Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Oklahoma

As for my daughter and I, we acknowledge that it is the Lunar New Year, but we hadn’t done anything to celebrate. It is hard to celebrate holidays that don’t fit the calendar where you are. It is like working on Thanksgiving in Korea, then going out to eat with foreign friends and taking them all home for pumpkin pie afterward. Holidays are hard when you are away from your home country. However, even though we were in Korean for 14 years, it is not our home country. We have been happy to come back and begin taking part in American traditions again. However, there are people who want to remind us that we came here from S. Korea. My daughter’s boss went to a Chinese restaurant here and brought a Lunar New Year gift the restaurant is giving out for us.

Yes, this is their envelope on our Korean table. Red is the color of happiness in many countries in the east. Even brides wear red in China and Korea.

It is a small envelope with coupons and a puzzle. I am sure the Panda Express is using the holiday to promote their restaurant, but what they are doing is still interesting and fun.

I dumped the puzzle pieces on the table.
One side of the puzzle makes into a tiger’s face, and then you are supposed to turn it over and make other things.
If you can recognize it, you are supposed to make a shrimp with it.
This is supposed to be a lion. They tell you on the directions what you are supposed to make and give you pictures.
Here is a panda.
This is a lantern.

It looks like something fun for kids to play with if you go to Panda Express. They are giving the puzzle out along with some coupons to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year. 새해 복 많이 받으네요! (se-he-bok-mahn-ee- baht-oo-seyo), Happy Lunar New Year!

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