This Question Came to My Inbox: When will Mandarin Chinese overtake English (includes non-native speakers) as the top language spoken around the world?

Mandarin Chinese will not overtake English. You see, English became the most used language around the world because of several reasons. First, there was the English Empire, and it was an extremely powerful, widespread empire. It wasn’t just in the British Isles. It was and is in Australia, in New Zealand, in S. Africa, Canada, the Falkland’s, etc. It was also in India, America, Nigeria, etc. England was extremely powerful!! After the British empire waned a bit, America came into power as the world’s leading power, and it also speaks English. American has been around the globe and back fighting to protect people and not let one country take over another. America doesn’t take countries over like England did, so no one is busy trying to throw them out like some of the countries did with England. America just acts like a policeman. They come in, try to solve the problems, and leave. Some countries as America to stay, but America won’t rule another country, and that has made them more popular than England was. England has become the language of travel and business naturally, and many, many people speak it as their first or second language.

The English began everyone speaking English, and America has reinforced it. Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

Mandarin Chinese is in one small place in China. All of China doesn’t even speak Mandarin Chinese. China tries to force itself on other countries. It enters poor countries, and tells them they are helping them. The Chinese put a lot of money into the poor countries’ economies, and then makes the poor country indebted to them, but many poor countries are getting wise. China won’t be able to act like the mafia forever. People won’t take it.

The Chinese are using mafia tactics to take over other countries. They are not winning hearts. People learn languages for a reason, and if they have to learn it by force, it is not a good motivation. The Romanians said out of bitterness about when they taught Russian in their schools out, “They taught me Russian in school, but they can’t make me speak it!” They taught them Russian, but the people didn’t want to learn it because they didn’t want to be part of Russia. Photo by Nanping Thongpanja on Pexels.com

China may be trying to force itself on the world, but it is never going to replace English. English came about naturally. Mandarin Chinese is coming about through underhandedness and pushiness. China doesn’t have the hearts of the people. Mandarin Chinese can’t last or overtake English. You can’t force it. When I was in Romania, they told me they had to study Russian in their schools under Communism, but Romanians didn’t want to be part of Russia, so they had an attitude. They said, “They could make me study Russian in school, but they can’t make me speak it!” 99% of learning a language is desire. If people feel pressured into speaking Mandarin Chinese, it won’t happen.

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