Just a Few More Days (잠시 새성에 내가 살면서)

안연하세요. (Hello.) 질재내요? (How are you?) 하나님이 우리 모든을 사랑해요. (God loves us all.) 하나님에게 노무 노개하기를 좋아해요. (I really like to sing to God.) 언제가 우리는 천극에 하나님에게 노내할고에요. (One day, we will sing to him in Heaven.)

Just a Few More Days

잠시 새성에 내가 살면서

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Just a few more days to be filled with praise and to tell the old, old story,

잠시 새성에 내가 살면서 항상 찬송 무르다가

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Then when twilight fades and my savior calls, I shall go to him in glory.

날이 저물오어라 하시면 영과중에 나아 가리

Chorus (후렴)

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I’ll exchange my cross for a starry crown, where the gates swing outward never

열린 천국 문 내가 들 어가 새상 짐을 네려놓고

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At his feet, I’ll lay every burden down, and with Jesus rein forever.

빛나 면류관 받아 쑤고서주와 함께 길이살리

Verse 2:

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Just a few more years with their toil and tears, and the journey will be ended

눈물골짜기더 듬으면 서나의 갈 길 다간 후에

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Then I’ll be with him where the tide of time with eternity is blended.

주의 픔 안에 안기어 영관 토록 살리로다

Verse 3:

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Though the hills be steep and the valleys deep, with the flowers my way adorning

나의 가는 길 멀고 함아며 산은 높 고골은 깊어

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Tho’ the night be lone and my rest a stone, joy awaits me in the morning.

곤한 나의 몸 쉴곳없어도벅 된 날이 밝아 오리

Verse 4:

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What a joy twill be when I wake to see Him for whom my heart is burning,

한숨 가시고 죽음 없는 날 사모하며 기다리니

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Never more to sigh, never more to die, for that day my heart is yearning.

내가 그리 던 주를 뵈올때 나의 기쁨 넘치 리라

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