This Question Came to My Inbox: "Are the South Korean police really as powerless as displayed in shows such as "Voice"?"

I have never seen “Voice.” However, the Korean police are not powerless, but they function in a different way than American police. American police get out there and chase down speeders, but the Korean police don’t. There are cameras set up throughout the country that take pictures of how fast someone is going, and if you go by one of those cameras speeding, you will get a speeding ticket in the mail. In fact, there are cameras all over Korea. About 95% of a Korean’s life is on some video camera. There is closed circuit TV everywhere, and they find it very hard if they want to get away with a crime because one of those close circuit TV cameras will catch them in the act.

It is kind of hard to get away with anything if there are close circuit TV cameras set up everywhere. In America, they would call it “invasion of privacy,” but the Koreans don’t mind. Photo by Tom Nagel on Pexels.com

American police are told they can only stop cars if they suspect that someone has been drinking, but the Korean police stop who ever they want to stop, and no one complains. They head off the problem of drinking and driving before it ever starts. They sit at stop signs after a certain hour at night and give everyone who goes through the stop sign a breathalyser test to make sure they aren’t drinking and driving. As you can see, the Korean police function quite differently than the American police. Americans would never put up with all those cameras. Americans would never put up with being stopped randomly and having their breath tested, etc. However, the Koreans just shrug it off and go on. They don’t plan on doing anything bad anyway, so who cares who caught them doing what on camera and who cares if someone wants to test their breath for alcohol.

It is normal for a Korean policeman to stay at a stop sign and give everyone who goes by the sign a breathalyser test, but Americans would never go for that. They would call it illegal search and seizure or something like that, but the Koreans don’t mind. Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

The Korean police actually put up signs in alleys to warn the women not to walk there alone for fear of molesters. They try to head a problem off before it starts. You can be arrested by walking around in the streets in Korea drunk. Korea is the “land of the morning calm,” and they are serious about keeping things calm by trying to head off problems before they happen.

America has a drug problem, but Korea doesn’t, and Korea keeps those drugs out! Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

There is not a drug problem in Korea, but I knew a foreigner that we all wondered where she was getting her money because she was living beyond her means. I wondered if she had a sugar daddy or something. She liked to hang out in Itaewon, the place with the highest crime rate in Korea. Come to find out, the police found the trunk of her car full of drugs, and she actually went to prison. I have known people in the States who had a trunk of drugs the police found, but they didn’t go to prison. They were severely warned and let go on some technicality. America is supposed to have a war on drugs going on, but Korea is winning at keeping drugs out of their country. Part of it is the basic morality of the Korean people, and part of it is because they are not against the police doing what needs to be done to get people with drugs off the streets before they can do any harm. They don’t have to wait until it gets to the point of violence. The Korean police do something about it before anything too bad happens. America is losing because they gave in and legalized marijuana, and there are shops everywhere selling marijuana now, and even on the internet, there are advertisements for people to invest in marijuana. If America was winning, they wouldn’t have given in and legalized marijuana. It is the difference in the basic morality of the people.

In Korea, you have to be very conscious of everyone around you when you drive. The streets are crowded, and if you are hit, it is your fault and the other guy’s fault too, automatically. Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

When it comes to a traffic accident, in America, we figure out who we think is at fault and make them or their insurance company pay. However, that is not how it is done in Korea at all. If there is a traffic accident in Korea, the police consider everyone involved at fault. They say, “It takes two.” If you see someone coming toward you, you better dodge them or you will be charged too.

American policemen come in cars and on motor cycles, but it is normal to have several busses full of policemen in Korea. Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

I have actually never seen a bus load of policemen in America. However, if there is a big gathering, so to head bad things off from happening, there may be many bus loads of policemen brought in with shields, helmets, etc. in Korea. They are not going to take any chances that something could go wrong, and I have never seen those policemen have to do anything except just stand there. The Korean people are basically calm, moral people, and the police at these gatherings are an overwhelming force.

Koreans just don’t think the same about what a policeman can or can’t do as Americans. American policemen are more apt to get violent because they have to, but Koreans are not as violent at Americans. Americans have guns, but Koreans don’t. Korea is the “land of the morning calm” for a reason. Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

As you can see, there is a whole different philosophy toward policing people in America and in Korea. You can’t really compare how the two countries do things and say one is better than the other. The young man in America who had drugs in his car matured after that. He got a doctorate and made a lot of money, and he ended up as an Air Marshall in our airplanes. He is now a good solid citizen. The woman who was caught with drugs in Korea, went to jail, and when she got out, as far as I know, she was kicked out of the country. I’ve seen her on Facebook, but I am not interested.

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