What Happens if Kim Jong Un Really is Dead?

The rumors are flying, but no one knows for sure. Many people think Kim Jong Un is dad. He had a heart operation a few weeks ago. He had heart problems from smoking, drinking, and eating too much. He just flat didn’t take care of himself at all. First, people were asking if he died of the coronavirus because they didn’t see him show up to some regular functions he normally went to. However, he didn’t have the coronavirus, be he was in intensive care in the hospital after his heart operation. Now, many are saying he may be dead. If he is actually dead, who will be in charge in N. Korea?

Doctors try to warn people, but that doesn’t mean they listen. Excessive obesity, drinking a lot, and smoking can each kill you alone, but Kim Jong Un has done all three.Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Kim Jong Un took over after his father’s death. His father took over after his father’s death. However, Kim Jong Un doesn’t have a son that is old enough to take his place. If Kim Jong Un is actually dead, they are saying his sister, Kim Yo Jong, will take his place until his son gets old enough to step up and take the job.

People are asking what kind of a ruler she will be since they don’t know much about her. From what most of them are saying, they think she will probably continue with the policies her brother put into place. He has known that his country is behind times and sometimes starving, and he was trying to remedy the situation.

This is the most high tech mode of transportation for most N. Koreans right now. However, Kim Jong Un was the leader of the country, so he was going in a car. He would have been better off to go on a bike like his citizens. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

He has had modernization plans. People still don’t drive cars, but go everywhere on foot or bicycles. They don’t have reliable electricity, so many of the modern electrical things we have in our homes, they don’t have like electric lights, refrigerators, electric heaters, electric stoves, etc. From what I understand, he had tried to get cell phones to the people, but wasn’t very successful, and even at that, their cell phones were monitored and severely limited in what they could do or where they could reach by design.

If N. Koreans are starving, why do they eat so much ice cream? Photo by Yurii Hlei on Pexels.com

In some of the articles, people were wondering why they saw people eating ice cream when they often can’t even afford rice or meat. I have the answer for that. In Romania, when there was no food, the were still able to have cigarettes, liquor, and chocolate bars for sale on every street corner in every kiosk. It is the Communist’s mentality. They have a hard time getting staples, but they don’t want to feel completely down and out. They want relief from their situation, so they go for luxury items if they can get them. It is the same kind of thing that happened in America during the Great Depression. There wasn’t enough food to go around, but the theater grew by leaps and bounds during that time. The people’s lives were so hard that they needed relief and escape. The Romanians did it with liquor, cigarettes, and chocolate bars around the time of their revolution. The Americans did it with theater during the Great Depression. The N. Koreans are doing it with ice cream. It is a temporary escape from the plight they are in. It is not some modern anomaly. They are just being people and doing what people do when times are hard, finding an escape. It is not like Kim Jong Un drastically changed their economy no matter how hard he was trying.

Everyone thinks that if Kim Jong Un has actually passed away in that hospital, things will continue the way they are, at least for now. If he has passed away, his sister Kim Yo Jong will be given the reins of the government. His death is merely a rumor. No one has confirmed it, but many suspect it. Only time will tell if he has actually passed away or not.

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