A Reason to Love South Koreans

I read an article this evening that I wanted to share with you, but there was no way, but I wanted the people who read my blog to know what happened in S. Korea. The S. Korean people are basically, a very loving, sweet, kind, and pure people, and what they did will prove it to you.

This is not an actual picture of a moon pie, but it is pretty similar to what is inside these snacks. Photo by Elli on Pexels.com

In S. Korea, snacks are completely popular! The S. Koreans love to buy snacks to eat. There is one particular snack that is very popular and has been for many years. It is called “the moon pie,” but the South Koreans call them “Coco-pies.” It is basically a smore. It is graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate layers covered all in chocolate. The S. Koreans love it. They had been able to import them into N. Korea for the N. Koreans to enjoy, but Kim Jong Un decided to ban them saying they were evil influences from South Korea. The South Koreans felt really bad for their North Korean brothers, so they tried to do something about it.

They attached the snacks to balloons and floated them into N. Korea. Photo by Padli Pradana on Pexels.com

A big group of S. Koreans gathered up at Freedom Park, right across the border from N. Korea. They had choco-pies along with other snacks and DVDs too. They had balloons. They attached all the snacks and DVDs to the thousands of balloons they had and sent them over by wind power over into N. Korea. Probably, not many of them got to the average N. Korean residents so they could enjoy them, but the S. Koreans gave it a good try anyway. Even if one person got one of their care packages, the S. Koreans would be happy.

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