Exploring Oklahoma City a Little

When we were in Korea quite often, my Korean son in law would come home and say, “Come on everyone! Let’s go! There is a new movie out I want to see!” When he did, we all gladly went with him. However, we haven’t done that here in Oklahoma City. My Korean son in law is still in Korea waiting for his visa. We keep thinking that we need to find a good theater to go to because we know when he gets here he is going to be wanting to go often. It is one of his favorite things to do. Last week, someone from my daughter’s work went to see the latest Star Wars movie. They thought she should go with them, but they were going on a Wednesday evening, and she likes to go to Bible class on Wednesday evenings, so she told them she didn’t want to, but it didn’t mean she didn’t want to be sociable or even see the movie. It only meant that she wanted to be a Bible class more. It was bad timing. She wanted to see the movie, so she decided we would go when she had off work and there were no Bible classes. However, by the time she got some free time, the movie was gone from the local theater. She searched her phone to find out where it was, and it was across Oklahoma City from where we are, but we decided to go ahead and go yesterday. We drove across Oklahoma City to Quail Springs Mall.

The theater is in this part of the mall, but we couldn’t go in the doors there. We had to go in a main entrance and walk to it inside.

It was actually good for me because I keep getting lost, and the more I go, the more I learn about the city. We went on a lot of streets yesterday that I was on the other day when I got lost the other day. I was glad to recognize them and know which way I had to go to make it home. She guided us with the GPS in her phone to Quail Springs Mall.

The food court with the entrance to the theater at the food court. AMC is the name of the theater.
We decided ti try food from Chick-fil-A.

First, we went to the food court to have dinner before we went in to see the movie. There were several choices, and I was temped to go with Chinese food because it is very familiar and I always know what I am going to get, and I know I will enjoy it. However, I changed my mind because the had a Chick-fil-A. I had heard about all the American Christians always eating at Chick-fil-A, but I had never been in a position to eat at a Chick-fil-A . At one of my daughter’s jobs, there is a certain day of the week they label as “Chick-fil-A Day,” and they all order their lunch from Chick-fil-A that day and have it delivered. I wanted to try the chicken sandwiches they all thought were so good. My daughter and I both ordered just a basic meal with a chicken sandwich and French fries. The food court itself was quite interesting because it had 1950’s style cars you could sit in as booths. We sat in a booth in red car.

We sat in a red car to eat.

When they brought our food, it was interesting. The French fries were not actually French fries, but they were potatoes and fried. I think they just made them a different kind of shape to be unique, but it didn’t make them any crunchier or taste better. They still tasted like fried potatoes, and if anything the shape made them softer. The chicken sandwich wasn’t bad, but it had a strange taste I kept trying to put my finger on. I finally realized the sandwich had a slight taste of rye. I am glad the taste wasn’t strong because I wouldn’t have wanted to eat it had the taste been stronger because I don’t really like rye. The bread wasn’t brown, so I don’t think the rye was in the bread. I surmised that maybe it was in the batter they had fried the chicken in. The helping they gave me was more than I could eat. I very seldom can eat a whole meal at a place like this. In Korea, we used to go to Burger King, and I could never eat it all even though I order the small burger. My Korean son in law always helped me eat my French fries because my stomach isn’t big enough, but he is a bottomless pit and eats everything in sight, but he is thinner than everyone around. My daughter didn’t want to help me eat my meal, so I just didn’t finish it.

My meal/ The French fries were an interesting shape.

My daughter was finished eating, and I had slowed down and couldn’t eat any more, but I still had my drink. My daughter wanted to go into the theater, so I let her take my food, and I kept my drink. She may have saved the food for later. I didn’t ask. We went to the entrance of the theater, and they told me I couldn’t take my drink in with me. In Korea, I always took drinks with me that I bought before entering the theater, and no one said anything. I was surprised. I saw a concessions’ stand right inside the theater thinking, “Oh well, that’s okay. I can get myself another drink.” I threw my drink in the trash and went inside. We went to the concession stand, and they were wanting almost $5.00 a drink! That was highway robbery! I decided not to buy one. If they are going to take your drink away, the least they can do is be fair when they sell you another one! You have to be foolish with your money or desperate to buy one of their drinks. You can go out to eat easily in Korea for $5.00 a meal, and I had already been bothered because our dinner cost more than $16.00 for two people. When we first got in Oklahoma, I went into a food court at a mall and was amazed by how few people were there as compared to how many were in the food courts in Korea. In Korea, the food courts are completely crowded, and at times, we had trouble getting a seat, but here in America, the food courts have very few people in them. Grocery shopping in America is cheaper than in Korea, but if you like to go out to eat or go to the movies, Korea is the place to be.

The theater hallways had a space age feel.

There were several hallways through the theater with several movies playing. The carpet and decorations gave you the feeling you were in a space age place, and they have theaters like that in Korea too. The theater at the mall close to our house in Korea didn’t seem as big as this theater. The difference was this theater was all sprawled out on one floor with hallways going all directions. The one we went to in Korea had escalators and several floors, and on eat floor, there was one hallway with theaters up and down that one hallway. I decided the American one would be easier to get lost in, and easier for people to sneak from theater to theater watching several movies without paying. I have never done it, but I have heard of people doing it. We wandered around and finally found our theater. I didn’t see any movie posters or fliers of the movie to take pictures for you like I did when I went to the theater in Korea. There were posters on the walls, but of other movies.

We found our theater door.

