A Spanish Bible Class in Oklahoma City

This evening, I went to a Bible class taught in Spanish for Hispanic ladies in Oklahoma City. It is at a different place every week. This evening, it was in the workshop of a very interesting Mexican shop called “Mexico Lindo” which means “Pretty Mexico.” I will do another blog about the shop. I arrived a little early, and the lady who runs the shop was still clearing things away from her day of work, and her little boy was there with her. While she cleared things away, her little boy was complaining about being bored, and she was too busy to worry about his boredom, so I offered to teach him to make a Japanese origami paper bird. He was so excited. I taught him, and he made several Japanese origami paper birds. I made friends with the little boy. Eventually, the ladies of the class who were culturally correct for Mexico, came a little late to the class.

They gave me a copy of the song book to take home with me.

It was a small group, and they all spoke Spanish. We began by singing some songs in Spanish. They handed me a song book, and I recognized several of the songs. At the end of the class, they gave me the song book, so I will be using it to send song blogs out to you about Spanish songs.

We read from this book, and they gave me a copy of it to take home with me.

After singing for a while, we read a book together. We took turns going around one by one reading. That chapter we were studying was about Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus. If you have read your Bible much, you may know the story. Jesus had gone to visit them, and Martha was in the kitchen fussing over the food, and Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening and learning as he taught. Martha told Jesus to scold Mary and tell her to come and help her in the kitchen, but Jesus told her that Mary had chosen the better part. He told Martha that she was worried about all the wrong things.

Provers 23 says the price of a good woman is far above rubies.Photo by axecop on Pexels.com

The author of the book pointed out from Proverbs 23 that it isn’t wrong to be a good housewife by feeding the hungry people in your house. If you have never read Proverbs 23, it starts, “A good woman, who can find? Her price is far above rubies.” After that, King Solomon, who wrote the book goes into detail about how the woman rises while it is still dark to start preparing the food for everyone in her household. He talks about how she does business outside of the home as well as taking care of everything in the house. He says her children grow up and called their mother “blessed,” everyone in her house wears nice clothing because she made it, and how her husband sits at the city gates discussing politics and religion with the other men without worry because his wife has managed the household so well.

Jesus wasn’t condemning Martha for cooking food or doing dishes. He was condemning her for worrying and thinking about all the wrong things. Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

The author of the book we read this evening said because of Proverbs 23, he was sure that Jesus wasn’t condemning Martha for taking good care of everyone in her house, and then he asked, “Why did he admonish her?’ The book explains that it was because she was putting too much emphasis on the physical and worrying about physical things to the exclusion of spiritual things. There was a list of questions at the end of the chapter for the women to ask themselves, but not to actually answer out loud, but so they could examine themselves and see if they needed improvement.

I was one of those students in high school who saw mostly A’s, sometimes a B, and never a C or lower. I truly did my homework. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After we read, we had a closing prayer, And after that, the ladies said they were all astonished that I could read and speak Spanish so well! They wanted to know who taught me to read so well because I was reading better than several of the Mexican ladies. I had to give credit to my high school Spanish teacher. In Spanish 2, all we did was read out loud and discuss what we read, and there were only two students in the class. I got an A+ and an award from the school because my Spanish was so good.

The group of ladies in the workshop of the store “Mexico Lindo” having lasagna, salad, and cookies.
My lasagna

They served lasagna, salad, and cookies. I didn’t eat much, but I ate with them. The lady who was running the shop took me for a tour of her shop and explained what kind of shop she had and who they served. The lady who owned the shop was born in America, but her dad was born in Mexico. Her dad used to own a Mexican restaurant, and she had several beautiful decorations that used to be in her dad’s Mexican restaurant. I will write a blog about her shop so you can learn about it. After the class, I also asked them if the class would be in the same place next week, and they said, “no.” They say the class is in a different place very week. I don’t know my way around Oklahoma City very well. It was amazing that I got to the class without getting lost, and after the class, I went out and got lost and drove around for more than an hour not knowing were I was until I finally figured out how to get to my daughter’s work. It is hard to live in a new place.

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