A Spanish Bible Class and a Birthday Party

Last evening, I was contacted because the Spanish Bible class was going to be on the other side of the city from where I live. It was going to be in Edmond, and they had decided to take a church van across Oklahoma City for everyone to ride together. When I got at the building, I was afraid I would be late, but no one else was there, so I was afraid I was in the wrong place or something. I called my Mexican friend, and she said they were just late and to wait. When the whole group showed up, we all headed over to Edmond in the van, and the van was full.

That elder was so confident as he drove!! There was a GPS in the car, and I hadn’t seen one since I left Korea. He didn’t need a cell phone to find his was like this man. The GPS was talking to him. Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

The Mexican elder was the driver. I was glad to let someone else drive for a while instead of me. He had so much confidence! He just whipped this way and that in the van. He was really alive! The only person I had ridden with lately was my daughter I just taught to drive, and it was quite different riding with someone who had no inhibitions about driving! It was surprisingly quite a long trip to Edmond, and I was really relieved I hadn’t driven it alone.

The house was big, beautiful, brick, and new. The house and yard were prettier than this. Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

We finally found the house, and it was big, beautiful house!! Everyone filed in and took a seat. After a bit, it was time to begin the class. We opened with a prayer, and then we began singing some songs in Spanish. After that, it was time to study. I have talked them into changing from studying their book to using just the Bible after they are done with their book which will be soon. We studied a lesson in the book about the Samaritan woman at the well with each woman reading part. Jesus knew exactly what to say to get the Samaritan woman’s interest in God, and the lesson was about what to say to get people interested in talking about God. It was my task to take the questions at the end of the chapter after we read the chapter and help them answer the questions. Things went pretty smooth until one of them didn’t quite understand why it was so important to try to do things exactly as God asked us to.

The key to understanding many things in the Bible is to understand how important our hearts are to God. //Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

I sited Cain and Abel for her. They both made sacrifices, but God only accepted one, and not the other. It wasn’t in particular the sacrifice itself that God didn’t appreciate, but that Cain cared so little to do it as God had asked him to do it. It was Cain’s heart that wasn’t right, and he showed that when he killed his brother. Using that analogy helped them understand that we needed to do things how God asks, and not just however we want to do thing.

They friend the corn tortillas until they were crispy. They spread refried beans on the tortillas. Next, they spread shredded chicken after that, and then put lettuce.
They finished them off by putting crumbled farmer’s cheese and sour cream on them. Farmer’s cheese is homemade cheese. You begin by making cottage cheese. You boil the milk and add either a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice. The milk turns into curds and whey. You put the curds and whey into a cheese cloth and put the cheese cloth with the curds in a colander in a bowl. You let them stand overnight, and then you squeeze the curds and wrap that cheese cloth around them even tighter. Let it set in the fridge a few days, and the curds adhere to one another. When you take it out of the cheese cloth, it will be farmer’s cheese.

After the class, we had dinner together. I lady from Mexico made us fried corn tortillas with refried beans, shredded boiled chicken, shredded lettuce, crumbled farmer’s cheese, and sour cream. It was marvelous. Before she finished assembling them for everyone, There was something interesting on the table they were all eating that I tried.

The lady from Peru had made canchas, and they were delicious!

They were light, salty, and crunchy. I asked what they were. A lady from Peru told me that she had made them, and they were called canchas. “Canchas” are from Peru. They were slightly large kernels of corn fried and salts. This may be where someone got the idea for corn nut, but the canchas were better, Corn nuts seems to be hominy that is made from corn fried with salt on it, but canchas are still in their original form, not made into hominy, before they are fried.

The Mango cake and the canchas

There was also a mango cake on the table one of the ladies from Mexico had made. I learned that we were actually having a birthday party because two of the ladies had a birthday yesterday. We ate our tortillas with farmer’s cheese, refried beans, sour cream, and lettuce, and while I was eating, the lady from Peru was so happy that I liked her canchas that she loaded a bunch on my plate.

The Mexican canchas were covered with coffee flavored chocolate.
They gave me a bag of the chocolate/coffee covered canchos to take home and a bag of chocolate/coffee mix to take home.
They were recommending this coffee to everyone.

When she loaded the canchas on my plate, a Mexican lady decided to show me what the Mexicans did with canchas. She brought out something she had bought in Mexico. They had canchas in the middle and were covered with chocolate with coffee in the chocolate. They were good too! After that, they brought out Mexican coffee and passed it around for everyone to see. At the end of the party, they gave everyone some of the chocolate coffee canchas to take home as well as some of the chocolate coffee mix.

Mango Cake

After we ate the main course, we all shared mango cake. I t was good too. We were all drinking Ginger Ale. They sang “Happy birthday” in English for the two ladies who were having a birthday, and there was some really crazy pronunciation happening in that song! After that, they sang a Happy Birthday song in Spanish. and then even another different Happy Birthday song in Spanish, and after that, a lady from Puerto Rico decided to share the birthday song from Puerto Rico when them. You must remember all these ladies speak Spanish, but they are from all different countries. I shared with the lady next to me how the Romanians sing Happy Birthday, but not with everyone because Romanian is related to Spanish, but not Spanish. They lady sitting next to me didn’t speak Romanian, but she could figure out what I sang because of the similarities with Spanish. They ladies were just having a great time with everyone gabbing and gabbing and laughing and gabbing, and they wore me out. I excuse myself and went back to the living room to sit down. My back was hurting, and I was ready to go. However, I had to wait on the others. The lady from Puerto Rico wanted to go, but people were having such a good time, they were ignoring her. Finally, they all decided to go.

We were celebrating these two ladies’ birthdays.

We all got in the van and began to come home. Half way there, they turned around. I hadn’t been listening, and at first, didn’t know why. One of the ladies had left her cell phone, so we went back to get it. We went on back to our part of the city. I was so tired, I fell asleep for a while. When we got back to the church parking lot, it was already time to go pick my daughter up from her work, and she got off at 11:00 at night. I thought it was just too late to keep the ladies out since church was the next day. They said the class wouldn’t be so far away next week. I left and went to get my daughter, and then went home.

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