Why do I Mistrust the Chinese Government?

I made a comment in one of my blogs that I don’t trust information coming out of China. There is a good reason. The Chinese government is a Communist government. Communism has a couple of things that should make the rest of the world wary of them. First, it has been known forever that it is the goal of Communism to take over the rest of the world, just read you history books. Secondly, Communists tell you what they want you to know, not particularly what actually is. They control the information. Communists put on big plays for everyone.

The world owes a debt of gratitude to President Ronald Reagan for asking Gorbachov, the head of the Soviet Union, to le the wall fall. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Someone said to me that my information about Communists from when Romania was Communist is out of date. However, I said to them, “A Communist is a Communist, is a Communist.” They were awfully young, and they weren’t around or were babies when the wall fell between East and West Germany and when all the European countries came out of Communism, and they were actually being taken in by N. Korea. Those of us who have been around for a while have seen what Communists do. This young man told me that N. Korea let him take his camera into N. Korea, but they monitored every picture he took and before he left the country, they went through his pictures and destroyed the pictures they didn’t want him to have. He couldn’t understand why they destroyed a picture of a man on a bike. I can tell you exactly why they destroyed that one. Most people in N. Korea can’t afford cars, and they don’t want the world to know that they cant afford cars. They want to appear modern and rich to the rest of the world. If they are modern and rich, they have power, and they can spread Communism. That is what they think.

Owning a car in N. Korea is like owning a private jet for the people in the rest of the world. Photo by ALEXGTACAR on Pexels.com

However, N. Korea is not modern and rich. I read an article that the newest thing in N. Korea is for an upper class family, meaning one high up in the Communist party, might own a refrigerator. However, they might only store books in that refrigerator and nothing else. They are just proud to have a refrigerator because 98% of the population can’t afford a refrigerator. They don’t keep anything in it because the electricity is so bad that the food would spoil. It is just there for show. They want to show the others how prosperous they are. They want to show people who tour N. Korea that they are modern, but these people don’t peek in their fridges. If they did, there would be no food in there.

Many people didn’t understand things they were seeing in Beijing during those Olympics. There was even an upheaval about the age of the Chinese athletes. You have to understand oriental culture to understand that in China, they wouldn’t have been considered lying bout their age. In places like China, Japan, and Korea, people are considered one year old when they are born. They measure age differently. Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Remember the Beijing Olympics a few years ago? It is not just N. Korea who is putting on shows for us. When I was in S. Korea, there was a S. Korean reporter who got wise at the Beijing Olympics. It looked like China had really spruced things up and made them nice for the Olympics, and they were trying to make the world think they were very modern. However, this S. Korean reporter found more than the rest of the world saw. He actually saw the side of one apartment building completely repaired and painted, but if you went around to the other side of the building, it was a pile of trash. The reporter showed where the Chinese slums had been hidden. There were big walls in front of the slums. They were out of the sight of the gullible people from the west who saw the nicely painted buildings, or so they thought. No one saw the people starving behind those walls that were buit, but this smart S. Korean reporter did his job well and showed it all to S. Korea.

There is a still an amazing amount of poverty in China and N. Korea that is being hidden from the rest of the world. They know if people think they are poor, they can’t convince the gullible once to become Communist. Photo by namo deet on Pexels.com

When I was in Romania, I heard a story about Ceausescu I may have related before. The stores were completely empty. There was no food in them at all. Ceausescu decided to make a trip to one of the stores for inspection and televise it. The Communist party members knew where he was going. They got to the store first and filled it full of food. After that, Ceausescu showed up with his camera crew. He walked around and did an inspection in the store acting very satisfied that there was food in the store. He let everyone know on TV that Romania was very prosperous, but the people knew it was all just a be play. They knew it was staged. Ceausescu knew too. This is what Communists do.

