Oh, to Be Like Thee (Au, Sa Fie Ca Tine)

Buna Ziua. (Hello.) Sper ca esti bine azi. (I hope you are fine today.) Daca suntem crestini, fiecare dintre noi vrem sa fim ca Isus. (If we are Christians, every one of us want to be like Jesus.) Vrem sa stiam cum sa ne portam. (We want to know how to act.) Vrem sa stiam ce sa spunem. (We want to know what to say.) Vrem sa ajutam pe cele alte. (We want to help others.) Vrem sa fim bland. (We want to be kind.) Vrem sa fim bun. (We want to be good.) Vrem sa stiam respunsule corectele. (We want to know the right answer.) Vrem sa fim pura. (We want to be pure.) Vrem sa avem puteria sa faca ce e corect. (We want to have the power to do what is right.) Incercam in fiecare zi. (We try everyday.) Daca vrem sfat, trebuie sa mergem la Biblia. (If we want advice, we need to go to the Bible.) Viata si invatatoarele lui Isus sunt acolo. (The life and teaching of Jesus are there.) Nu putem sa stiam cum sa fie ca Isus daca nu stiam despre viata lui. (We can’t know how to be like Jesus if we don’t know about his life.) Nu putem sa stam calle spre Cer daca nu stiam despre Isus. (We can’t know the road to Heaven if we don’t now about Jesus.) Exista mult ca nu stiam daca nu citim Biblia. (There is a lot we don’t know if we don’t read the Bible.)

Au sa Fim ca Tine

Oh to Be Like thee

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Oh! to be like thee blessed redeemer,

Au! sa fie ca tine, muntuitor binecuvantat,

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This is my constant longing and prayer;

Asta e puternica dorinta mea intotdeauna si rugaciunea;

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Gladly I’ll forfeit all of earth’s pleasures,

Bucuros eu voi dau jos tot placerea pamantului,

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Jesus thy perfect likeness to wear.

Isus asemanarea perfect ta sa ma imbrac.


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Oh! to be like thee, oh! to be like thee

Au! sa fie ca tine, oh! sa fie ca tine

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Blessed redeemer, pure as thou art;

Binecuvantat muntuitor, pura cum esti;

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Come in thy sweetness, come in thy fullness;

Haideti in dulceata ta, haideti in deplinetate ta;

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Stamp thine own image deep on my heart.

Imprima imagina ta adanc pe inima mea.

Verse 2:

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Oh! to be like thee, full of compassion

Au! sa fie ca tine, plin de compasiune

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loving, forgiving, tender, and kind,

Iubitor, iertator, sensibil, si bland,

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Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting

Ajutand cel neajutorat, incorajand cel lesinand

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Seeking the wandering sinner to find.

Cautand cel pacatosi ratacitor sa gasi.

Verse 3:

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Oh! to be like thee lowly in spirit,

Au! sa fie ca tine cu duhul humil,

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Holy and harmless, patient and brave

Sfant si nevinovat, rubdatoare si curajos

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Meekly enduring cruel reproaches

Rabdator cu docilate reprosele nemilos

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Willing to suffer, others to save.

Sa am vointa sa sufera, cele alte sa muntuieste.

Verse 4:

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Oh! to be like thee, Lord, I am coming

Au! sa fie ca tine, Domnul, vin acum

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Now to receive the anointing devine;

Acum sa primi cel ungere devine;

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All that I am and have I am bringing

Tot ce sunt si am, ma ducand cu mine

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Lord from this moment, all shall be thine.

Dommul, din momentul acest, tot va fie al tau.

Verse 5:

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Oh! to be like thee while I am pleading

Au! sa fie ca tine in timpul cand sunt cerand

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Pour out thy spirit, fill with thy love

Curgi duhul tau pe mine,ma implini cu iubirea ta

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Make me a temple meet for thy dwelling

Ma faci un temple potrivit pentru casa ta

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Fit me for life and Heaven above.

Ma potrivesti pentru viata si Cerul deasupra.

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