This Question Has Been Asked: “Why do Korean people feed each other when eating together?”

This is a good question with an interesting answer. First, I will tell you about the non-romantic feeding, and then the romantic feeding. To begin with, if you are eating with Korean friends, if you decide to eat all your food yourself and not share any with your friend, you better be sure your friend understands why or they may be insulted. You see, if you are close to someone in Korea and you eat with them, they may put half the food on their plate on your plate, and they expect you to do the same with your food, put it on their plate. It is a sign of closeness. Husbands and wives do it. Close friends do it. If they don’t know foreign customs, and you insist on eating all your food yourself, you could hurt someone’s feelings.

If you are with a Korean at a restaurant, and you consider them a good friend, cut part of your steak off and put it on their plate. Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

There is a step beyond this too. If a young man is interested in a young woman, and they are eating together, he will try to feed her. It goes the other way too, and if a young woman is interested in a young man, she will try to feed him. They actually spoon it into one another’s mouths. It is kind of a romantic thing.

In Korea, it would be completely normal for this guy to take a piece of bread an put it in this girl’s mouth. It is considered romantic. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

S. Korea has a kind of TV show that is very popular called Korean Dramas. They Korean Dramas are usually very romantic. If you are interested in good clean romanic, often funny shows, you can find Korean Dramas online with English subtitles. Often, they show young couples on those Dramas feeding one another. It is considered a step of closeness beyond friendship. If you are in Korea and see a young couple in a restaurant feeding one another, poking bread in one another’s mouths, scooping rice into the other’s mouth, or using chop sticks and poking things in one another’s mouths, it is a romantic gesture between the two of them.

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