In the Desert of Sorrow and Sin (In Pustui de Necazule si Pacatele)

Buna Seara. Ce faci azi? (How are you today?) Ieri, te am trimis un cantec nou, dar si sunt mult cantec vechi pe care sunt foarte bun. (Yesterday, I sent you a new song, but there are many old songs that are very good.) Si Dumnica de seara, am avut o sansa sa cant niste cantecele vechi, (And Sunday evening, I had a chance to sing some old songs.) Asta e unul de cantecele vechi pe care noi am cantat. (This is one of the old song we sang.) Chair si daca e vechi, mai este foarte bun. (Even if it is old, it is till very good.)

In the Desert of Sorrow and Sin

In Pustui de Necazule si Pacatele

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In the desert of sorrow and sin,

In pustui de necazule si pacatele

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Lo! I faint as I journey along;

Iuta! Eu lesina in drum cand calatoresc;

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With the warfare without and within

Cu razboi afara si inuntru

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See my strength and my hope nearly gone.

Vezi cum puteria mea si speranta mea aproape dispara.


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I thirst, let me drink.

Mi-e sete, lasa ma sa beau

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Of the life giving stream let me drink;

Din cel riu ce imi da viata, lasa ma sa beu

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‘Tis the rock, cleft for me,

Este piatra, cheie para mine,

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‘Tis the water, the water of life.

Este apa, apa viata lui.

Verse 2:

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In my weakness, I turn to the fount,

In slabaciunele meu, intoarc la fantana,

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From the rock that was smitten for me;

De piatra ce era lovit pentru mine;

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And I drink, and I joyfully count

Si beau, si numaresc bucuros

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All my trials a blessing to be.

Tot ispitele mele cum binecuvantele.

Verse 3:

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Oh thou, God of compassion, I pray,

Oh, tu, Dumnezeu compasiunelelui, te rog,

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Let me ever abide in thy sight;

Lasa ma sa intotdeauna locuiesc in fata de tine;

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Let me drink of the fount day by day,

Lasa ma sa beau din fantana fiecare zi,

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‘Til I join thee in mansions of light.

Pana sunt legat cu tine in mansuinele luminalui.

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