Happy Birthday to the Lady from Chihuahua

This evening, I was invited to a birthday party. One of the ladies from the Spanish Bible class I have been attending had a birthday. They wanted to make it a surprise for her. The ladies’ Spanish Bible class is made up of women from churches all over Oklahoma City. Maragarita is from what we used to call the 12th & Drexel church of Christ, but I understand now, people are calling it “The Boulevard church of Christ.” They are known because they run a women’s shelter for battered women who have to escape from their husbands. Most of the people at the party were Hispanic, and it took place in a fellowship hall of the Boulevard church. There were Hispanics there from all over Oklahoma City. I met Maragarita’s son this evening. I had already met her mother because she brings her mother to the ladies’ Bible studies sometimes.

This is Amy and her little girl who sat at my table.
Here is a picture of the meat served this evening. That is brisket in the crock pot, and the little hotdogs are in Barbeque sauce, a very Texas style meal.

Chihuahua is in Mexico, and it is a very significant place for me for a few reasons. The church I was part of in Texas has a missionary there. They also go there to help with the Children’s home in Chihuahua. My mother loves to go when they have a medical mission to Chihuahua and volunteer her time to babysit while the parents visit the doctor. My niece has been there too. My dad wanted to go and plant fruit trees for the children from the Children’s home, but he passed away before he was able. When he passed away, many knew of his desire to make sure the children always had fresh fruit, so they collected money and sent someone to plant all those trees my dad wanted to plant at the Children’s home in my dad’s name. I have never been able go to that Children’s home. I stayed with my dad when he was sick so my mother could go. However, I have been to Chihuahua. A good friend who worked on a Mexican ministry with me in Texas named Estella lived there. She taught me a lot of Spanish. If you look at some of the Mexican recipes on my blog, she taught me how to make several Mexican dishes. However, she got married and moved away. I only heard from her once after that because she married a guy from the Middle East. However, I have been to Chihuahua and visited with her family there several years ago. Anyway, as far as places in Mexico, Chihuahua has a special place in my heart.

Here are the cakes for the evening.
Here is Maragareta. the lady from Chihuahua, opening her birthday presents.
My plate of food.

I guess before I go on, I should tell you what my dad did. My niece was going to go to the Children’s home in Chihuahua to help. She was preparing everything to go. My dad had a crazy sense of humor. My niece was not a little girl, but maybe college age. He pulled her aside and talked to her like he was serious. He wanted her to be careful as she traveled through the desert in Chihuahua because he said there were wild packs of chihuahuas (the little dogs), and that they were very fierce. He cautioned her to look out for them. Most of us would know he was just being silly, but he fooled my niece. She believed that there were wild packs of chihuahuas in the Chihuahua desert she needed to look out for. However, she eventually figured out he was just pulling her leg. He got a good laugh on her! She took it good naturedly and laughed back.

This is a shot of the crowd. The lady in the front laughing is Marina, and that is her husband to the left in the back of her, Ardiel. They are faithful Christians. He is an elder in the Del City church. She is from Monterey, Mexico, and he is from a place south of Mexico City. He says the people from Monterey always want to have parties.
My piece of cake.
Another lady from Chihuahua, Maragarita’s mother.

Anyway, back to the party, the room was full! They were serving brisket, corn on the cob, and potato salad. After that, it was time for cake. We all sat and visited a lot and had a good time. I had some really long conversations with a few people in Spanish. One girl decided she wanted me to teach her how to speak Korean, and another guy decided he was going to look into learning Romanian. I sat and talked to my friend, Marina, for a long time about Bible, and she didn’t realize there were so many prophecies in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in detail in the New Testament. I kept trying to remember the word “asombroso” in Spanish, but I couldn’t. I wanted to say it in Romanian, but I knew she wouldn’t understand that. I finally gave it to her in English, but she didn’t understand that either, and she decided to look it up. It means “amazing,” and the number of prophecies fulfilled from the Old Testament and the details are “asombroso”! I can’t let my brain drop words because sometimes I need them. We both agreed that the Bible is an “asombroso” book!

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