This Question Was Asked: “How does Incheon compare to Seoul?”

For people who don’t know, there are actually, two places called Incheon. One is a neighborhood in Seoul, and the other is the town around the Incheon airport. This question is probably talking about the town around the airport since a lot of foreigners don’t realize there is also a neighborhood in Seoul called Incheon. I have been to that neighborhood, but only once and don’t remember much about it. My son was applying to teach there, and we were looking into the English Village that is there. The English Village there is not like the one in Paju City at all. In Paju City, English Village was more of a tourist’s attraction, but the English Village in Incheon is out on a dirt road among the tall grass and trees, and it is more of a school. However, I went out to Incheon by the airport several times when my brother came to S. Korea because his company was paying for him to stay in one of the big fancy hotels over there. I also applied for a job out there once, at a very lonely university.

There are two places called Incheon. One is a nieghborhood in Seoul, and the other is the town around where Incheon airport is. Photo by Ethan Brooke on Pexels.com

Incheon is a smaller city than Seoul to begin with. If you take a subway out to Incheon from Seoul, when you get out of the subway, there are a few things you will notice. First of all, there are an awful lot of big hotels in Incheon. It is because it is close to the airport, and many foreigners who come to Korea, especially on business, never get any further than Incheon. The streets are broader and cleaner in Incheon too with broader, cleaner sidewalks, and it just doesn’t seem as crowded. There are not as many stores and restaurants in Incheon as if you are in a regular neighborhood in Seoul. I didn’t see many traditional things in Incheon, but you could get a meal in a small restaurant there where you can cook your meat on the grill at your table and one where you can cook your vegetables in a pot of boiling water on the table in E-Mart there which are both very Korean meals. There is a university in Incheon too, and when I visited there, it seemed completely new, but completely deserted. There just aren’t that many people in Incheon compared to Seoul and not that much going on.

Seoul streets are much more narrow and crowded than at Incheon.Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
The streets and sidewalks in Incheon are much broader less populated than the streets and sidewalks in Seoul.Photo by Kehn Hermano on Pexels.com

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