This Question Came to My Inbox: Do the Koreans find Koreaboos disturbing and freaky or rather amusing and entertaining?

To begin with, if you have never heard of a Koreaboo, they are the young people from other countries who have fallen in love with the Korean culture. They have found the K-pop songs, and they love them! They know all about the K-pop groups. They know which singer is who and have their favorites. They have also found the Korean dramas, and they are in love with the characters, stories, and culture on the Korean dramas. They waste a lot of money just coming on tourist visas to visit Korea so they can eat Korean food, go to K-pop concerts, and try to learn to speak Korean, but those tourists visas don’t last long, only three months, and these people are gone. I met a couple of girls at different times I would classify as Koreaboos.

This is Kim Soo Hyun. He is one of the most popular K-pop artist right now. When the choose the K-pop artists, they have to have a certain look to them. Companies choose them. They have to be Korean, and they have to be good looking. No scruffy looking singers here. They have to be athletic as well as musically inclined because they do a lot of dance routines. They have to be good moral people. If they get drunk, do drugs, sleep around, etc., they are kicked out of the public eye. They are a ploy by the Korean government to pull people’s attention o Korea, and they have. Some young Korean men are so pretty they almost look like they could have been a girl, and these are the ones they want for K-pop artist.

The Koreans didn’t seem bothered by these girls at all. In fact, I saw that they liked them. I invited one of them to one of my classes at the university, and she flirted with every boy in the room. What boy doesn’t want to be flirted with? They found her very funny, but there were shy ones who wanted to run because Korean guys, in general, are more shy than American guys. She had many of the guys blushing!

The Koreans have learned what the rest of the world knows. Sex sells. However, to be sexy in Korea has a different definition than in the rest of the world. To Americans, Marilyn Monroe was sexy. Americans look for lots of curves and low cut tops. However, Korean women down have quite as man curves as American women, but they try to work it anyway. Many are little skinny looking women who look like an American fourteen year old. They put on short shorts and strut across the stage to get attention. This young woman’s name is Lee Tae Min. She is a very popular K-pop artist right now. To an American, showing your upper arms is not sexy at all, but to a Korean, it is. Her showing her upper arm like this is equivalent to an American woman in a bikini type outfit. Even if a Korean woman wears a low cut top, you may not see a thing because they are built like very young teenagers. When my daughter was fourteen years old, people thought she was twenty four in Korea.

I met another one, and I invited her to come to the university with me and play games with my students in the English café, the place the English students hung out. They liked her, and one boy actually proposed to her the first time he met her, but she was so shocked she felt like running. However, it didn’t stop her love of Korea. She came because she loved K-pop and Korean dramas. She was convinced I must too because I lived there. I am not really into K-pop, but I enjoy the dramas. They are much cleaner TV than a lot of American shows, and they are silly, romantic, and funny. After three months in Korea, she had to leave because of her visa, but she kept posting cartoons of her and I on Facebook watching Korean dramas together and she kept studying Korean. She wrote to the guy who proposed to her, but never gave in.

This is Kim Soo Hyun. He is a very popular Korean drama star right now. I have seen him in several shows. He has the look that many young Korean men have. He looks like a teenager, but he may be thirty years old. Girls in other countries love young good looking Korean men. I taught at the university, and one of my students could have easily looked like this. These are the kind of young people who are drawing so much attention to Korea. They are pure. They don’t get drunk. They don’t do drugs. They don’t sleep around. If they did those things, they would be kicked out of the pubic eye. The Korean Dramas they play in are also pure. Purity is idolized in Korea rather than looked down upon like in some cultures. It is one of the things I like about Korea.

I went to Korea to work. I never thought of going to Korea, but the Korean government recruited me to teach, and I taught there for fourteen years. I found the Koreaboos funny, and my students did too. I guess if they were the kind that were immoral or something the Koreans might have had more problems with them, but the Koreaboos were Christians, and Koreans love Christians! Koreans love someone who leads a pure life style. If some person who did illicit drugs, slept around, and didn’t believe in God came to Korea just for the love of Korea, the Koreans would have had a harder time than they had with these girls. However, these girls were wholesome and didn’t do any drugs, despite the one who flirted so much. She did it as a game, and the Korean guys laughed their heads off. She had come to do volunteer work and go to a K-pop concert and wanted to study in Korea, but her parents made her come home. As long as the Koreaboos are basically good people, from what I saw, the Koreans actually like them.

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