so it can’t be copied and pasted, so I will copy it and quote it for you a word at a time:

Korean Health Ministry–

It is our sad duty to inform the WHO that an HONORED

Man in his mid thirties recently

Died from hearth disease as a result of extreme obesity.

Everyone in DPRK mourns this MOST GLOURIOUS soul’s passing

As best Korean values human life above all else.

Doctors on location will

Send more detailed report after conducting an autopsy and

Evaluating results.

No further reported cases of heart disease

Due to extreme obesity have been reported.

Further, Korean health ministry will continue to

Observe the population for other potential

Obesity related illnesses.

Director, Health Ministry

This come from “Duffel Blog,” the American military’s most trusted news source. They didn’t come right out and say it was Kim Jong Un, but there is pretty hearty evidence that it may be. We all just have to wait for the further information that is to follow.

In a country where people are starving, someone “glorious” has died of heart problems caused by obesity. We all know that Kim Jong Un had heart problems related to obesity. Photo by Carlo Fuentelsaz on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “There is a Good Possibility the “Glorious Leader” of N. Korea is Dead.”

  1. Sounds like it’s him. Seen a few recent photos today showing him alive, but there are debates if the photos were doctored. There is a doctored photo of a funeral, but looks like the funeral was of his father’s funeral with someone placing his image over the father.

    I had a similar problem on copy/paste in a course I am taking. The instructor blocked copy paste. I could highlight the entire article. I tried copy paste using the Control + letter functions. Turns out it worked.

    1. I couldn’t even highlight it. I have used those functions before, but it has been a while, and I forgot about them. My daughter is kind of a computer expert, and she is the one who set me up with the blog and any problems I have, I ask her. That was how she had me adding pictures when I first began, but I figured out a better way to add pictures. Now a days, my daughter is usually at work when I blog, and I try to do it alone so I don’t have to bother her.

      1. Another possibility would be print as a PDF and try to highlight text that way. If you can convert to Word or similar document from the PDF, it may work. Hard to say as I’m not too tech savvy myself.

        May you have a blessed Sunday.

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