If you see a photo of someone with a cell phone in N. Korea or China, you can be sure they can’t get all the apps that you can on your phone. You can also be sure that they are cooperating with the Communist government, or they couldn’t have that phone. There is no freedom of speech. Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

I saw the video with the first cell phone shop coming out of N. Korea in S. Korea. I knew the average man couldn’t afford them, but this young man told me that he saw lots of people with cell phones when he went in. Again, he was gullible. He saw what they wanted him to see. They were, no doubt, people from the Communist party. And on top of that, he knew they couldn’t call outside the country. Even if they have a cell phone, they are being controlled. I have seen videos coming out of China where smart S. Korean reporters got information others couldn’t get. China has computers and cell phones, but they only have access to certain computer sites. Every bit of information that goes in and goes out everywhere is monitored by the Communist party. They are busy trying to paint a picture for the rest of the world. N. Korea paints pictures too.

There was a Communist run dairy farm coop in the village where I lived. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I can relate a story that I was actually involved in when I was in Romania. When they were leaving Communism, the people had to buy the apartments they were living in to continue living in them. Under Communism, they all belonged to the government. In our village, there was a group of apartments. The Farm boss decided he didn’t want to sell the apartments. He was trying to make as much money off the change from Communism to Democracy as he could. First, his wife opened up a butcher’s shop in the big town, Sibiu. After that, they were weighing the animals at the farm on a broke scale they knew was broken to make them cost less do his wife could buy the meat and sell it in her butcher’s shop. They wanted the apartments too that went with the farm coop. They refused to sell them to the people, but a friend of mine and his wife did some research and learned by law they had to sell them. He went to the farm boss and told him he had to sell the apartments. The farm boss refused. He went day after day trying to convince him, and he refused and was planning on putting all the migrant farm workers who worked at the coop out in the street. My friend decided to go on a hunger strike until the farm boss gave in and sold them their apartments.

Being thrown out was a real threat. We saw on TV where there were people’s furniture sitting all over the place outside because they had no where to go. Someone had put them out of their apartments. I saw people in Sibiu in front of apartment building sleeping on couches outside because they had no where to go. The Romanian winters are very cold! They needed a place to go. Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

My friend stayed day after day in the outer office of that farm boss not eating. Everyone in the village was afraid. I went there and visited him a few times worried about him because he was only drinking water and getting thinner and thinner. He was going to die if the farm boss didn’t give in. It was a disaster! I decided to use a Romanian tactic on the farm boss and shame him so he had to sell the apartments and the hunger strike would be over. I went to the local newspapers in Sibiu and told them what was happening. The newspaper sent a reporter out to check it out. The farm boss filled that reporter’s trunk with fancy meats and cheeses from the farm, bribing him hoping to get a good story form him. The story came out, and Democracy won out over Communism. The farm boss was unable to control the newspaper. The people were changing to Democracy. I didn’t see the article, but I heard the reporter wasn’t as hard on the farm boss as many of the people would have been, but he did tell the story. The farm boss wanted to control the story. Under Communism, he could have controlled the story, but the strike broke. My friend was able to eat, and the migrant farm workers at the coop government farm were allowed to buy their apartments. This was one Communist who couldn’t put on his play. He was shamed instead and forced into giving up.

People give in hoping their Communist government won’t let them freeze or starve to death in the winter. The Soviet Union was cold; Romania gets very cold; N. Korea gets very cold; China gets very cold. They have to have heat. They have to have food. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Communist party is still alive and well in China and in N. Korea, and never think it isn’t. Communists are Communists. There are philosophies that come Communism that those of us who read about the theories don’t realize are there. It sounds good to think that everyone will share the wealth equally, but they won’t. In order to make it in a Communist country, you have to be willing to let yourself be controlled 100% by the state. You have to be willing to let Godless people take your heat, take your electricity, control your thoughts, and make all your decisions for you. If you are good enough and let them abuse you, you can climb and get that fridge that can’t be plugged in or that TV with nothing on it. I am not willing to let them control me, and I hope you aren’t either. I don’t trust things that come out of the Chinese or the N. Korean governments.

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