This Question Came to My Inbox: “How does another country gain more land? Is it even possible?”

Yes, it is possible, but there is usually a war to make it happen. When Japan was occupying Korea, the Koreans were very unhappy about it. Fortunately, several countries led by America, through Japan out of Korea. However, Japan had wanted for centuries to make Korea part of them. China also has wanted to make Korea part of them, and they tried at the same time as the Korean war. Mostly, that is what broke the two countries up. China put a puppet leader in N. Korea. China has been really bad through history at going in with guns and knives and taking land from people. It hasn’t been that long ago since China wanted Tibet, so they just went in and took it. The Dali Lama was their leader, and he now lives in exile because he escaped when China came in.

The small poor country didn’t understand and trusted China, and they got themselves taken over. Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

China doesn’t go in with guns anymore, but they do go in. They are trying to take other countries over in other ways now under cover, like the mafia. I watched a video put out by a man from a really small country who was very upset with China. He said China came into his country offering economic assistance. His country was very poor, and they accepted the money to build their country up thinking they could eventually pay the loan back. His country got built up, but before they could get economically well enough off, China called in their loan, and they couldn’t pay. China took them over, and he said they all had to learn to speak Chinese. He was trying to warn the rest of the world, and telling them all to learn to speak Chinese.

Under the Mercantile system, the whole world thought the only way to make their country richer was to take gold from other countries. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In times past, lots of countries took other countries over in different ways. The British have a large empire, but they no longer try to expand it. Under the mercantile system, the British royal family like many other kings and queens of the time even had pirates. They thought the only way to gain wealth was to steal gold from other countries. When the English came to America initially, it was all about money. The very first colony in America was full of businessmen who were there to get rich, but they failed. The colony went broke and was lost. However, eventually, the British made it into America and pushed the Indians off their land because they wanted money. The Cherokees were moved off their land on the east coast because the British thought there was gold.

The Spanish killed a lot of Indians in Mexico and in the U. S. Photo by Gabriela Custu00f3dio da Silva on Pexels.com

In the Americas, it wasn’t just England. There were Spanish conquistadores looking for gold too. They were in where the U. S. is now as well in Mexico. In fact, they caused an enormous amount of damage in Mexico looking for gold. France and Spain actually fought over Mexico. They both wanted to own it. All of the people fighting over the American continents didn’t even think that the Indians were there first, but just ran rip shod over them.

The Portugues were trying to take Japan over. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Portuguese were out causing trouble too. They were the first Europeans in Japan. The Japanese liked Christianity back then. They really appreciated the Portuguese priests. They were even inviting the priests into the kings’ court. However, the Portuguese priests were spies for the Portuguese government. The Portuguese were planning on taking Japan over, and the Japanese figured it out and expelled them all from Japan and a widespread persecution of Christians ensued. They were killing and torturing Christians everywhere because of what the Portuguese priests did. Japan never quite got over it all. that is why Christianity never became very popular in Japan.

England actually helped India a lot, but India still wanted to rule themselves, and they threw them out with peaceful marches. Photo by Sudipta Mondal on Pexels.com

After that, the British got a bit better. They decided it was their job to civilize the heathen world. They occupied India. They occupied Nigeria, and a few other places. They set up schools. They taught them English. They send missionaries. They actually did a lot of good. They stopped the Indians in India from burning the widows. They stopped the Nigerians from being cannibals and being scared of twins, and so abandoning baby twins in the bush to die. With the English language, countries like India and Nigeria could come together and become one country because they could finally talk to one another rather than everyone speaking a different tribal language. The Indians eventually threw the British out through peaceful marches. The Nigerians stayed a protectorate for many years, but after England pulled out, there was a civil war where a lot of them died, but they eventually got it worked out.

Queen Elizabeth is actually the queen of many countries. The British empire was extremely large. Photo by Dominika Greguu0161ovu00e1 on Pexels.com

The British also used to send convicts to America in the 17 and 1800’s. In their penal system, there were only two punishments, death or transportation. If they were on transportation, they were sent to America. However, eventually, it got more popular to send the convicts to Australia. Places like Australia, Canada, South America, and New Zealand are all part of the United Kingdom, and their queen is Queen Elizabeth. The British were very good at increasing their territory. As for Ireland, at one point, the Pope gave Ireland to England, and Ireland went along with it because they were Catholic and listened to the Pope, It has caused a lot of friction between the descendants of the Englishmen who went to rule in Ireland and the Irish who were originally there.

The Germans have often been soldiers for hire because they were always bigger and stronger. Most of the Roman army was full of Germans. Germans fought in the American Revolutionary war. The Germans were helping the Mongolians take over Europe. The Germans have tried to take over Europe twice by themselves They know they are physically bigger and stronger than most. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I could just continue. The Austrians and the Hungarians banned together at one point and took over Romania. The Mongolians got with the Germans in ancient history and almost took over all of Europe. The Muslims went into Turkey and put a knife to the Christian’s throats saying “become Muslim or die,” and they took over Turkey like that. Turkey was originally a Christian nation. Germany tried to take over Europe twice. Russia tried through the Soviet Union. The history of man is that many countries or groups have tried to take over the other countries, and it is usually through war.

As far as I know, China is the only country that is still pestering the rest of the world. Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

As for today, the only country I know about who has been trying in recent times is China. China says they have stopped their expansionist policies, and they haven’t gone to war lately. However, they use other means to try to take countries over. They are Communist, and they try to do it under cover. Communists are really big into showing one picture, but something else is actually going on. You can take my word for it because I lived in Romania just as they were coming out of Communism, and I saw the way Communists worked first hand. I have also lived in S. Korea, and I have watched the propaganda movies sent to the news stations in S. Korea by N. Korea. They tell you what they want you to know. Did you know under Communism, that Romania had spies in America? The Romanian government was recruiting Orthodox priests as spies. I knew a man who did it. They were let into America because they were priests, but they were actually there to spy. The only way one country can get more land is by war or being completely underhanded like China has been. Most countries don’t try anymore, but China is still trying.

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