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I am a Sheep (Sunt o Oaei)

Buna Ziua. (Hello.) Ce faci? (How are you?) Nu stiu dece, dar sunt trezit in mijloc noaptea. (I don’t know why, but I am away in the middle of the night.) Nu pot sa dorm, si vreau sa ma relaxa, dar nu vreau sa fac zgomot sa trezi pe fiica mea, si nu vreau sau sa aprinde lumina sa ma opreste sa dorm. (I can’t sleep, and I want to relax, but I don’t want to make noise to wake my daughter, and I don’t want to turn on the light to stop me from sleeping.) Asa m-am gandit sa stau in fotoliu meu pe care e foarte comod si sa folosec computerul meu. (Therefore, I thought I would stay in my reclining chair that is very comfortable and use my computer.) Nu stiu ceva mai bun decat sa vorbesc despre Dumnezeu pe computerul. (I don’t know anything better than to talk about God on my computer.) Asta ma face fericit, si face mi sa relaxa. (This makes me happy, and makes me relax.) M-am gandit sa te trimesc un cantec pe care noi am cantat Dumnica la biserca pe care nu am auzit inorma. (I thought I would send you a song we sang on Sunday at the church that I hadn’t heard before.) Daca folosesc limba romana e mult mai usor decat cele alte limbele ca am invatat limba romana ca e primul limba mea. (If I use Romanian it is very easy because I learned Romanian like it is my first language.) Nu era carti sa invata limba romana. (There were no books to learn Romanian. (Asa am folosit carti de copii roman si am inceput la gradinita, si am citit mai mult si mai mult, si am discutat ce am citit, pana timpul am putut sa citesc carti pentru adulti ca povestele si Biblia. (So, I used Romanian children’s books and I began in kindergarten, and I read more and more, and I discussed what I read until the time I could read stories for adults and the Bible.) Pot sa vorbesc cele alte limbele, dar nu ca vorbesc limb romana. (I can speak other languages, but not like I speak Romanian.) Prieteni mei la biserica aici pe care vorbesc limba spaniola sunt incantate ca ei pot sa aiba conversatile in limba spaniola cu mine si ca pot sa invata Biblia in limba spaniola, am predate Biblia in limba coreana, si pot sa am conversatile si in limba Japoneza pe care face cel barbat pe care a casatorit cu fiica mea incantat, dar nici unul simpt ca limba romana. (My friends at church here that speak Spanish are thrilled because they can have conversations with me in Spanish and I can teach Bible in Spanish, I taught the Bible and English grammar in Korean, and I can have conversations in Japanese which thrills my Japanese son in law, but not one feels like Romanian.) Cateodata limba romana simpt ca limba mea maturna ca ingles. (Sometimes, Romanian feels like my mother tongue like English.)

I am a Sheep

Sunt o Oaie

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I am a sheep, and I follow my master

Sunt o oaie, si urmesc pe Domnul meu

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Through mountains and stone and meadows and grass.

Prin muntele si pietrele si poianele si ierba.

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I eat when he feeds me and sleep when he lets me,

Mananc cand el ma hraneste si dorm cand el ma lasa,

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For I am a sheep and I follow my master.

Ca sunt o oaie si urmsc pe Domul meu.

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I am a slave, and I work for my master

Sunt un sclav si muncesc pentru Domnul meu

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In broiling hot summers and numbing cold winters.

In varele fierbiente si iarnele atat de frig ca ma amortit.

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on

I run to his summons, and run from his presence,

Fug la citati lui, si fug de su presenta,

Photo by Juhasz Imre on

Because I am a slave, and I work for my master.

Ca sunt un sclav, si muncesc pentru Domnul meu.

Photo by Josh Willink on

I am a child, and I honor my father.

Sun un copil, si dau honoare la tatul meu.

Photo by Matthias Zomer on

In moments of pain and hours of shame

In momentele de durere su orele de rusine

Photo by Josh Willink on

I tremble and fear him, but love him and heed him

Tremuresc si sunt teama de el, dar il iubeste si sunt atent la el.

Photo by Jens Johnsson on

I am so blind, and I am led by a fire

Sunt atat de orb, si sunt condus de un foc

Photo by Artem Saranin on

Through black nights and days, on paths made of paper.

Prin noatile negru si zile, pe carerele facute de hartie.

Photo by Paweł L. on

I go where he guides me. It follows beside me.

Merg unde el ma ghideste, cel foc urmareste linga mine.

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For I am so blind, and I am led by a fire.

Ca sunt atat de orb, si sunt condus de un foc.

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I’m a pebble flung in the ocean,

Sunt pietrica aruncat in oceanul,

Photo by Simon Clayton on

Rising and falling, twisting and turning.

Ridicand si candand, starcand si facand coltitle.

Photo by Aaditya Arora on

I came where he sent me, I’ll go where he takes me,

Am venit unde el ma inviat, merg unde el ma duce,

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For I am a pebble flung in the ocean.

Ca sunt pietrica aruncat in oceanul.

Photo by Pixabay on

I am a sheep, I am slave, I’m a child, I’m so blind

Sunt o oaie, sunt un sclav, sunt un copil, sunt atat de orb

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I’m a pebble flung in the ocean,

Sunt pietrica aruncat in oceanul,

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on

Brimming with wonder, filled with devotion,

Umplind cu mirare, umplind cu devotiune,

Photo by Jamshed Ahmad on

Weak as the lamb, stong as the leopard,

Slab ca oaie, puternic cum leopardul,

Photo by Emre Can on

For I am a sheep, and the Lord is my Shepherd.

Ca sunt un oaie, si Domnul e Pastorul meu.

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