This Question Came to My Inbox: “How is “accept” expressed, said, or mean in the Romanian Japanese language?”

Before they asked this question, in another question, they asked me how to say, “accept” in Korean. To say “accept” in Korean, say, “받아요.” (bahd-ah-yo). Now, for the question in hand:

This girl is from Japan. Photo by Quốc Bảo on Pexels.com

To begin with, Romanian and Japanese are two separate and distinct languages spoken in two separate and distinct countries. Japanese is spoken in Japan, the islands east of the Asian continent. Romanian is spoken by the Romanian people, the descendants of the Dacians and the Roman soldiers in the country called Romania. It is also spoken in Moldova, a very small country just north of Romania. Romania is in eastern Europe, below the Ukraine, to the east of Hungary, north of Bulgaria, and across the Black Sea from Turkey.

This girl looks like a Romanian. They have dark hair, light skin, and they love flowers! Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels.com

To say “accept” in Romanian, just say “a primi” which means “to accept.” If you want to say, “I accept,” say “primesc.” “You accept” is “primesti.” “He, she, or it accepts” is “primeste.” “We accept” is “primim,” “You guys accept” is “primiti,” and “they accept” is “primesc.”

Many Romanian men have a long nose and a black mustache. The coldness of their weather stops them from tanning much, but they can get nice tans. Photo by Bharat Kumar on Pexels.com

If you are talking about Japanese, to say accept, say 受け入れる(u-ke-I-ru) which means “to accept.” If you want to put it in simple present tense with any pronoun, say, “受け入れります” (u-ke-I-re-ri-ma-su). Another way to say it in Japanese is 受け取る (u-ke-to-ru) is “to accept.” If you want the simple present tense, say 受け取ります(u-ke-to-ri-ma-su).

Now a days, Romania is also the home to most of the gypsies. Their royal family lives right in the middle of Romania. They were originally from India. Photo by DreamLens Production on Pexels.com

Romanian and Japanese are two different languages. Romania and Japan are two different countries. Japanese are Oriental. Romanians are eastern Europeans. They are Latin people. I hope you understand the difference now.

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