This Question Has Been Asked: “Why didn’t Present Trump put America on lockdown as soon as he heard about the Coronavirus?”

If you have asked that question, either you are very young or you don’t understand the nature of Democracy. In a Democratic government, it is not a dictatorship. The president doesn’t have all the power for a reason. The early Americans who set up our government understood from history that absolute power corrupts. President Trump could have grabbed absolute power at that point, but he chose not to saying he would leave the decision about what to do to the state governments. There were laws put into effect after 9/11 that gives the president of the United States the prerogative to grab all the power if he wants, but Trump loves America. He may not be perfect, but he wants to maintain our Democracy. He believes in the idea of a smaller central government and more power in the States like our founding fathers. Even if he had taken the power at that point, he would have been criticized for that too because there are some who are just out to get him because they want everything their way. If they could, they would be dictators.

Everyone wonders how a house painter from Austria became the leader of Nazi Germany. It was Hitler’s personality. Photo by Rahat Ali on Pexels.com

Think about history a bit. How many remember Adolf Hitler? He was the leader of Germany during WW2. Anyone who knows about him knows that he killed 11 million people, 6 million of whom were Jews, and that is not counting the even larger number of deaths that came about because of WW2 under his reign of terror. When someone has absolute power, absolute power corrupts. It is a well down fact.

They all got on a train called Communism and found themselves without food, clothing, or water. Photo by Morgan Sides on Pexels.com

Think about Ceausescu in Romania, their “great leader” under Communism that had all the power and no one could get out of office. Whereas Hitler killed himself, Ceausescu’s own people killed him. One woman who was in the Communist party said to me, “He asked us to sacrifice to pay off the public debt. We gladly sacrificed. We starved so our government wouldn’t owe anything to any other government. However, after the debt was paid, he still asked us to starve. His wife put the whole country on a diet, and people were starving to death.” This is just one little thing he did with is power. My friends from Romana always like to tell the joke. They say, “We are on this train called Communism. We are going along, and pretty soon, we see we have no clothes, but it is okay because we have Communism. After that, we are going on and realize we have no food, but it is okay because we have Communism. Eventually, we realize we also don’t have water. We have nothing, but we have Communism.” It was a joke the ex-Communists in Romania told, but it was true. Ceausescu was not going to let go of the reins for a minute. He was letting his people starve rather than give up any power.

The Soviet Union no longer exists, but while it ti, it was a nightmare for the whole world. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the of the Soviet Union after Lenin, was responsible for the deaths of about 14 million people in his Labor Camps, and there is no estimate on how many people he killed because they were in political opposition to him.

King Herod paid Antony of Rome for his post as King of Judea. He wanted to be king so badly, he was killing everyone to stay in power, and since he had absolute power, no one could do anything about his killing. Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

Remember King Herod in the Bible? He was given absolute power by Rome over the Hebrews. He is famous in history for all the people he murdered because they opposed him. He even killed people in his own family because he was trying to protect his throne. No one really knows how many baby boys were killed when he sent his soldiers out to kill all the baby boys two years old and younger when he was looking to kill Jesus. However, there was widespread sadness.

Saddam Hussein was invading all the small countries around his country because he wanted more money. He was a dictator with absolute power, and no one could do anything about all he people he was killing until the United Nations went in and put a stop to it. Photo by ᒷ⟁⨃.ᖇ.ᕮ.∥.ᕮ on Pexels.com

It hasn’t been that long since the Gulf War. Remember Saddam Hussein? He was a dictator in Iraq. He was responsible for about 500,000 to one million deaths before the U. S. and the U. K. invaded to put a stop to it all.

Mao Zedong began the Communist party in China. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What about Mao Zedong of China? He is the one who brought Communism into China. He was China’s first dictator in modern history. He was responsible for 50 million killings by starvation, forced labor, and execution. Absolute power brings out the selfishness in the man in power. He begins abusing his people because he is comfortable and no one can stop him. People without God are essentially selfish and only care about themselves. If someone like that gets in power, look out!

The way Kim Jong Un states in power is by keeping his people ignorant, locking them in their own country. They stay and starve or try to escape and get killed. Either that, or the people they left behind are killed when they escape. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everyone has been asking me about North Korea. Well North Korea has a dictatorship. It began with the grandfather of Kim Jong Un. Now, it is a personality cult that each generation inherits from the last. Everyone worries because they realize people in N. Korea are dying of starvation. Every so often S. Korea feels compelled to send N. Korea food because they care about them. No information goes in or out of N. Korea to keep Kim Jong Un in power. Kim Jong Un is a dictator. If you as do as much as take a picture in his country that he doesn’t like, you should be scared for your life.

S. Koreans have freedom. I saw a friend on Facebook at a birthday party at a restaurant while Americans are not allowed to even go inside restaurants. The restaurant was crowded, and everyone was wearing masks. S. Korea has done really well with the covid-19 virus. Photo by JAMIE DIAZ on Pexels.com

I could just keep continuing. However, you can see that dictatorships, absolute power, corrupts. They only care about staying in power. They don’t care about their people. I saw a video put out by the S. Korean Health Ministry when this covid-19 was first found in S. Korea. The head of the Health Ministry said they were only quarantining the town where the virus was found. She was asked why they didn’t quarantine the rest of S. Korea. Her reply was that the people were adults and could think for themselves. They weren’t going to police the country. The South Koreans have freedom, and they can decide if they go out or not. Is that weak? No. It is wise.

Let’s not forget that America is a Democracy. Let’s not be so willing to give our freedom up. Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

If President Trump had grabbed the power and put everyone on lockdown the minute he heard about the covid-19 virus, he would have had a revolt. People in America are used to freedom. He wasn’t going to take their freedom away from them. Even now, he is pushing to get people back to work. You can say whatever you like about Trump, but he is a patriot. He loves America. He isn’t even taking a salary for his job. All he wants to do is serve and help. He doesn’t want all the power. Was it bad that he didn’t grab the power and put the whole country on lockdown or was it wise? He is not a dictator. He is a president of a Democracy, not of a Communist state.

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