Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (Busca Primero el Rieno de Dios)

Buenos Dias. Como estas? (How are you?) Estoy muy felice a hablar contigo hoy. (I am very happy to talk with you today.) Tengo un cancion que proviene directamenten de las Escrituras. ((I have a song that comes directly from the scriptures.) Puedes lo encontras el primero versiculo en Mateo 6:33. (You can find the first verse in Matthew 6:33.) Me gusta a encontrar canciones en las Escritureas. (I like to find songs in the scriptures.) Voy a traducer que el espanol tiene, and proximo a lo, si es diferente que hay en ingles, voy a escribir que cantamos in ingles. I will translate what the Spanish has, and next to it, if it is different than what is in English, I will write what we sing in English.) El cancion en ingles es directamente de la Biblia. (The song in English is directly from the Bible.) En ingles, el primero versiculo es de Mateo6:33. (In English, the first verse is from Matthew 6:33.) El segundo versiculo, en ingles, se puede encontrar en Mateo 4:4. (The second verse, in English, can be found in Matthew 4:4.)Y, el tercero versiculo in ingles se puede encontrar en Mateo 7:7.) And, the third verse in English can be found in Matthew 7:7.)

Busca Primero el Rieno de Dios

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

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Busca primero el rieno de Dios

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

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Y su justiciar perfecta.

And his perfect justice (and his righteousness)

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Y lo demas anado sera’.

And the rest will be added. (And all these things will be added)

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!Alelu, aleuya!

Allelu, alleuia!

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Vistete como escogido de Dios

Dress up as God’s chosen (Man does not live by bread alone)

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Santo, paciente y humilde

Holy, patient and humble (but by every word)

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La paz de Dios en tu Corazon

The peace of God reigns in your heart (that proceeds from the mouth of God)

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!Alelu, aleluya!

Alelu, alleluia!

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Quita el enojo y apartalo de ti,

Release the anger and take it away from you. (ask and it shall be given unto you.)

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Busca el amor y perdona.

Seek love and partdon. (seek and ye shall find.)

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De la manera que Dios te perdona,

In the way that God forgives you, (Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.)

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!Alelu, Aleluya!

Allelu, Alleluia!

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