This Question Was Asked: “When will Americans be allowed to travel again?”

If you are paying attention to the news, there is a three step program coming from the White House to the governors of each state to slowly, cautiously open things back up again. It is up to the governor of each state when to implement each part of the plan. I don’t have all the particulars of the plan, but the goal is to try to get things back to normal. If the governors see improvement for at least 14 days, a lot of people will be going back to work. If everything goes fine for 14 days after they go back to work, then there will be less restrictions. After that, they will give it another 14 days, and at that point, they will try letting the most vulnerable venture out again and allow small groups to gather again. That means, if you are part of one of these really small country churches or on the mission field somewhere, your church will be allowed to meet.

In the last step, small country churches will be able to meet again. It will take more time to get the bigger ones safe enough to open again, and it will take time also for travel. Everything has to be done cautiously. Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

If everything continues to go back to normal, step by step, things will be normal. They are supposed to monitor things like a doctor monitors a patient to make the decisions for when to let more and more people out and more and more things to begin happening again. As long as people don’t start getting sick anymore, we will be in good shape. They just don’t want a relapse.

It i like each governor is supposed to each monitor the temperature of their state. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Everyone wants things to go back to normal, and if we have patience, we will eventually get back to normal. It isn’t easy to wait. I have been extremely sick a lot in my life. At one point, they made me stay in bed for a whole year. You adapt, but you still wait for the time of freedom. When I was really sick that time, it was worse being sick and not knowing what the problem was because I didn’t understand what was happening, and I didn’t know how to get better. The only cure was vitamins and bedrest. Our only cure as a world has been vitamins and bed rest. They said if I got out of bed too early, I would relapse, so I had to be patient and listen to my doctor. We know what the problem is. We just have to be patient now.

A beach in Florida reopened, and for anyone who has had the virus, that salt sea air would probably feel like Heaven to them. Salt heals, and beach air is good for us. We just have to not all go to the beach at once. Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

It actually looks like the end is in sight though. I saw a headline saying Texas was going back to work. I saw where a beach in Florida is open again. It is just going to take time and patience, and the whole world is the patient. Some countries in Europe are breathing better and trying to resume life. America will get there too.

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