Mexico Lindo

Yesterday, I went to a Bible class help in a shop called Mexico Lindo (Pretty Mexico). It is a very interesting shop. It is located on the corner of Robinson and 25th street in Oklahoma City. It is run by a Mexican family. The grand parents were born in Mexico, and the grandfather used to have a Mexican restaurant in America. There are many nice Mexican items in the shop that used to be decorations in the Mexican restaurant. The daughter of the man who had the restaurant is the one who actually runs the place even though it belongs to the family, and her son hangs out there with her, but he is still a child. They speak Spanish and English. The store caters to specific Mexican needs of the Mexican in Oklahoma.

A Winnie the Pooh piñata. It is filled with candy. This particular pinata is not for sale, but the lady said she could order a piñata for someone.

I saw a few pinatas (peenyatas), but she said they don’t specialize in pinatas even though there are some stored there. However, if anyone wants to order a piñata, they know how to order them and could help them get one. There were also big beautiful Mexican sombreros, but they were some of the decorations from the grandfathers’ Mexican restaurant and aren’t for sale either.

There were several wracks of wedding dresses.
There were several beautiful quinceniera dresses. These would be good for a prom dress too.
They also had other kinds of Mexican dresses and shirts.
Baby’s christening shoes
There were many, many pretty things on the shelves.
There were even statues of Jesus on the shelves.
This center piece can be bought or you could buy all the pieces to put it together yourself exactly how you want it. She said she had had two like this sitting on the shelf, but someone had bought the other one just that day.

Mostly, this shop has all kinds of pretty and interesting things for Mexican occasions. One occasion it had items for is weddings like wedding dresses, center pieces, bouquets, big beautiful Mexican dolls, etc. It also has everything someone would need for those fancy parties the Mexicans have for their daughters when the turn fifteen (quincenieras), except I have never seen it written, so I don’t know if I have spelled it right or not. Besides wedding dresses, they also have beautiful quinceniera dresses. They have christening gowns, shoes, and all kinds of fancy things for people who believe in baptizing their babies. The lady of the shop showed me all kinds of pretty dresses and decorations for all kinds of occasions that Mexicans want Mexican things for, but I can’t remember every occasion she mentioned. They also have things to make Mexican centerpieces, Mexican style bouquets, and other Mexican style decorations.

More quinceniera dresses
If you couldn’t find a dress that quite fit your style, they had catalogues where you could order dresses you want.
These are Mexican bouquets.
There were many different kinds of pretty dolls for different occasions and many different kinds of wedding cake toppers.
Another pretty doll
There were many pretty center pieces. You can buy them made or buy the parts and put them together how you want them.

She showed me a big interesting book they keep on display where you can order your wedding announcements in Spanish. There were also other big books where you could order a wedding dress if they didn’t have the kind you wanted in stock. There were lots of wedding cake toppers, etc. There were also other kinds of Mexican dresses and shirts with embroidery on them. It was just a very interesting shop. It is a place to get nice Mexican things without having to go to Mexico to get them. I think the name “Mexico Lindo” really fits this shop because it is full of pretty things from Mexico. I can’t show you everything in the shop, but if you are in the market for pretty things or Mexican things, this is the place to get them. She has a very pretty, fascinating shop!

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