Gods Family (Familia Dumnezeului)

Buna Ziua. (Hello.) Sper ca tot merge bine cu tine in ziua dea azi. (I hope everything is going well with you today.) Astazi am un cantec pentru tine pe care intruadevar e minunata. (Today, I have a song for you that is truly wonderful.) Dumnezeu ne a chemat sa fie copii lui. (God called us to be his children.) Si daca suntem copii lui, asta e inseamna cu cele alte pe care sunt Crestini in tot parti pe pamant sunt frati si surorele nostril. (And if we are his children, that means that the other Christians in all parts of the earth are our brothers and sisters.) Avem o familia foarte, foarte mare. (We have a very, very big family.) Intotdeauna noi trebuie sa gasim cineva sa fie prietena nostril. (We should always be able to find someone to be our friend.) Nu suntem lasat singur ca orfani. (We are not left as orphans.) Intotdeauna, aven iubirea in jural nostril. (We always have love around us.)

God’s Family

Familia Dumnezeului

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We are part of the family that has been born again,

Facem parte de un famila pe care era nascut din nou,

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Part of the family whose love has no end

Facem parte de un familia al cui iubirea lui nu are sfarsit

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For Jesus has saved us and made us his own

Pentruca Iesu nos a salvat si nos a facut a lui

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Now, we are part of the family that’s on its way home.

Acum, facem parte de un famila pe care e in drumul spre casa.


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And sometimes we laugh together, some times we cry

Si cateodata radam impreauna, si cateodata plangam

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Sometimes we share together heart aches and sighs

Si ceteodata impartim impreauna durere inimalui si oftati

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Sometimes we dream together of how it will be

Cateodata visam impreauna despre cum va fi

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When we all get to Heaven, God’s family.

Cand noi toti aduman in Cer, familia Dumnezeului.

Verse 2:

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When a brother meets sorrow, we feel all his grief

Cand un frat intalni triste, noi toti simptim tristetele lui

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And when he’s passed through the valley, we all feel relief

Si cand el a trecut prin vale, noi toti simptim usuare

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Together in sunshine, together in rain

Impreuna in stralucirea soarelui, impreauna in ploaie

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Together in victory through his precious name.

Impreauna in victorie prin numele lui pretious

Verse 3:

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And, though some go before us, we’ll all meet again

Si, chair daca niste merg inainte noi, noi vom intalni iarasi

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Just inside the city when we enter in

Chair inuntru cel orasi cand noi mergem inuntru

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There’ll be no more parting, with Jesus we’ll be

Nu va fi nici un timp sa desparti, cu Iesu noi vom fi

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Together forever, God’s family.

Impreauna intotdeauna, familia Dumnezeu lui.

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