Blest Be the Tie (Binecuvant Fi Legatura)

Buna Ziua. Cum esti? (How are you?) Sper ca faci bine. (I hope you are doing fine.) Cand am venit in Romania, nu am stiut cat de mult de preieni bune am putut sa gasec. (When I came to Romania, I didn’t know how many good friends I could find.) Nu am stiut cat de mult de oamnei pe care iubeste pe Dumnezeu am putut sa gasesc. (I didn’t know how many people who loved God I could find.) Nu am stiut ca am putut sa gasesc un poporul cat de placut. (I didn’t know I would find a people so gracious.) Ma bucur fiecare zi ca am mers in Romania. (I am grateful everyday that I went to Romania.) Ma bucur atat de mult ca atat de mult de oameni in Romania iubesc pe Dumnezeu! ((I am happy that so many people in Romania love God.) Dumnezeu n-a dat o legatura pe care nu poate sa fie rupt. (God gave us a tie that can’t be broken.) Avem legatura aceasta cu toate crestine pe pamant. (We have this connection with every Christian on earth.) Daca calatoresti, mergi unde cele alte Cristini sunt ca poti sa faci prienteni bune acolo. (If you travel, go where there are other Christians because you can make good friends there.)

Blest be the Tie

Binecuvantat Fi Legatura

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Blest be the tie that binds

Binecuvantat fi legatura ce lega

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Our hearts in Christian love.

Inimele nostri in iubirea Crestini.

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The fellowship of kindred minds

Camaraderie de mintele similar

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Is like to that above.

E cum cel e pe sus.

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Before our father’s throne

Inainte tronul de tataul nostrum

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We pour our ardent prayers.

Varsam rugaciunele ardent nostri

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Our fears, our hopes, our aims

Temele nostri, speratele nostri, tintele nostri

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Are one, our comforts and our cares.

Sunt unul, comfortele nostri si grijele nostri.

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We share our mutual woes,

Noi impartim necazule mutual nostri,

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Our mutual burdens bear,

Povoarele mutual nostri le ducem

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And often for each other flows

Si des pentru cele altele curge

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A sympathizing tear.

Lacrimele ce simpte pentru cele alte.

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When we asunder part,

Cand noi megem in diferite cale,

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It gives us inward pain;

Asta ne da durere inuntru;

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But we shall still be joined in heart,

Dar noi totusi vom fi legat in imina,

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And hope to meet again.

Si speram sa ne intalnim din noua.

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