When we first went in, there was only one other person there, and I thought, “Oh, it’s because we are early.” That one person happened to sit in a seat we had reserved. We were at a loss. I told my daughter that in Korea, you have to sit in the seats you reserve, but I don’t think you have to do that in America. I think the guy heard us talking because he got up, walked around the theater, and then sat further in front. We went and at in the seats my daughter had reserved. I only ever saw one other person, but I think there might have been about five to seven people to watch the movie, not like going to the movies in Korea at all where the theaters are often packed. I think American theaters have destroyed themselves by greed.

I fell asleep in my chair. Photo by Ihsan Aditya on Pexels.com

For the first hour, it was nothing but commercials. I couldn’t believe it! I began wondering if they were going to show the movie or not. I was getting tired. They finally began showing the movie, and I fell asleep. When I woke up, it bothered me that I had been asleep because I thought, “We paid all this money and came all this way, and my daughter is going to feel bad if I don’t watch this with her.” If I had had a drink with me, it would have stopped me from dozing, but I didn’t have a drink. Finally, I realized I had my phone in my purse, and if I kept my hands busy, it might wake me up. I grabbed my phone, and my daughter didn’t like that because they had specifically said on the screen not to use your phones. I covered my phone with my shawl and played a couple of turns on my “Words with Friends” games I play as I watched the movie, and then I put my phone back wishing I had a drink. I remembered that I had some mints in my purse thinking they could keep me awake, I found them. I found them and offered one to my daughter, but she didn’t want one, so I ate them both. After that, I had no trouble with wanting to sleep. I was awake, so I tried to get into the movie.

Mr. Cool, Hans Solo, appeared for a very short time in the memory of his son to help his son turn away from the dark side. My Korean university students said about Harrison Ford, “He is old, but he is cool!” They loved him in the last Indiana Jones movie.

It seems this movie was a continuation of a Star Wars movie I had seen many, many years ago when I was in college. The war had been going on for a couple of generations. The evil emperor, the Sith Lord, was still around. There was no Darth Vader, but there was someone wearing the dark armor like he did. I learned it was Princess Leia and Hans Solo’s son, and he was now a bad guy. He was in league with the evil emperor and had “gone to the dark side.” There was a girl Jedi named Ray I had figured out was actually the grand daughter of the evil emperor, but had been raised by Princess Leia and her brother, Luke Skywalker, out in the desert where Skywalker had been raised. Her parents left her there to protect her from the evil emperor, and she was an orphan. Princess Leia and Skywalker had trained Ray to be a Jedi. She had a very interesting power I would love to have. She could talk to people and tell them what to think and say, and they just did whatever she wanted, but I learned it only worked on some people. It reminded me of when I was a college student, and I discovered there were certain guys who would jump through hoops or even off a cliff if I just asked them to, and I had to be careful what I said to them. If I had taken advantage of them, they would have been out of a lot of money because they always wanted to buy me things, but I didn’t let them. I couldn’t do that to anyone.

The evil emperor caused all the trouble in the movie. He was Ray’s grandfather. My daughter felt like he was a really flat character with no backstory to explain why he was so evil. The only reason I could see was that he was inhabited by all his evil ancestors and they had all chosen the dark side which was what he wanted Ray to do, chose the dark side by killing him and become inhabited by all her evil ancestors including him.

Anyway, I felt like the whole story was a couple hours long of a cartoon mixed with a video game. It was actually quite funny! At one point, Hans Solo and Princess Leia’s son had changed and become good, and he and Ray were confronting the evil emperor. The emperor wanted Ray to kill him and take his place on the throne, but she refused because it would mean going to the dark side, and that would let the spirit of her grandfather, the evil emperor inhabit her. Both Ray and Hans Solo’s son were in front of the evil emperor, and the emperor pushed Hans Solo’s son off a cliff, and everyone, at least, I thought he was probably dead. After that, the emperor killed Ray. About that time, Hans Solo’s son climbed up the cliff and was actually alive. He saw Ray laying on the floor of the throne room. He went and picked her up cradling her in his arms like he loved her, but they had been fighting, so it looked like a new development to me, but my daughter said it had been going on for a while. He then used some sort of Jedi power and brought her back to life. When he woke her up, she was so happy to see him that they kissed! What! he had been her enemy and just recently changed! She was passionately in love with him! I couldn’t believe it! After that, as soon as they kissed, Hans Solo’s son fell down and died! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! What a preposterous story! It was absolutely crazy! Between scenes like that and the characters like Chewbacca and the other Muppet like characters, I felt like I was watching a cartoon! They had invented a war because they were so bored with their own lives that they had to have some excitement, and then they killed characters off or brought them back to life without there seeming to be a real reason except to make the story happen.

The end of the movie was the end of the war that had been going on for generations, and it was like this popular image of the end of a war, but with even the Muppet type characters pairing off.

Finally, the end of the war came, and everyone began pairing off! I just wanted to laugh when there was a suggestion Chewbacca and some Muppet might get together, but you really couldn’t tell. My daughter said the Muppet was giving Chewbacca a reward. My daughter thought everyone pairing off was realistic because she pointed out the American baby boom after World War 2.–Okay, but I still felt like it was a cartoon.

On the way home, there was snow, but it didn’t stick. Oklahoma is too warm for that. Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

It was time to go, and I realized how few people there actually were in that theater. We walked outside and went to the car. It had gotten dark outside. At first, I thought it was raining, and then I realized it was slightly snowing. My daughter got out her phone and used the maps there to guide us home. I recognized lots of roads and was happy about it. it is good for me to go and learn where things are. When we got home, I couldn’t blog about it right away because I had left my computer in the middle of another blog, so I finished the blog I had started earlier in the day. By that time, I was completely worn and out and went to bed, so I wrote for you what we did yesterday today. We enjoyed ourselves, and my daughter can now talk about the movie with the person she works with. We know where one theater is where my Korean son in law can go when he comes, but we really need to explore the one close to us.

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