This Question Came to My Inbox: “Was the Fall of the Soviet Union Inevitable?”

I lived in Romania, another Communist State for 8 years immediately after the revolution and the fall of Communist, and from what I saw in Romania, I have to say emphatically, “Yes!” to this question. Any country that decides to go after Communism will not last. Even America has an example of what I am talking about in the early days of England trying to send colonists to the Americas. It doesn’t matter what country it is, because of the nature of human beings, Communism doesn’t work.

They could walk into the storehouse and get anything they wanted for free, so they stopped working. Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi on Pexels.com

Let’s start the British colony in America. It was a long time ago, and people don’t even realize they were operating under Communist principles, but I remember this from my high school American history class where I got an award for having the highest grade, and I have read about them in novels and when I was homeschooling my kids since then. They were a bunch of British businessmen who had come to America to get rich. They had a storehouse that had everything the needed in it. All they had to do was go get what they needed. They were expected to work, but not pay for what they got from the storehouse, and no one clocked in or clocked out. Each one, individually, figured out that they could get what they needed without working, so they stopped working. They got lazy. They fought with the Indians who killed several of them. They had a lot of pneumonia too, but the biggest problem was that everything ran out in that store room. They were almost all dead except for a few, and some of them went back to England to get provisions for the store room, and when they got back, everyone they had left behind were gone. The colony was gone. That store house is how Communism works.

They were all on a train called Communism. Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

There was a joke the ex Communists in Romania told when I was there. They said, “We are all on this train, and we are going to have Communism! We are going along, and all of a sudden, we notice we have no food, but that’s okay because we have Communism. We continue. After a bit we figure out we have no water, but that is okay because we have Communism. Next, we figure out we have no clothes! We have nothing! But, that’s okay because we have Communism!.”

You see, under Communism, everyone is guaranteed a place to live and a job no matter what! It initially sounds good. However, the practice is something else. In Russia and in Romania, when Communism came in, the people who had a house had to share their houses. The Communists came into their houses and put them in just one or two rooms and filled all the other rooms in their houses with people they didn’t even know. They were only allowed a certain amount of heat, and after that, there was no heat. I lived in Romania right after the revolution. For a while, I lived in a big apartment on the ninth floor of one of their apartment buildings. There were times water didn’t make it up to our apartment. I saw a lot of people with buckets in from of the apartment building carrying water up because the water didn’t reach their house. In the winter, if we got hot water, we didn’t get heat. If we got heat, we didn’t get hot water. A friend of ours was an engineer, and he decided to build a heater to make sure his family was always warm, but he had to hide it because had anyone had known he had it, he would have been arrested. If you had anything, you had to hide it. And, those people getting water at an outside faucet in front of the apartment building were lucky if their elevator worked, and they didn’t’ have to carry buckets of water up stairs because it was normal for them to have to carry that water up several flights of stairs. The kids did their homework in coats, boots, hats, and gloves because there was no heat in the house.A typical day under Communism, someone would get up in the morning and go to work. They would check in and tell someone they were going downtown for coffee. They knew they could never be fired, so they went down town and stayed all day. They didn’t get a bit of work done. They came back at the end of the day, clocked out, and went home. If we don’t have to work, we won’t, and if we are all receiving salaries, and no one is working, it will break our economies.

Under Communism, when a young couple got married, they were given a free apartment. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Since there was no food in the stores because no one was producing, people had to go to the country and grow gardens and pick wild berries and mushrooms to live. In Romania, they began all raising pigs in their back yards, even right in the middle of town. Pigs are the cheapest to raise because they can live on weeds and left overs from the table. Romania has lots of snow, sometimes from October until June where I lived. Russia is even further north, so no telling when they saw the ground without snow. From everything I saw of Russia while I was in that part of the world, they were having the same problems the Romanians had, but I really wonder how much decent weather they had that would let them grow things since they were even further north than Romania.

If they had a house, the Communists came in and took the house. The people might be lucky and be able to stay in a room or two of their house, but the rest of the house would be filled with people they didn’t even known. ///Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

Under Communism, the people who were on the bottom before Communism were automatically at the top under Communism. They had been uneducated and poor, and all of a sudden, they are the leaders of the country. They were greedy. They didn’t receive the same as everyone else like Communism propagates. They took a large share, larger than they were entitled to. The ones at the top under Communism lived in houses full of golden furniture and crystal chandeliers. I have been in some of those homes. The Romanian and Russian wives of the men at the top wore elegant furs and lots of sparkly gold and diamonds while their people starved.

China was failing under Communism too, but they opened it up for the free enterprise system to save their Communist state. However, there is still wide spread poverty in China they just don’t show the rest of the world. On the TV in Korea, I saw where the Chinese got read for the Olympics, and they painted one side of a building making it look great because it was the side everyone would see, but the smart Korean journalist went to the side of the building no none could see. it was actually a ruin, and it was al for show. That is what Communists are all about, the show. It happened in Romania too. Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

We don’t like to admit it, but our human nature makes us selfish, lazy, and greedy. If we are given everything we need, then why work? Any state that has those things will eventually fail. China was having problems, so they decided rather than call themselves a failed Communist States, they opened things up so they could have a free market like the free enterprise system under a Democracy. N. Korea, like many of the Communist states have been, is cut off from the outside world. The North Korean people have no idea what is happening outside of N. Korea and are strictly controlled by the government. They think they must live the way they are living. Every so often, S. Korea decides that they must give food to N. Korea because they know they are starving.

There were episodes on TV in Romania of Ceausescu, their illustrious leader, visiting a store. He knew there would normally be nothing in the store as did the people. The shelves in the store were completely bare. There was nothing to buy. However, because Ceausescu was coming, they put on a show. They put things in the store. They made sure there was electrical lighting which many places didn’t have. They really spruced it up because Ceausescu was coming. He got on TV had them film him sending the lie or the play out across the country. He had them film him going into the store, and he would say, “Oh, look how great we are doing!”, but the whole country was starving. It was just for show. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com

Romania only learned about what was happening on the outside because Ceausescu made a mistake on the television. Under Communism, the only thing on TV was Ceausescu, their illustrious leader. It was Ceausescu riding a horse, Ceausescu visiting a store, Ceausescu visiting the beach, etc. It was extremely boring TV. The men used to take tents to the top of the mountains and hook up TV’s in their tents in secret to be able to watch sports from other countries. They would had been arrested had anyone known what they were doing. However, Ceausescu let the television show “Dallas” on the TV. The only thing the people had ever seen on TV was documentaries, so they thought that show was real. I even had a girl argue with me in a class insisting it was real and wanting to know why it was on TV if it wasn’t real. When the Romanians saw Dallas, they realized the rest of the world was living in comparative luxury to how they were living and all got jealous and angry.

In Russia and Romania, both, the Orthodox church was the state church. This is a Russian church building. If you weren’t Orthodox, you couldn’t go to church, and if you went to church, you were not allowed in the Communist party, and you were very poor. In Romania, the Communist government was systematically destroying all the church buildings. They still have the problem with underground churches in China. If they don’t go to the state mandated churches, they can be arrested. //Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

Besides that, the Communist government was trying to wipe out Christianity in Romania, and Romanians just couldn’t take that. One woman who was an English teacher told me that she never quite understood the English books because they were always referring to Christianity, but because she was in the Communist party, she couldn’t go to church or she would have been thrown out of the Communist party. She wanted to understand, so she secretly obtained a Bible, then she took a flashlight and went into her closet to read it. Her husband didn’t even know she had it because she hid it so well out of fear.

In Romania, if you saw a black van, fear went completely through you, and Russia had a van too. They took people away in the middle of the night never to be heard from again. There was no phone call like we get in America if someone is arrested. // Photo by Emre Kuzu on Pexels.com

The secret police were a problem too. The jails were full of the smartest people in the country because they could think. The secret police came at night and took people away in a big black van never to be heard from again. All the people were scared. They were in prison in their own country. They weren’t allowed to leave even if they wanted to. One woman I knew was taken away by the secret police, and was one of the few who lived to tell about it. She was put in a dry swimming pool with no food, no water, no bed, no bathroom…nothing, for three days. She was lucky because her husband was and officer in the military and figured out what happened, tracked her down, and got her out, or she would have died. She was one of the first to go into the streets to march against the Communist government. There were people fleeing the country afraid of being shot at the border. One man stayed in a field for three days watching the border guard until the guard’s back was burned and swam the river into Yugoslavia and was picked up and put in jail on the other side, but he knew he had to get out of Romania. The Securitate (secret police) were leaning on a friend of mine too hard, and he ended up trying to escape a the border, and was arrested an put in jail. These people weren’t risking their lives to get out because Communism was a picnic, but just the opposite. The same kinds of things going on in Romania went on in Russia too and are going on in North Korea now.

Any country that invites Communism in will eventually fall. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Any country that decides that Communism is their way out of their problems is just ready to create more problems that are even worse for their country. Any time Communism comes in like it did in the Soviet Union, in Romania, in N. Korea, in the very first English colony in the Americas, they will be looking for eventual failure because of the nature of human beings. If you check, all those new rich people in China probably got their money initially by cheating under the Communist system, and that is why China emerged into the competitive markets with so many very rich people. They had them in Russia and Romania too when they threw Communism out. Under Communism, they were cheating and hiding the money while others were starving, but if the throw Communism out or allow the free enterprise system in like China did, they will have super rich people go ahead and come into the light of day. They were one of the big reasons why Communism failed in their countries because they cheated the system. The nature of man makes any Communist state fail, so I give you an emphatic “yes!” The fall of the Soviet Union was inevitable because of Communism.

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